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      Interesting interwiew. Quite the individual, our Tomas. Travels, projects, art, money… I just wonder from a money point of view, wouldn’t Motorpsycho be the best option? But the translation is a bit vague…


        Man i am about 6 months not here and something terrible happens… He was off course a real good drummer.. But i allways thought Kenneth was somehow better fitting into the whole motorpsychodelic cosmos.. anyway good luck to him.. i hope in october we will see a great “NEW” Drummer live blow us totally away.. Or like some guy here said a great Tabla Player From india.. lol

        Greetings Psychonauts…



          Tomas is in a new band with Kristoffer Lo

          Kristoffer Lo – new band


            Don´t think it has been confirmed here. The new drummer is Ingvald Vassbø. Very promising. Welcome, Ingvald and see you on the road :cheers:


              Is he definitely the permanent new guy rather than just sitting in? I have gone back to look again at Kanaan Live at Amper Tone – I really enjoyed watching that last year or whenever. Looking at that, I feel very positive and excited! He will really bring some energy!

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                What is confirmed is that the dance concerts with Hooman Sharifi are with TOS – no drummer.
                The Norwegian tour is with Olaf Olsen, and Ingvald Vassbø will join them on the European leg.


                  Can I say this? Yes I can.
                  I still miss Geb!
                  (But that’s probably me: I also think that Tommy is the (only) real Ramones drummer…)

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994