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      From Motorpsychos Instagram:

      We say thank you to @tomasjarmyr for 6 years
      of service on board the mothership, and wish him happy trails in his future escapades as everyone’s favourite free lance session drummer!
      We wish you good luck, Tomas – may you find more purpose, joy, creative satisfaction and happiness out there than we were able to offer!
      Love ya for all that you brought to this,

      Not good.


        Thanks, Tomas! Farewell and off to new shores then! :stg: The post doesn’t sound bitter, so that’s good. A great drummer & good to very good releases and shows – but after all those 6 years were the ones which excited me the least…but of course that might not have necessarily been caused by Tomas’ presence.

        …the future will show. Sail on…old boat, new sail ;-)


          read it as well on insta… totall y shocked and sad :(


            Aaaagh! That’s a real shame! Looks like it’s his wish. Perhaps ‘creative satisfaction’ is the key phrase? Well, good luck, Tomas, and thanks for the great job you did. I was thrilled by what you played on Ancient Astronauts and N.O.X. especially. I hope you’ll make this decision the right one for you, even if, right now, it feels like the wrong one for us.

            Right, what about poaching Torstein Lofthus from Elephant9?


              What?! I’m shocked. :wacko: But also deeply grateful for all his contribution and the great pleasure it gave us.
              Have this “Oh, no. Please don’t” feeling I had when KK left. But from all good experience we have long known: there is always a next level. Again and again. Round and round and round we go…

              Rats Nest

                Ouch!! :wacko: Bent back on the drums?!?


                  Torstein Lofthus is a living genius, but I´m not sure if he would fit the Motorpsychoverse necessarily. Or even consider moving to Trondheim
                  Also he is involved in maybe more projects than Tomas. And he´s a teacher as well I believe.

                  Really sad news! But also exiting. A part of me misses Kenneth, and a completely new drummer may light a new spark in the mothership?


                    In a short article in Bent says that “he’s maybe the best drummer we have had”.
                    As reason for the split is stated developing differences in methods, interests and ambitions. And Bent says they are now on their way to India(!) for a two weeks tour.

                    When Kenneth stepped down it was obvious (at least for me) that Tomas was the man. This time I have no idea. There are two young drummers in town I could imagine behind the Motorpsycho drums. And Torstein Lofthus as mentioned is absolutely worthy.


                      So So Sad. Great drummer.

                      Lofthus is a great drummer. But not a Motorpsycho drummer in my opinion.

                      Oc Kenneth back had been great. But never gonna happen..

                      Maby Axel Skagstad from Krokofant or Matias Olson from Anglagård.

                      But I think we have great records and conserts in the future.

                      Looking forward to it.


                        Yeah, this is a bummer.

                        Oh, and btw: His name is TOMAS, without an ‘H’..
                        And he quit because he was pissed off.
                        They didn’t pay him enough.

                        Hey, Bent! Pay your drummer, dude! Wtf.
                        Enjoy the trip to India, hahhah! :wacko:

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                          Where does the information come from that they don’t pay him enough? Is that proven or just conjecture?


                            Trust me.


                              By the way: last night I dreamt that I met KK at some kind of garden party. And he revealed to me – as if we were confidants – that he was going to return to Motorpsycho, but that it was still a secret. Crazy but somehow soothing.
                              But also I would say that Tomas was/is the best drummer Motorpsycho had. What a pity.


                                hm… well in the insta post the question of income was also a point. actually this was the point i was a bit iritated about. i would be even more sad if the split was about money… but i guess as always there is a potpurri of reasons for things that happen



                                  Motorpsycho går fra tre til to: – Kanskje den beste vi har hatt

                                  I et Instagram-innlegg publisert søndag kveld annonserer Motorpsycho at de skiller lag med Tomas Järmyr etter seks år.

                                  I 2022 slapp Motorpsycho «Ancient Astronauts». Nå blir tre til to.

                                  Svensken tok over trommene etter at Kenneth Kapstad forlot bandet i 2017. I tillegg til sin fartstid i Motorpsycho har han spilt med blant annet Årabrot, Black Moon Circle og Yodok. Sammen med Motorpsycho har han seks utgivelser. Den ferskeste av dem «Ancient Astronauts», høstet gode anmeldelser da det ble sluppet i fjor

                                  – Lykke til i fremtidige eskapader
                                  Innlegget som er signert Bent Sæter og Hans Magnus Ryan, er et bilde av Järmyr. Under takker de trommeslager Tomas Järmyr for samarbeidet.

                                  «Vi sier takk til TJ for seks års tjenestetid om bord på moderskipet, og ønsker han lykke til i fremtidige eskapader som alles favoritt frilans-trommis. Vi ønsker deg lykke til, Tomas – håper du finner mer mening, glede, kreativ tilfredsstillelse og lykke der ut enn det vi var i stand til å tilby.»

                                  Forbereder seg til turne
                                  Til Adresseavisen sier Bent Sæther at Järmyr «er kanskje den beste trommisen vi har hatt».


                                  – Etter hvert viste det seg at vi både i metode, interesser, engasjement og ambisjoner ble for forskjellige til at vi kunne fortsette sammen. Vi ønsker ham lykke til videre og er sikre på at han kommer til å finne masse annet og mange andre som passer ham bedre

                                  Hvem som eventuelt vil erstatte Järmyr er foreløpig ikke kjent.

                                  – Vi er nå på vei til India på en to ukers turne og fortsetter med vårt, sier Sæther.

                                  Tomas Järmyr ønsker foreløpig ikke å kommentere saken

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994