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      Very classy with the fancy violinist and the 'He still masturbates I heard'-line :lol: Is that Deathprod in the back?


        The complete "Wiese" broadcast is to be found here:



          could it be that the audience wanted to clap along at the start, then lost the timing, which cracked Snah up so he messed his part up? :lol:

            s that Deathprod in the back?

            Yes thats Helge :MPD:


              knoot: The version on NRK has the annoying letterbox, as well as inferior sound and slightly brighter, more washed out colours than this remaster. It's certainly cool that NRK are expanding their online archive, though. Who knows what other MP treasures they might dig up in the future.

              I think that the ending in this version is particularly great. Love the violins (OHM + ?) + Deathprod. in full force. 8)



              The mr (?) was in fact me.

              Hans M is my younger bro, and I had the pleasure joining in on this special event geared with my electrified viola and Roland Space echo RE 301.

              Like Hans M (playing violin in several constillations as well), I have never been taking any violin lessions. So the abilities were really limited.

              It was therefore great teaming up with OHM on this act, the open minded character he is despite his classical background.

              The year before (1995), I had done a handful of gigs joining Seigmen with my Viola, so the request from the boys to join in on the Wiese show February 1996 was very welcomed.

              I recall the act being quite intense, and we also noted the rather limited enthusiasm among the audience in the studio (all at age 75+)

              I never got the chance to see it afterwards (as it was a live event) so it was fantastic to get it available with this stunning quality 20 years after.

              With great memories, The Viola has remained in the flight case ever since.


                Lorentz, thank you so much for sharing the story. That is amazing, and almost unbelievable that NRK couldn't supply you with a recording of it afterwards. I’m glad that you finally got to see it.

                It is definitely a superb performance, with an epic ending – much thanks to your and OHM's contributions, although I can totally understand that you were thrown off a bit by the rather reserved audience. I didn't know about your live work with Seigmen either. Would be really cool to see or hear a recording of that. Although the viola has been in its flight case for the past 20 years, it certainly has an eventful legacy. Hope you will pick it up again at some point!

                If you'd like a digital copy of the Wiese remaster, just drop me a line at, and I’ll send you the video + a WAV.



                Devotional, Thank you for the nice feedback. Really, looking back is not my thing, but doing so I realize there were a lot of things happening in this period. OHM and myself did in fact join in on the “Nerve Tattoo” when MP played at Rockefeller some weeks after the Wiese show. That gig was audio-recorded by NRK, I believe.

                Regarding Seigmen, I joined them during among others the gigs at Folken, Stavanger and Sentrum Scene, Oslo springtime 1995. Typically, I supported the string parts on “Sort Tulipan” and “Hjernen er alene”. Those two songs were then connected with an ambient/jammy part that I had created called “Aerofloat”, making this part of the show as one complete section.

                I also joined Seigmen when they did The Roskilde Festival in June the same year, then performing only on “Sort Tulipan” and doing my “Aerofloat” composition, but this time alone and without the band support (as a bridge to the encore part of the show). This concert was supposed to be audio-recorded by DR, but I have no idea if something of it is available.

                Looking back on it today, I think it was a bit crazy to join in with those two bands without any kind of documented skills or musicianship. However, the el-Viola + Space Echo combo gave a unique sound and “mood”, so that did the trick. Till this date, I have never ever practiced together with any band whatsoever except of the sound-checks and pre-productions done with Seigmen and MP as a part of the gigs I joined back then.

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              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994