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      Thankfully I keep a well-maintained spreadsheet for all my CD acquisitions, so I know exactly when I bought which MP release. I guess most of you aren’t that nerdy, it’s just that I always wanted to have a good overview. But perhaps some of you can remember in which order you’ve got their stuff.

      For me, it was the following (I limit myself to the first 10)

      1.12.01 Phanerothyme ; 4.12.01 Eight Soothing Songs ; 5.12.01 Let them eat Cake ; 10.12.01 Roadworks vol 2 ; 28.12.01 Barracuda ; 19.9.02 Blissard ; 19.9.02 Timothys Monster ; 30.9.02 Serpentine ; 2.10.02 Love Cult ; 12.2.03 Lobotomizer

      The rest was then all bought in 2003, except of course the subsequent LPs.

      So, what about you? :)


        The first MP album I heard was Timothy’s (borrowed it at my local library)

        The first MP release I ever bought was the Nerve Tattoo ep back in late ’95, I guess.

        First album I bought was Demon Box, also late ’95. Then Blissard when it was released, then my memory is clouded :)


          I taped Demon Box from some friends and soon after Timothy was released. I bought Timothy and what I could find from their back catalog. Since then, I have bought all their releases on release day.


          I cannot claim to “own” all their albums, though I will eventually get there. The first MP song I heard was either STG or The Wheel. My aquiantance with Motorpsycho started somewhat late, I guess. First album I got was BH/BC, then i got International Tussler Societty, then LLM, and then Demon Box. AADP i borrowed from a friend and copyed it. The rest I have shamelessly downloaded until I get my hands on it. :MPD:


          Started with Blissard, which I didn’t like, especially not the beginning (Sinful & Drug Thing, which I absolutely LOVE today).

          AADAP which I got about a 17 months later was slightly more satisfying, Heartattack Mac stands out in my memory, esp the drums.

          I never learned the song-titles, just remembering the records as one whole “song”. The songs on those two albums really fit eachother, well-produced.

          Trust Us was my third MP-album, remembering the Vortex Surfer was beautiful when I turned the HiFi to eleven. “Just the way we are”, together with “I’ll smoke anything that i want to smoke” was lines that still make me smile, I realized that I’d found my band.

          Next up was Timothys Monster, then 8 Soothing Songs, Let Them Eat Cake, Demon Box, Lobotomizer, Phanerothyme… and so on.


            The first song i heard was “Vortex Surfer” from Roadworks 1, and it completely blew me away. I don’t know if it was because of the girl i had sex with while hearing it, but since the girl is long gone, and i”m still here worshipping, i’m guesing it was the musical impact, and not that fine ass :)

            Since then i’ve gotten my hands on pretty much everything. Don’t remember the order tho. I just know that TM was my first purchase


              Think I started with Phanerothyme actually, then Demon Box, BH/BC, Blissard. Last one I got bought was LLM, naturally. Can’t remember them all, as I trawled through a lot of second hand shops to get my (almost) complete catalogue over a period of a handful years.

              edit: First song I heard was Waiting for the One. A girl I knew played Demon Box for me on a long bus trip.. Then Nothing to say, Feedtime etc. I was amazed by the variation of styles on the album. Fell in love with Plan #1 instantly. Never looked back.

              I Was even more amazed by the variation in the rest of the back catalogue as I delved deeper into their discography..


                Since 1993 every album and most of the EP’s chronologically pretty much at release day. Then I hunted down Soothe and Lobotomizer sometime in the mid-90ties. More EP’s and 7″es rather randomly ever since, mostly at concerts.


                  Can’t remember the date, but my Lobotomizer came with a ticket to the release party at Uffa. If I remember correctly it was album only = 60NOK, album + ticket = 100 NOK. Something like that.


                    Man, you guys are so old school, I love it..

                    I feel like a whipper snapper.


                    The first one I ever heard was through a house-mate from my best friend (Thank you Pim Hawinkels, wherever you are!): Angels And Daemons At Play. That was around the time Trust Us came out, so something like ’98 or ’99. AADAP was also my first owned MP-record, on glorious vinyl. The rest followed within a year or two.




                      I cant remeber at all….. lolololololol

                      First one i know but then its getting heavy…..

                      1. Barracuda

                      2. It`s a love cult

                      3. Let them eat cake

                      3. Phanerothyme

                      3. Trust us 3. I buyed at once… :MPD:SummerDeluxe:MPD:

                      4. 8 soothing Songs for Ruth

                      5. The Other Fool EP

                      5. Walking with J EP

                      5. Starmelt EP

                      6. Serpentine EP

                      7. Tussler 1

                      8. Roadworks Vol. 2

                      9. Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzists

                      10. Tussler 2

                      11. Angels and Demons at play

                      12. Black Hole / Blank Canvas

                      13. Little Lucid Moments

                      Motorpsycho Rules



                        I forgot Timothys (also on 3…..)


                          The first I bought was “Starmelt EP” approx. 1997 on a sale. Next I think was Trust Us, and that’s what got me hooked! :) hm wait, I think I bought Ozone EP before Trust Us. I don’t remember when I bought AADAP…

                          After that… hm… I don’t remember exactly, but Ozone EP, Blissard, Nerve Tattoo EP, Demon Box, Timothy’s Monstar, AADAP 3xcd box, those were the ones I bought after I’d become hooked. My girlfriend back then had Timothy’s Monster, so I got to know that one quite well before I bought my own :)


                            Went to see them not long after demon box was out, to check out what the hype was all about.

                            AND GOT BLOWN AWAY!

                            Needless to say, I bought Demon box asap after that.

                            Think Soothe was 2nd and Lobo 3rd, but it could be the other way round.

                            The Mountain and Another Ugly EPs were also bought sometime between DM and TM.

                            Yup, I was hooked.

                            From TM and out, the records where bought on or very close to releaseday.

                            Exception, Phanerothyme, as I started to loose interest with Cake, and totally hating barracuda.

                            Serpentine fueled my hopes for love cult, so I was back at the recordshop for that one (but was again a bit dissapointed,).

                            Think I bought Phanero a couple of weeks after the lovely In the fishtank, mainly to fill a hole in the MP collection. I remember thinking it was way better than feared (but still not a good record IMO)(by mp standards)

                            and with BH/BC the love was back…

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994