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    i ordered some of the vinyl which was added to the webshop in early december. Money was transferd and orderconfirmation received. Now, almost a month later the records has not arrived. I see that im not the only one. People, me included has sent email about it but no answers. Anybody know what's going on?


      That seems strange. To which address did you send the email? I didn't get a CD with my Fragments order, so I sent an email to and Cecilie Lykke answered the next day and I got the CD in the mail after a day or two.


      Same problem here.

      Ordered in december, too. Yesterday i emailed to the same e-ad – No answer.


      Used the address found in the paypal receipt, I'll tru the other address as well and hope for some answer soon. :cry:


        Same over here :( I've ordered Roadwork vol 2 and BHBC on the 10th of december.

        I have an order confirmation and checked my paypal account. They received my money…

        I also contacted them on on 18/12/14, but still no answer.


        Cecile answered today. Said the records shipped yesterday so lets hope they arrive soon 😊


          @manbitecat, thanks for the info :)

          Have you mailed to ?

          Fingers crossed!


          It was the she replied to


            I also got an email from Cecile…

            It seems their was a problem with the stock :(

            They aren't able to deliver the BHBC vinyl :cry:


            My PH is on it´s way Cecile said :)

            But why that delay? Mh…


              @ivan, I think they couldn't handle the demand


              I don´t know. She said my record (Phanerothyme) was sent out yesterday.


                Hope you receive it soon :)

                I switched my BHBC t-shirt with a Behind the sun t-shirt :p

                A bit pity, because I only need BHBC and Roadwork Vol 2 to complete my MP collection :(


                  What an absolute bummer. I was so chuffed I was able to get a copy of BHBC, and I must have been one of the first to order it – and still they're not able to deliver?

                  I'm not impressed.


                    @pfft, same for me :( I ordered it immediately when they were back in stock.

                    It's a massive bummer…

                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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