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    I've just got the 2nd pressing of the 1996 Stickman release of Timothys Monster. The box is hand numbered with 2925. I was very surprised when the matrix numbers were identical with the 2003 release. Could you please check your 1996 Stickman releases for the matrix numbers. The 1st pressing (with machine numbering) should have Matrix / Runout (Side A): 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1. The 2nd pressing (with hand numbering) should have Matrix / Runout (Side A): B274741-01 A1 MX. This is as mentioned the same as the 2003 version.

    Is the 2nd Stickman 1996 pressing and the Stickman 2003 pressing identical? My 1996 2nd and 2003 releases are different in three cases. The 1996 box is 4 mm thinner than the 2003 box. The 2003 labels are a bit more shiny than the 1996 labels. The 1996 box is numbered.


      Yup, same matrix number here as well on the 2nd pressing. Hand numbered 3453.


      My 1st pressing here has the Matrix / Runout (Side A): 3324-1-Ao. Hand numbered 001084.

      Bought it on my first MP gig at Kamp, Bielefeld on 04/24/1996.


      Ok. This makes it clear that 1st and 2nd 1996 release of Timothys Monster are different pressings. More interesting is that 2nd 1996 release and 2003 release have identical matrix numbers. It also seems that Stickman have sold far more of the 1996 releases than Discogs says. I've got 2925, Thor Egil got 3453 and when asking the same question on FB Jørgen Rødli got number 4333. Discogs should be updated with this info.


        Guess it's settled but here's mine: Bought late '94 or early '95. Matrix 3324-1-Ao. Number 1365.


        Discogs is wrong (like it often is).

        What they list as the 1996 pressing is, in fact, the 2003 re-pressing. Those were numbered as well, and the numbering started were the original pressing had finished (at around 1700).

        Any copies with the B274741-01 A1 MX type matrix are 2003 pressings.

        Also, any comments about the history for Blissard on vinyl. Is this correct? And can anyone fill in the missing matrix codes?

        I got the Italian 1995 pressing but it was reported to have issues with the sound quality. Just curious to know if any of the other versions come from different stampers.

        1) 1995 Italian pressing on Offworld / Stickman.

        Matrix / Runout (Side A): DLP OW 002 A

        Matrix / Runout (Side B): DLP OW 002 B

        Matrix / Runout (Side C): DLP OW 002 C

        Matrix / Runout (Side D): DLP OW 002 D

        2) 1996 German pressing on Stickman

        Matrix: ????

        3) 1996 Norwegian pressing on Columbia

        Matrix: ????

        4) 2011 German re-issue on Stickman

        Matrix: ????

        5) 2013 German re-issue on Stickman (gold vinyl)

        Matrix: ????


        Discogs should be more correct about the Timothys Monster releases by now. It's of course 1994 and not 1996. The 2003 repress is NOT numbered, but have the same matrix as the 2nd 1994 release. Both the box itself and labels are slightly different on this two releases.

        The Blissard record on Columbia is obviously pressed in more than 230 ex. It is correct that 230 ex were submitted with T-shirt and button, but it was also sold only with the button. I think the total should be 500 as the Angels & Daemons record.

          It is correct that 230 ex were submitted with T-shirt and button, but it was also sold only with the button

          Are you sure of that? The buttons was printed up in greater number so it might be included in some order or at a show.

          The 2003 repress is NOT numbered,

          I don't think that's right. I bought my copy of the repress in 2003 directly from Stickman. It's numbered (3272). It seems very unlikely that they had a bunch of numbered copies lying around since the mid nineties, only then to sell them along an unnumbered run.

          I suppose it could be that the initial repress run in 2003 was numbered, but then a 2nd run of the repress was done later, and that was unnumbered.


          My copies of this record includes the 1994 test press, the hand numbered release, the Harvest release and the unnumbered release. I've got all of them the later years so my info are based on both my own records, info on the net and info from Discogs with comments. I was as mentioned surprised when the hand numbered release had the same matrix as the unnumbered 2003 release and I used the Discogs info of 2 different versions of the 1994 Stickman release (machine numbered and hand numbered) when I changed the submission. It might be that kippenhok is correct about both hand numbered and unnumbered boxes are the 2003 release. It makes sense according to the matrix numbers. Are there anybody out there which are positive certain that they bought their version of the hand numbered edition earlier than 2003?

          If not, Discogs should be changed to 1994 Stickman 1st pressing 1700 machine numbered and 2003 Stickman 2nd pressing hand numbered and 2nd run of 2nd pressing unnumbered. Sounds this ok?

          The Blissard Columbia record is registered with only 230 ex on Discogs. I've got a friend who bought this record in 1996 with button and no T-shirt. It might be as kjellepelle says that the button was included in an order. My friend sold records at that time.

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