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    Emily Grimes

      Got one in the mail today!


        Yeah, arrived here in Oslo as well. Started to leaf through it last night and I believe it’s going to be a good read!


          Okay, I remember there was going to be a book, but now it’s here? Is this something I would have needed to be on Facebook to find out? I will never be doing Facebook. Could someone please be kind enough to tell me whether there is an English version and, if so, how I can get my hands on one? Thank you!

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            Got it in the mailbox today – had completely forgotten about this one, can’t even remember ordering it – so that was a nice surprise :cheers:


              @suntripper Yes this crowdfunding project for CDs, vinyl, film and books is mainly promoted on Facebook. The book will be found here in a short while (I assume).

              I haven’t seen anything about an English version of this book, but if enough people contact the publisher and ask for a translation it might happen. The guy behind this is the very same one that made the Demon Box box happen.


                Ah! Thank you Thor! It is as I suspected.

                Well, The Demon Box box is a very satisfying artefact, so that bodes well. It was your good self who posted here a year ago that Christer Falck had said on Facebook that the aim was to produce an English version, so here’s hoping!

                Thanks for that link. I’ll contact them there to press the case for an English version.


                  In my mailbox too today.

                  Not exactly a big book (only approx. 140 pages), but it’ll probably be a nifty little read :-)


                    WEll, as long as it’s been only in norwegian language, then it’ll be a nice collector’s item over here.
                    What I’m more afraid about is that MP capped ropes to Stickman, where will anything fine distributed over here in the EC? I do not order from Norway, as there is always hassle with the customs. Even if I get a gift vinyl fro my friend in Oslo. Once I had the trouble that the custom thought it was from China. Norge is not China? But it took me two talks on the phone to convince the stupids to clear that Olso is not in China.
                    That’s for it. I’m sad that they cut off relations to Stickman as those were a reliable supplier of MP goods here in Tyskland.


                      Yes, Stickman were great, and importing can be an expensive hassle. Maybe Agitated Records can help us. I ordered the Rock Bottom/Silver Dollar Forger single from them and it came very quickly.

                      I wrote via the site linked to by ThorEgil and was told they hadn’t so far thought about translating it, but they might do so in the future, so if others also nag them, that will increase our chances.

                      Anyway, at least this has finally got me to move my arse and order the Blissard book. I know – talk about being late to the party!


                        @trylleball: Same here! That also goes for vol. 2 of the tribute series btw, it’s nice receiving these «surprise gifts» from a less financially challenged past. :yahoo:

                        Anyway, a nice read indeed! I don’t want to spoil anything, but especially the interviews and the story of the whaleship Essex made me appreciate TDDU even more (it’s a masterpiece I heard).

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