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      Just release music regular instead of limited stuff.


      LOL, the funny RATE-YOUR-MP-DISCOGRAPHY Game. I want in! I want in!

      1. Trust Us

      2. Timothy's Monster

      3 and 4. ex-aequo – AADAP & Blissard

      5. Roadwork I

      6. Demon Box

      7. Starmelt EP

      8. Mountain EP

      9. Another Ugly EP

      10. Ozone EP

      In no way anything post 1998 can be compared with the above.

      11. Roadwork III

      12. Walkin' with J EP

      13. In the Fishtank

      14. Here Be Monsters

      15. Here Be Monsters part 2

      16. The Death Defying Unicorn

      17. Let Them Eat Cake

      18. Soothe

      19. Barracuda EP

      20. Still Life with Eggplant

      21. Heavy Metal Fruit

      22. Little Lucid Moments

      23. Behind the Sun

      24. The Tower

      25. Child of the Future

      26. Phanerothyme

      27. Lobotomizer

      28.-56. – Any other fart by Motorpsycho

      57. It's a Love Cult.


      This album grows and grows and grows with each listen. At first no song stood out for me, except for the massive riff from The Tower, which gives me shivers and makes me scream out in utter joy everytime. Now, after listening the whole album three times so far, I must say I'm utterly amazed and baffled by this masterpiece. To me, it's once again a new iteration of Motorpsycho, they once more reinvented themselves. IMO it's their best album since Unicorn. Favourite tracks so far: Tower, In every dream home and Ship of fools.


        Here's my humble opinion on the record after I have listened it a few times.

        The band feels inspired, and Thomas fits nicely in this new context.

        I must admit that thete are a few songs that I don't like very much (and as always, looks like I'm the only one to dislike them :oops:) and they are:

        -A.S.F.E.: I really can't get over the completely flat drumming from start to finish and the very narrow dynamic of the song, which still has some GREAT potential, but to me it could have been much better. I am curious to hear it live, things might change a little. Still, I think that they wanted it to sound that way (the title says it all)

        -The Cuckoo: actually the only thing that I don't like is the verse/chorus part, all the instrumental bits of the song sound really amazing!

        -The Maypole: simply doesn't catch me, still a nice and different song!

        Also, one thing I don't particularly like is the overall sound of the record, feels a bit "Modern" to me but that (as everything else) is completely subjective :)

        But hey! There are MANY things I love in this record too!

        The title track is great, full of the right mix of energy, groove and cool melodies, reminds me (in some ways) Hell 1-3, Cornucopia and some other cool and powerful songs from the Kenneth era (which I love).

        Bartok of the Universe is a blast, powerful and aggressive which keeps me holding my breath from start to finish, one of those songs to listen at full blast on car when you're late :lol: when they played it live in Veruno it blew me away, while…

        Intrepid Explorer blew my mind. Great psychedelic track which builds up incredibly well (expecially live)

        Stardust is a beautyful song, reminds me a lot Crosby Stills and Nash from Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, but since the band clearly proves that doesn't need to copy old masters of music to make something great, I think it is cool to hear a nod to the past

        In every dream home is a nice song, not my favourite, but still cool 8)

        A Pacific sonata is a really beautiful sounding song, sweet and quiet in the beginning with super tasty playing and singing by Snah, groovy and psychedelic in the rest of the song. I like the hippieness of the acoustic parts of this record :lol:

        Ship of fools is just great, nothing else to say about it :)

        Sorry for this long message, but since this is the only place to speak with more than one Motorpsycho fan it felt right :cheers:

        boomer former helm

          man… pacific sonata grows. didn't expect that 8O


            Hi! Could anyone be so kind as to post the lyrics for the album here somewhere? Someone in this thread said that they are in the sleeve, but I guess this is true only for the vinyl version, those of us who can only get CDs are not so lucky. So any help here would be much appreciated, thanks!


                Thanks SO much GBD! :D


                  Yeah, thank you so much GBD!

                  "Schmolotics" :lol: Some really goods lyrics on disc I


                    Some things I don't think have been mentioned:

                    1. On the tracklisting on the CD version, on the backside, underneath "The Maypole" it says "[including Malibu and Stunt Road]", but that's obviously wrong, and supposed to be printed underneath "A Pacific Sonata"! Indeed, on the vinyl version it is correctly printed. At least this is the case on the CD version I received from Rune Grammofon. Please let me know if you have a different print!

                    2. The riff of "The Maypole" is partially stolen from the song "Eyes of the World" by the Grateful Dead! And the lyrics, in tone/mood/voice/theme, remind me a lot of another song by the Grateful Dead, namely "The Music Never Stopped". Both songs are about people singing and dancing and celebrating through the night, out in nature. And there are similarities like "It's a sight beyond compare" vs "they're a band beyond description". Bent must've been channeling some hippie spirits when he wrote this one! And of course we know Bent and Snah (and maybe also Tomas?) are deadheads :)

                    3. A.S.F.E. makes me think of "And It's Better Now" by Status Quo. Maybe not among their most famous songs, but the chorus goes "Gotta have something to sing about, everyone must have a song / Now I got something to sing about, everyone's singing my song". If I'm not mistaken Bent is a fan of Status Quo on some level. "There's a song for everyone / and a singer for every song"


                    @Rolf: not to mention that the riff found 1:20 into "A.S.F.E." is 'rather' similar to the opening one from in AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" :D Not too bad for a song that sounds like the MC5 on MDMA.


                      @Rolf: Stickman's CD version also has this misprint (text "[including Malibu and Stunt Road]" after "The Maypole", while it should be after "A Pacific Sonata").

                      No biggie, the main thing is that the album is amazing!

                        Krist Rampage

                          Wow, that is one raving review!


                            Finally got around to listen a few times. It is a grower. ASFE for example seemed like a cool rocker when it was published a few weeks ago. But that one just gets bigger every time. Bartok and Intrepid Explorer have been my highpoints as long as I didn't listen to sides 3 and 4. I thought I'd dive in easily and listen to the first disc a few times and then go on to sides 3 & 4. But then…. Ship Of Fools!!! Jesus! What a ride! The scope, the musicality, the boldness… well that may be nothing new in the Motorpsychoverse but they still top it after all those years???

                            A remark about Thomas: I expected more traight drumming after hearing ASFE and some comments in here but actually – going out on a limb here – if I wouldn't have known, I might have thought this is still Kenneth. Not that Thomas sounds all that similar, but more because a) he's not at all that straight as expected and b) he fits in perfectly. As if he's been their drummer for years already.

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