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    haha..still have sand in your vagina? that must be frustrating, i understand, u need to channel it somewhere, it's ok. =P


      do you really think that someone here is interessted in your over priced rip offs, after it's been announced that the rest of the stock will be sold through the webshop?


      i think it's more frustating that you'll be left with your copies… :P


      i really don't care about your whiney opinion on it, i don't know what your problem is anyway, can't u just fuck off and mind your own business instead of sticking your nose in mine every time i post a comment. or don't u have anything better to do?

      Overpriced? You haven't even asked me for a price after my last post on it, if u look at my post IT SAYS: PRICE CAN BE DISCUSSED! anyways, all people ive sold the mag to didn't think it was too much, most actually said it was a totally ok price. You're actually the ONLY one bitching and complaining. Congratulations!(There's always one..:P) I've understood by now that you're not interrested (even though u gave me that offer for 200,-), and that's totally fine. But can't u just leave it with that and go on with you're life..seriously..u'r stooping real low..go complain about that guy on Ebay or something, who's someone who really deserves it.

      PS: I won't be stuck with any copies, so u don't have to be frustrated about that. but thanx for your consern! really..=)


        hey guys, price can be discussed now! :mrgreen:


          Hi jaxxxn, read this:

          btw what was the original price for that sorgenfri issue?


            The original price was 100.-.. I dont understand what the problem is…I think 200 or 300.- are no problem…..Thats my opinion about this…


              the problem is, that these leeches benefit from something that was supposed to help homeless people. besides the fact, that they rip fans off.


                Ok I understand sir. Sorry!! As I have said in some other forums … I hope this is the last time Motorpsycho release Limited Edition ..Quite frankly!!!. In the future enough black vinyl for those who want it….. No second and third editions in different colors etc etc. .. ..That i think is the end to this "nonsense" …. Motorpsycho limited editions are expensive …. Like it or not …

                Right now there are 52 who want to buy this on Discogs …… Why would anyone sell it to you for 100 nkr ….


                The homeless guys get no money from the second and third sales etc etc. .. Do you think it is not allowed to sell it in 5-10 years?

                Had been coolt and heard how you will solve this problem Sir Un Chien …….. Many want this in their collection ….. And there are not many for sale ……. Can you come up with a solution to this ….

                When it comes to the homeless guys … So have them received some money on this and I hope them have saved some magazines with the 7 inch they can sell later ..I'm agree..Those guys should have all the money ….. I thought this was a good measure of motorpsycho .. But being a problem now that many Psychonauts want to have it in their collection …. Hope you get yourself a copy of the magazine for a cheap price …

                Thats all i have to say about this….


                yeah, supernaut, i read it the day it was puplished and i agree with him ofcourse, and i know it will be in sale soon. but like i told Un.Chien.d.Espace, I AM actually one of those "homeless people" as he reffers to me as..still..or "leech" as he is calling me now..(yes i know Bent called them leeches when he was talking about that facebook thing and others(ebay?)..) there are not just/many homeless people who sell sorgenfri, there's many heavy drugaddicts, people with different social problems wich makes them outcasts to society and therefore have very limited ways of getting a normal job, and drugs are VERY expencive in Trondheim, so addicts are very likely to turn to crime and other not so cool ways to get money to support their many people here in Trondheim think that Sorgenfri is a very good thing. so yes, i am actually trying to make a little profit from selling these magazines, and like i've said, those who have contacted me and bought a mag, was happy about the price, so i don't see the problem with that. The mag is sold on the street by people like me, in Trondheim, about every 10th mag contained the vinyl, and it was supposed to be a random chance for the customers to get the vinyl, but the thing was u could feel which had it and wich didn't, so people started asking for the one with the vinyl, "if u'll pick it out, i'll gladly give u 500,- for it!" f.ex., what man with no income and a expensive habbit would say "oh no, i couldn't accept that, keep your money, have it for 100,- my good sir, i insist!". i've sold many for a 100,- too ofc, but when people come up to me with 2-3-4-500 in their hand and asking for it, ofc..and they walk away smiling, i don't see a problem. I told Un.Chien.d.Espace about this on e-mail, and still, he obviously has a huge problem with this..he's allowed to have his opinion ofc, but i can't help finding it a little childish, to be honest..


                many from other countries were glad to get it for that price, as the option would be going to norway and finding a sorgenfri-seller or bying it on ebay for 2,500,-..this was before i, or anyone knew that some leftover mags was to be sold in the webstore ofc..i didn't know before that announcement either.


                Yeah, there you go..or 275£ @, anyone? no? hahahaha, shiiiiiet! that's a rip off..

                Good point btw, cjacob. =)


                  record collectors are still pretentious assholes i see :evil:


                    Allright jaxxxn, your first postings came across quite confusing then.


                    discogs bidding: I wouldn't find it ok to sell something like this for lots of money just because of many bidders unless I would transfer my profit to the original cause.

                    Phoots Flower

                      after 3000 km….I just the Ep´s and Sorgenfri Ep too :MPD:


                        In the Sorgenfri interview Bent talks about the Motorpsycho archives and this 7 inch is a test. i Dont think Bent thought this worked out especially good..Hehe …. Hope them release the rest of the goodies in one box or double black vinyl in enough copies to anyone who wants it. There are not so many in the world who collect Motorpsycho. Between 500-1000 I think that must have everything … (Based on the interest when Blissard box was the theme) About Motorpsycho release Limited Editions then you have to do what you did with Spidergawd … Dropping enough copies with a paypal button or in good record shops .. I think about 2000 ex is enough to calm Hard Core Psychonauts down.

                        Jack White and Third Man recordings are possible the only ones who understand this …. They release in all formats …. They release limited edition of about 300 ex .. In addition, they release unlimided black vinyl .. They have the vault of hardcore fans … Where they drop rare thing for hardcore fans ..And they are on all social media ….. Jack White stuff sold for sick prices on Ebay etc …. But it is also possible to buy a black vinyl record if you are only looking for it .. or listen songs online for free …..

                        When it comes to collecting records … So Bent and Torgeir know very well how this works … They collect records too. They know well how this is..And adds up to it. Motorpsycho not releasing their first record here .. They are 25 years legends … With lots of collectibles in the back catalog .. This is hi prices is nothing new….Release on Black vinyl in a lot of ex..Thats the answer…

                        And thats all i have to say about this..(Or Maby not!!)

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