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      Inspired by the CotF-MP3-thread, I thought lets really make a picture thread. But not quite in the sense of “Show you’ve bought CotF and get the sanctus to download it”, but just as a show-off thread, meaning:

      Show your Motorpsychedelic collections!

      This is mine:


      i´ve got pretty much the same vinyl like you.

      should we show only cd/dvd and vinyl or any offical MP item?

      cool bedclothes btw :wink:


        Do as you like – you can of course also show what else you’ve got. :)


          Flower power man! :)


            Hehe… I should post photos of my entire CD collection which would include various other furniture/stuff that you can make fun of ;P

            Great King Rat

              Hey jtr, excellent maps on the wall! Great realm to spend your holidays/dreams… :-)


              My compilation:


              I dont have pictures of the latest stuff, but i have them.. Still misses Soothe w/Steel cover. Anyone?


              you´ve got some nice vinyl, jubalong…

              that´s my stuff:




              @ Ivan: Which Mad Sun 7″ version do you have? Colour?


              it´s the red one.




              What’s the cd-box near the t-shirt? a special version of AADAP?


              yep. it´s the AADAP 3cd box.


                Ha, ha I someone else bought the quite “special” purple MP-Shirt back in 1995! I still have mine, too! I was so amazed at my first MP-gig back then, that I closed my eyes on the dreadful colour of that thing and bought it.


                you mean the upper one? that´s not soooo bad….but that one beneath (with that silly glitter type) is really horrible!

                i only wore it a few times…

              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994