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    Dear friends,

    I had the idea of a motorpsychodelic drink/cocktail in my mind for quite some time. And since we now have the first MP-beer coming at us I thought I just might come forward and share my story…

    Because now, after months and months of endless, unimaginable strenuous degustation, alteration, degustation, alteration, degustation etc pp I have settled on this little sucker here:


    – one fourth black rum (not too shabby, but not too expensive either – ~15€ range)

    – one fourth spicy ginger beer (note: NOT ginger ale. I use Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger, but I am not sure how this is available outside of germany…)

    – two fourths of sour cherry juice

    Since no juice, rum or ginger beer is alike – feel free to alter the amounts given to your personal taste.

    Serve with ice. Enjoy!

    I have tried it with a smashed leaf of peppermint, too (put it in the palm of your hand and give it a healthy clap with your other hand). Not essential, but gives an extra note.

    Since my tests have proven that you can actually digest lots of the stuff I have chosen to call the drink (boldly): The Wheel.

    Please feel free to post your experiences with the stuff here if you manage to pour yourself one (or two or three…). I am really curious to hear your opinions.




      So you found your final mixture! I remember tasting a "predecessor" at the Weekender last year: You were not 100% sure yet about the right dosis but I already liked it (and suggested the working title "Leave it like that" ;) ) May the day come where we'll be trying THE WHEEL then … Do you already have plans for the autumn tour? :P


        Bent had his signature drink when he worked at the Student Radio here in Trondheim, it was (obviously) called Bent Out Of Shape. Dont remember what was in it though?

        Hercules Wolftrap

          I remember hearing something in the 90’s about The Lobotomizer. Ground up tyrkisk peber and heimbrent (moonshine)


            @Hercules Wolftrap – I wouldn't recommend grinding up or crushing the Tyrkisk pepper ( as it would make the drink way too sweet.

            Just put one tablet into the bottle and shake it a little before gulping it down :cheers:

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          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994