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    Phoots Flower


      Psychonaut! Do we ever have a surprise in store for you! This is… something else. Something the like of which you’ve never ever seen: a collection of songs fallen between the cracks, fragments of a bigger whole – an artefact from a could-have-been alternate timeline in the psychoverse where the power of the song rules supreme and the single still is king! Ladies and gentlemen, we present the release that almost never was …


        wtf is this?


          Looks interesting but indeed mysterious:

          Is it a book presented (+ sent) in seperate parts recapturing the song catalog of mp, will it be lyrics, drawings/descriptions of eight unknown tracks? Does this thingy include audio material such as a CDr or so?

          (not sticky, not broke but seriously *confused*)

          Please help us Mr. Webguy :-)

          UPDATE: Wow, looking at this from a notebook screen and not a small mobile device it looks VERY interesting, one can see black wax in there :-))))


            Pnakotic Manuscripts

            You guys haven't ordered it yet?


              whatever it is, it's motorpsycho and new, hence it's ordered. :MPD:


              How come the shipping to GER is so terribly expansive (170 KR = 21€)? :roll:


              It's a flatrate. There will be two(or more?) deliveries if I understood that right.


              Another question. Is this already limited? Or can you order until 6.6.14 and all those orders will be fullfilled? Don't want to miss out, but have to raise some funds at first.


              looking at the extra pictures I see a couple of vinyl records (3-4 records)?


                Yeah, it does look like 3-4 vinyl records on those pics."where the power of the song rules supreme and the single still is king!" this quote suggests that it might be 3-4 7" singles with some rare stuff on it. Or it could be a compilation of the Hyena/Bonny Lee, X3/ICU and Visitant/Eagle's Son singles in an elaborate package.(+ a bonus-single)

                Looks interesting, but I would like some more info on what it actually contains before I commit to a purchase. Songs? CD or digital download included? Booklet/poster/extra goodies?

                boomer former helm

                  wow, great news :-)


                    yeah it's rather expensiev to get it to germany (almost 85 euros) and no more infomation yet… won't order it until now.


                    on top of the mail, you can hardly see it:

                    Live performance on norwegian TV tonight!

                    anybody can see norwegian tv?


                      From the description and pictures, this might look like 4 singles (the power of the song rules supreme and the single still is king! / 8 fragments) in a book. Looks like a beauty.

                      @Dave – Thanks for the heads up.

                      The number of Norwegian TV channels that are not exclusively dedicated to rehashing old american soap operas are about 2 1/2 (NRK1, NRK2 and the occasional program on TV2), but I can't see anything fitting tonight.

                      An evening with the zapper :D

                    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 366 total)
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