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    In the webshop, on clear and black vinyl:



    Missed the clear one, but got the blackie. Thanks for the heads up!


      The clear one seems to be available in the web shop again.


      Anyone from germany who ordered the 7"es from the first round and still haven't gotten them. I know it's christmas time and packages need a while. But I didn't get a shipping notification or something that says it's on the way.


        I have heard rumours that the package department have been sick, might just be slightly delayed.


        ok. thanks!


        Still nothing. I wrote them an email, but got no response. Disapointing.


          Same here (the Netherlands) no single, no response by email :(


            Same here, very disappointing.


              @rtv and Un.Chien.d.Espace, I'm from Belgium and received the single 2 weeks ago.


                I received the clear one right after christmas (i ordered this one on dec. 16th) but the black one, which i ordered on dec. 1st didn't arrive yet. emails still unanswered.


                I also ordered on 1st and 16th and haven't gotten any of the 7"es. I'm from germany.

                I know it's a small 'business' / shop and all. But if they aren't able to simply reply to an email, they shouldn't handle the shop or let do it people that are more professional / expirienced.

                I'm not pissed that the records I ordered and paid for didn't arrive yet, that happens – especially around christmas / new year. I hope they make it here sometime soon. What really pisses me off are the unanswered emails. That's just bad practice!


                  @ Andi: totally agree!


                    I ordered on the 13th and was considering sending an e-mail asking what's up… but judging from this thread I guess I'll skip the e-mail and just wait a bit longer. :P


                    Did anyone file a claim on Paypal? I don't know for sure, but I think you only have a month or so to do so.

                    I'm close to do it. They have to answer then at least.

                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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