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    Hi psychonauts,

    I'm currently working hard on The Complete Motorpsycho Discography. It's going to be on a separate website from the unofficial Motorpsycho homepage. The address will be revealed as soon as there is enough info included for it to be presentable to all the psychonauts and collectors out there. I'm doing this in whatever spare time I have, so there's still quite a bit of work left, but I'm making good progress.

    Categories will be Albums, Singles & EPs, Videos, Compilations and probably some pages on side projects, former/associated members' bands/projects etc. I'm aiming for great detail. All credits from the records will be included, plus lots of notes on different record versions/editions, recording details, artwork, cover versions and other trivia and nerdy stuff.

    Primary sources include my own collection, the unofficial and official discographies plus pictures and forums on the unofficial Motorpsycho homepage, other (abandoned) discography pages, the Rune Grammofon and Stickman Records websites, Discogs and Wikipedia entries for the releases and various music magazines.

    I you have any tips, information, pictures or whatever you think I could use, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to with "Motordisco" as the subject. Thanks!

    All the best,

    Petter Flaten Eilertsen


      Great. Let us know what you need pictures of.



        Wow, looking forward to it!

        GOOD LUCK!!!!


          I can help out til a certain point :D


            If you need any info on Kenneth´s drumset(s), cymbals etc. I may help you. He´s my biggest inspiration, and I´ve studied his cymbals and drumgear for many years!

            Cool project btw!


            Release date for The Complete Motorpsycho Discography will be April 12, 2013.


              As a start, the tape version of the Subbacultcha comp cd on Progress




                Nearly complete 7" collection, The Jörg Mäger Trio is missing!


                  Any news regarding this :D


                  Would it be an idea to use some sort of wiki for this?

                  The wiki could at least be used for data gathering, documentation and discussion.

                  Proper presentation with fancy web pages with pictures etc could be done

                  at later stage.


                    You're also missing the X-3 & The Visitant 7-inchers, Kjelli?



                      8) gir deg ikke du :lol:


                        I second Mikkes suggestion.

                        Using a wiki for the discography is a great idea. It would make it soo much easier to keep it updated.


                        Sorry for the lack of updates! Due to other obligations, I'm a little behind with this project. I expect to have the site ready sometime this summer. I'm using WordPress for the site, mostly because that's what I use for my other sites. I have considered making a Wiki, which has many advantages, but also some limitations, like everything else, I guess… So WordPress it is.

                        I'm considering launching the site before all content is ready. It's not gonna be 100 % complete from the start anyway… I will start with giving access to some test users, i.e. people that have contributed valuable information. But before that, please send your information to me at or post it in this thread.

                      Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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