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    They can sing quite good in my opinion although I don't believe them any more not using auto-tune on vocals on the albums since the last Roadwork… :-)

    For me live it always seems they just don't put enough energy into the vocals, like it is very "exhausting" for them to sing (which it is if you care and want to do correctly). That's what I sometimes think is sad because they could make more out of it.

    Maybe they just can do that in good mood or whatever. Like they are people that don't want or have to be in the spotlight, be a frontman from their natural character. Or tried to be but realized they just couldn't go for that. By singing in front of a crowd you show your personality, you give a part of your inside out. Behind the instrument you always can hide. In any way better than behind your vocals. Maybe that's also a reason why… Just a thought.


      Reviewed in PROG


      The latest issue of PROG turns out to be quite the Norwegian issue. Article/interview with Gaspacho. Reviews on El Doom & the Born Electric (support on the upcoming London gig) and Jarle H Olsen. Live review on 22 at Camden Barfly, another favourite from Trondheim – KK played the drums on their debut EP, and mainman Magnus Børmark is credited as techie on the Unicorn LP.


        Nice one :) Shave off about 40 mins and they're right on the money. Too bad that they felt the need to put a reference to every god damn riff on the album. Fuck off ppl. Just cus something resembles somethhing made in the past, don't mean that you need to namedrop some band who made something similar 30+ years ago?, and make a big point about it! If the world were to follow your (the writer's) logic, then there would never be anything new out there for the public to sink their teeth into, cus you've already labled it this and that.

        MP borrow some vibes from here and there in their music, but when all comes to all they manage to put their own heart and soul into their creations, making their sound and music their own, regardless of what's already been done.

        Short; Hail MP!, Fuck the name dropping and recognise this band for what it is; A force to be reconed with! Now where's that vocal tutor… :lol:



          let's just agree to disagree man!

          I'm not arguing. I'm just writing what I feel about it. We don't need to agree at all. It's a common usual thing to disagree and great minds do just that. :mrgreen: (i never bought that "great minds think alike" crap)

          And my posting above got overlong because a train of thought went wild.


          I understood well you only have a issue with the singing and none with the music. But already on Demon Box I came to realize (and I thought it to be a common perception), they simply are not the common rock singer shouter whatever. There's a completely different mindset going on. The singing will be "flawed" but it will always be given a 100% onstage. Because it's the song, not the singer. It's the heart, not the notes. The feelings, not the phrases.

          Then I shudder to think of a Chris Cornell or Mike Patton (and I like what they do in their careers) type singing in this band. It wouldn't work. No one wants Eddie Vedder in Sonic Youth or Pavarotti in The Velvet Underground. Think of the Jesus Lizard with anybody else but David Yow!

          When "asking" MP to overcome certain flaws just because other bands can, well then I'd like first to see other bands overcome their flaws and limitations to be even able to think about producing something that holds up against MP's backcatalogue.


          Where I am completely right is: Dream Theater are robots! And not because they are inhumanly good (and they are not in my book), but because they cut every little note and nuance right down to perfection till it's completely dead. And live you get them exactly like that. Is this what Keith Moon has lived and died for? Robots indeed. And that's the worst thing one can do to music. Unless you're Kraftwerk. But even they have more soul on stage.

          And DT also have no style whatsoever. Maybe that's even their worst problem.

          Short; Hail MP!


            another train. damn…


              Along with HMF, I think TDDU is easily the best thing they've ever done. It's rare that a band keeps getting better with age, my only worry is how they can top it.

              Mind you. I thought that after HMF


                PS: Dream Theater … Oh man, where to start … GOD AWFUL


                  Spanish interview with Snah

                  Bad news for the Spanish people: Storløkken will not join the Spanish dates because Supersilent is playing some concerts then. Just the power trio for those concerts…


                    And only parts of DDU it seems…

                    And some 1000 hours of live recordings waiting to be sorted out – Something like Dgmlive still seems like a good idea. :D


                      Well – them three playing mp tunes and a selection of the Unicorn seems pretty perfect to me ;-




                          MP playing MP songs?

                          Far out ;-)

                            Well – them three playing mp tunes and a selection of the seems pretty perfect to me ;-

                            crap, this makes me wanna go to spain


                              wrong thread


                              Can you believe this shit…I'm looking all over Antwerp to find the new MP album, but due to the appearence of mediamarkt and saturn stores overhere all the regular alternative music shops have closed down. There's always the possibilty to buy via iTunes, but I like to have the cd/album in my hands.

                              …buy it at the gig then in a couple of days.

                              Lucky found the köln recoding meanwhile so I know what to expect next.

                              thx spacebandit :-)

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