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      Looked forward to the tent gig, too. Too sad.

      But see you @ Grünspan, nice place, too! :-)


        Is this the start of a complaint wave?

        Read the first disappointed comments and drop yours here:

        Let us bring the organizers to reconsider.


          Grünspan is a very nice venue, so calm down. Might have better acoustics than a tent.

          Oh btw. I was in THAT tent 1999 at the Hurricane Festival, too (Damn, I am old!)

          Great King Rat

            I was in that tent, too, (come on, Be, that doesn't mean we're too old; it really depends on how old you were back then!) and although that was a magical gig, I'm quite happy with a "solid" venue cause, as people said before, the sound tends to be better indoors plus Gruenspan probably doesn't have a strict (or too early) curfew which you get a lot when seeing a band outdoors, especially with neighbours around. Don't know if that's true for "Schanzenzelt" though.


              Hamburg is full that Weekend because of the "Harley Days" = no accommodation available at decent price in the centre :( + I hope no beer, knives or leather jackets will be thrown!


                2015-12-12 Byscenen, Trondheim

                Ticket sale for the Yuleshow already opened :cheers:


                I have 2 spare tickets for Siegen (30.7.) and another 2 for the Bielefeld show (1.8.). If anyone is interested, let me know.

                We could meet at the Zakk or in Hamburg for the transaction :)


                  Motorpsycho is the almost-final act on the last day at Down The Rabbit Hole. Semi-overlap with The War On Drugs. I know where I'll be… This will be massive!



                    Belgian date added:

                    05/09/2015 Vredesfeesten, Sint-Niklaas

                    Apparently it's a free festival with several stages in the city centre. Motorpsycho will share the stage with White Hills and Briqueville, which is a local sludge/doom band.

                    More info here:


                    Hello, is here anybody going to Down The Rabbit Hole from Czech republic or Wien or Dresded (or Berlin) with one free seat in car who wants petrol contribution? :?:

                    Hm, it looks i have someone to get there, but someone from there at monday? :wink:

                    No, im too restless, i got bus and train tickets back home :oops:


                      Fusion Festival 26.06. announced via Powerline! Any lucky bastards with a ticket around here? Enjoy! Fusion is simply the best!

                      boomer former helm

                        oh wow. this year i decided not to go!!! so stupid…. yes, fusion is the best. everyone going there: i wish you a very very good time!!


                          so that's the "secret" tour date on stickman's website.


                            This might become another show without setlist info (like Duna Jam at the time) – let's hope they keep posting them on their "official" website ;-)


                              Anyone looking for a ride from Hamburg direction Bremen, Osnabruck, Muenster, Duesseldorf, Cologne on Sunday noon after the show? We are planning to take the HKX train with a group ticket.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994