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      Until: 09/06/10

      Number of Concerts: 17 (Only some songs from Duna Jam are known)

      Songs Played: 52

      Song Times Played

      Starhammer 16

      Bomb Proof 14

      Whole Lotta Diana 14

      A Shrug and a Fistful 12

      Gullibles Travails 12

      Mountain 12

      X-3 12

      Cornucopia 11

      Greener 9

      WBAT 8

      Chien d’Espace 7

      Come on In 7

      STG 7

      Year Zero 7

      Visitant 6

      Manmower 5

      Plan #1 5

      Trapdor 5

      All is Loneliness 4

      Boinganoid 4

      Feel 4

      On My Pillow 4

      The Alchemyst 4

      Timothy’s Monster 4

      Eagle’s Son 3

      Giftland 3

      Mad Sun 3

      PPP 3

      The Other Other Fool 3

      Hogwash 2

      Like Always 2

      LLM 2

      Ride the Tiger 2

      Sail On 2

      Sideway Spiral III 2

      Sparks 2

      Sunchild 2

      The Golden Core 2

      The Ozzylot 2

      Vortex Surfer 2

      A Light in the Black 1

      Coalmine Pony 1

      High Time 1

      Into the Sun 1

      Kill Some Day 1

      Sinful, Wind-Borne 1

      Sunship 1

      Taifun 1

      The Ace 1

      Triggermann 1

      U Lied 1

      Vanishing Point 1

      Wearing Your Smell 1

      Wishing Well 1

      Breakdown by albums:

      Lobotomizer 1 (Hogwash)

      Demon Box 5 (All Is Loneliness, Come on In, Mountain, Plan #1, Sunchild)

      Timothy’s Monster 8 (A Shrug and a Fistful, On my Pillow, Kill Some Day, Trapdoor, Feel, Giftland, The Golden Core, Wearing Your Smell)

      Blissard 4 (Greener, STG, Manmower, Sinful Wind-Borne)

      AADAP 6 (Sideway Spiral III, PPP, Chien d’Espace, Timothy’s Monster, Like Always, U Lied)

      Trust Us 2 (Taifun, Vortex Surfer)

      Starmelt EP 1 (Wishing Well)

      Heavy Metall is a poze… 1 (The Other Other Fool)

      LTEC 0 ()

      Barracuda 2 (Vanishing Point, High Time)

      Phanerothyme 0 ()

      IALC 0 ()

      BHBC 4 (Sail On, Coalmine Pony, Triggerman, The Ace)

      LLM 4 ( LLM, Year Zero, The Alchemyst, Sunship)

      COTF 4 (Ozzylot, Diana, Cornucopia, Ride the Tiger)

      HMF 5 (Starhammer, Bomb Proof, WBAT, X-3, GT)

      X-3 Vinyl Single 1 (Boinganoid)

      Tour Single 1 (The Visitant)

      Nerve Tattoo EP 1 (Mad Sun)

      Covers 4 (Eagle’s Son, A Light in the Black, Sparks, Into the Sun)


        So we are still far away from the 100 songs that Bent talked about!


          Yes, we will not reach 100 different songs but you cannot expect 100 different songs in 18 shows (with 16 songs in each show). That means that they have to exchange 5 – 6 songs on each show (without any overlappings) which is not realistic at all (even not for Motorpsycho standards).

          I am very pleased with the 41 different songs so far (after 11 concerts) and I hope that we will nearly touch the “50” mark.


            They could play ca. 6 shows without repeating one single song! ;-) Pearl Jam did that once: Over the course of a three-night-stand (in Boston) they played their whole active repertoire (105 songs) and they only repeated one or two songs (I think)…


              Motorpsycho should do like Coheed & Cambria did, played their four albums on four consecutive nights.

              Except Motorpsycho would spend two weeks doing the same.. And do the EP exclusive songs as encores or something.


                Haha. When they broke out “Feel” directly followed by “Trapdoor” as first selections of the first encore in Bremen we briefly thought they MIGHT play IT — the entire “Timothy’s monster” — as first encore…! ;-)


                  I am still waiting for Wearing Yr Smell!



                    So we are still far away from the 100 songs that Bent talked about!

                    Maybe Bent was talking about the songs which he, Snah and Kenneth have played since 2007 when Kenneth joined Motorpsycho. I looked through the setlists since 2007 and found out about 60 songs which this trio has performed between 2007 and 2009 but not in this year (so far). Those “missing songs” are:


                    Back To Source

                    Bedroom Eyes

                    Before The Flood

                    Black To Comm


                    Demon Box

                    Don’t Look Around

                    Drug Thing

                    Fairies Wear Boots


                    Flick Of The Wrist

                    For Free


                    Go To California

                    Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

                    Heartattack Mac

                    Hey, Jane

                    High Time



                    In A Silent Way

                    In The Family

                    Inside Looking Out

                    I’ve Been Waiting For You

                    Kill Devil Hills


                    Mantrick Muffin Stomp

                    Mountain Song

                    Mr. Victim


                    No Evil

                    Nothing To Say

                    Now It’s Time To Skate


                    Sancho Says


                    Sideway Spiral IV

                    Song For A Bro’



                    Step Inside



                    The Ace

                    The Nerve Tattoo

                    The Ocean In Her Eye

                    The One Who Went Away

                    The Other Fool

                    The Witch




                    Vanishing Point


                    Wharf Rat

                    Who Gave You Love

                    You Lose

                    Those songs can probably be added whenever they want to. I don’t wait for Neverland, The Nerve Tattoo and Go To California but every other song would delight me.

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