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    what about this ?

    THE DEATH DEFYING UNICORN 2cd/2lp stickman 6 february 2012


      That will be the next meisterwerk. :-)


        And it started a year and a half ago – Adressa


        Anyone know when this can be pre-ordered?

        boomer former helm

          just found that entry on stickfrau's twitter account: On the upcoming MP album: "If I believed in God, this would be what he listened to in the mornings when jogging" – C. Sandkämper, journalist


            Now up for pre-order on jpc's website (no further details yet)



              Also from Stickfrau´s twitter:

              "Motorpsycho's "The Death Defying Unicorn" double-album will be out in February…just putting the finishing touches on it now."


              Stickfrau Twitter:

              "What a weird record! (cryptic tweet #1 of 2012)"

              Question from chris_rampage: "Any idea when it will be up for pre-order? Really looking forward to it"

              Answer from Jeanette: "VERY soon. Probably Monday? Am just waiting to have no delays confirmed from pressing plant"

              Krist Rampage

                Thanks Crackpot Idea, i was just about to post that :-) Very nice of Stickfrau to give such a quick response. Man, i can't wait.


                Aaahhh… Great news! Beefhearts original Bat Chain Puller finally released by the Zappa Family Trust in ten days (pre-orders open over on Barfko-Swill) and this about a month later: it's already a good year for music! :wink:


                  Releasedate from Rune G:

                  17.02 Motorpsycho with StÃ¥le Storløkken – The Death Defying Unicorn (2CD / 2LP)


                    I some Forum i found a german article about DDU!


                    Also the cover is shown (very small).


                      i like this classic cover!

                      boomer former helm

                        yes, like it too. sounds very promising :mrgreen:


                          "A Fanciful And Fairly Far-Out Musical Fable". Wee, they're going all-out prog rock on this one! Me likes :lol:

                          Google Translate:

                          With jazz orchestra and string octet Motorpsycho write as if by accident the rock opera that is so wonderfully far away from the kitsch of the genre, as is humanly possible.

                          This happy accident began in the fall of 2009 with a simple request to the Norwegian jazz keyboardist Stale Storløkke. The Norwegian Jazz Forum asked for, namely, whether he thought it possible to develop, together with psycho-motor and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra concert, which together should be listed at the Molde International Jazz Festival 2010.

                          Since Stale Storløkke and the band were already known for years, but a collaboration never came about, both agreed a welcome into this project. It quickly became clear that all parties concerned with a higher profit and larger stimulus is seen, to write new pieces, instead of old to arrange it differently. After some time now, the idea of ​​development, strings with involvement in the project, which called a string octet, together with master violinist Ola Kvernberg on the plan.

                          Limitless content, but the project eventually ran into a very open and rough in places, perhaps covered jazzy direction. The two-hour pure instrumental work, which the project is now performed on the scheduled date came, all the players in front of half-baked. To solve this creative nodes, and Motorpsycho Storløkke decided in favor of including the project of revised versions of the pieces, a double LP. And that's a very lucky! Might be expected because even though in 2012 probably no one with a piece of music history, Storløkke and the band have just created a kind. This may sound excessive, but is clear to everyone who hears only a few of the pieces that one sometimes short and sometimes disturbing epic in first and then take in the warm arms. Like a marching band without a head, the project draws on New Year's morning, through a deserted city and driving the frightened drunks in the marrow. Black tendrils grow out of their instruments, which bear at their ends, colorful flowers. They dress up the walls and transform the city into a black-colored maze. Like a Pied us the voice of singer Bent Saether guides you through the gears, though it sometimes appears in the thicket. Swap foreground and background music and clear their seats when we consider only one short of beautiful flowers, a thorny vine takes us rudely from the feet.

                          This album is a psychedelic and progressive furiosum, soft and hard in equal parts and never predictable. Not associated with any band, hire a couple of strings. This meets a surprise even when viewing the artwork. If the outer shell cool and sober, almost even sobering, so a painting meets the inner guard. Like the music itself is hard to describe, but now takes a prisoner. This must be seen. The finished work should now be listed again live, then we'll meet there. And we remind each other to breathe it.

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