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      I wanted to order several Vinyls including the Toys 7" – which was promised to arrive anytime soon over one month ago. Now those Vinyls are out of stock with the Toys LP still nowhere to be seen. Yes, I've read Bent's post but it's kind of annoying to check the webshop several times per day.


        same here, does somebody know if the bhbc and ph would have been re-releases or left overs?


          I for one hope they'll wait with offering the Toys 7" until they have figured out how to run a web shop.


            The BHBC copies were leftovers.

            I wonder how many copies they actually had? And if these were sent out to the customers who ordered first, or if it was done randomly… I feel a bit cheated.

            Oh well, Stickman will re-release it at some point, so it's not the end of the world, I guess.


            As far as i know all records were leftovers (Except DB of course)… ?

            I really feel sorry for all who ordered the BHBC. I was lucky to get it on ebay some months ago.


              as far as i know the ph will be re-released by stickman next (hopefully this year…)


                Overwhelming demand meets little non-corporate resources. Be patient. ;)


                Yeah, i think they will re-release every album one after another.

                Next one should be PH.


                  Cecilie said she'd ship my Roadwork II -vinyl today.


                    Got it today :MPD:


                    Records arrived on saturday so it's almost forgiven. They we're sort my birthday present from my wife bought by and the plan was to play them on thursday that week. But got to play Phanerothyme on saturday without complaints, didn't push my luck and play Roadwork 2. 😁


                      Glad that your records arrived finally, MBC.

                      I think it's safe to say that they underestimated the demand for some of those vinyl releases.

                      But I guess it's better to make those kind of mistakes now rather than later.


                      Got it! :D


                      Same problem with the lack of communication here. Ordered about 7 weeks ago the Vortex Surfer music box and two vinyls (Roadwork vol. 2 and Phanerothyme), regarding to the info of Cecile my order was shipped at the 5th of february. Vortex Surfer music box arrived two weeks ago but still no vinyl. And no answer to my mails.


                        It seems that the webshop is deleted :(

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