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      @supernaut Sorry, but the best swiss band will always be Favez! :mrgreen:


      If it was not pointed out before: Those four winged creatures inside the sleeve can also be seen on the Tarot-card named "Wheel of Fortune". Maybe then the cover even shows the "Ace of cups"?



        Hmmmmm they never stroke me as more as an indie guitar rock band. A fine one, but…. I would prefer Dirty Sound Magnet in this genre :)


          ok first impressions: amazing. Can't wait to play it again. Not only is by far the best of the trilogy, but it may well become one of my top ranked ones. Well it figures, since my favorite MP personalities are the melodic and the far-out ones, and this record has both in spades.

          On the subject of NOX vs the rest. NOX certainly stands out, but I don't think it had enough going on to work on its own as a separate album. and yes, it feels a bit weird to return to the shorter tracks after that mammoth of a song, but not as weird as it could've been. I think in general the whole album has a great flow. And in any case, the good thing about vinyls is you can play the sides in any order you want. :-)

          There are few MP albums in which I like every song from start to finish and this is one of them. though on the other hand, there's no single track I feel I could recommend above all others. Night of Pan is the one I loved the most, but I hate that it's a pretty difficult track to recommend: not only it is quite radio un-friendly, it'd also make even less sense outside of its context.

          P.D: in an unrelated note, thanks motorpsycho for giving me one more track to use in my bands doing a 2 minute acoustic guitar instrumental playlist :wink:


            My very immediate impressions:

            – the «regular» tracks are nice, but none that stand out as doing something new or particularly strong. May grow though, but nothing that struck me like the best Tower tracks. Dreams of Fancy was probably the one I liked the best.

            – N.O.X.: OMFG. At first listen, it seemed a bit predictable as in the overall sound being exactly what I would expect from a 40-minute work featuring those guests, but repeated and attentive (as in headphones on and nothing else happening except a good cup of Ethiopian coffee and some red wine) listening reveals boundless depths. I am speechless, numb, filled with goosebumps, awe and choking up all at once. It might seem like a K9 suite on speed and played by Manuel Gottsching, but that’s only scratching the surface. The stretch from Ascension through Night of Pan is just incomprehensibly great and fucked up in the best way.

            To do something like this 30+ years into their career and pushing 50 years is just extraordinary, and with this work I think Motorpsycho just arrived on the throne as GOAT. Can anyone in music history compare with this level of consistent greatness? Miles Davis probably qualifies, but that’s the lnly one I can think of.

            Punj Lizard

              Totally loving The Dowser this morning.


                Yes, the dowser is so pretty and warm and moving, and after that the shower of glorious guitar chords of Chrome. My God, I love Chrome. To me it's very latter day Helmet (the sound and buildup of the song). Just can't stop playing the album, the lp's downstairs, the cd when I'm upstairs. Oh, to experience these live some day…


                Great album, like always.

                Ouroboros over, over the top, I can't stop the loop, my wife and sons hate me every time that a new MP album come out.

                Sail on psychonauts!


                  Simply an amazing album! The NOX suite is so fabulous i find myself dreaming about it. And Night of Pan is now my new favorite MP tune :)

                  The level of musicianship, attention to detail, passion and downright genius that makes up the album floors me for every run through. Even after 6-7 spins, i'm still craving for more.

                  All contributors commended, but Tomas deserves a truckload of credit on this one. We all know he is a killer drummer, but this is his definite high point in his MP career imho.

                  Fun fact; According to Spitify, The All is One and The tower have exactly the same runtime: 124 minutes :MPD:


                    Yes a big shout out to Tomas is due. He drives and carries that NOX suite wonderfully. For me he's already not the new drummer anymore. He is the drummer in Motorpsycho.

                    I didn't expect them to come back to those TDDU vibes and styles anytime soon, but that's what they did. Also quite some Folk Flest in there, too. Especially the first CATS.


                      The TDDU vibe probably tickles you because of Kvernberg. But i feel that this is a perfect conclusion for the trilogy, as they pretty much stay in the same mood/feel.And more so an insane mix of their whole discography. I hear BHBC/HMF/TM/Whatever in this. At the end of the day it all comes from one mind you know… :MPD:

                      Sæther is divine(!), but only Snah is god!

                      PS; Järmyr beats Kapstad ANY day imo


                        Finally was having my first serious spins … wow! What a bomb!! I love the artwork both visually and haptically – a bit of a Swans "The Seer" vibes in there. (And I remember my dad has an album that unfolds to a Christian cross, one more panel at the bottom, hmmm.) Finding the right way to hold and fold the cover while reading the lyrics is a personal act of art ;-) The sound and production of this multiple layered beast now also bringing Lars & Ola into the spectrum are of an unheard quality. Respect. I also hear/feel/see mp quotes (Gullyble, Veil, TM&TW, L.T.E.C, SS II …) but disturbing moments are fading with every listen. I also hear lots of Pink Floyd in there, which is how I like my psychoflights the most usually :-) Bent's lyrics give the "normal" songs so much impact it makes one shiver. And the playing & sound of Tomas' drums – boy, you are on par with both Bent and Snah in this band now. That's obvious, man! And wonderful.

                        What an album. What a band! A bit like the Krim, who got better and bigger and better over the years in their recent formation. Glad motorpsycho released "All (Is/as) One big chunk". Its the uplifting hit and the kick we need these difficult times :STG:

                        Now I deepy wish that continental shows are doable in theatres, cinemas, clubs, yards or fields in 2021 … and that Lars can be on board :?

                        Krist Rampage

                          Amazing album that i just can't stop listening to. Wow.

                          I noticed that there is something written in the runout grooves of the lp's (besides the catalog numbers:

                          A: Neutrons

                          B: Protons

                          C: Electrons

                          D: Morons


                            Finally given this album the required amount of listens.

                            This was demanding, but worth it!

                            I can only echo all the praise for the 42 minute N.O.X suite. It's so fucking good!

                            It has this cold, robotic sound, especially Night Of Pan. I think Motorpsycho are a bit

                            hit and miss when they try to recreate live jam atmosphere in studio, but on N.O.X they

                            nail it to a tee. A masterpiece!

                            The rest of the album is great. I can live without The Same Old Rock and The Magpie.

                            And out of the 3 acoustic tracks, I only really love The Dowser (sounds like it could've been

                            on Bon Iver's debut album) But the 2 other tracks function as breathers before and after N.O.X.

                            Title track and Dreams Of Fancy are great, especially the latter (maybe my favorite "regular" song on here). Like Chrome is also good, but it misses that HUUUGE emotional climax IMO.

                            Production/mix is top-notch. Yet another masterpiece from our favorite trønders.

                            And I have no idea what the "missing part" in N.O.X. is.

                              And I have no idea what the "missing part" in N.O.X. is.

                              I'm also curious about this mystery. Come on, guys, tell us already :).

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