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    Just back from the gig, here’s the setlist:










    Wishing Well



    Sinful Windborne

    Like Always

    Kill Devil Hills

    LLM 3

    Golden Core

    Back to Source and Black to Comm were both listed on the setlist after LLM 3, but not played.

    Great show, VERY good sound, good singing, overall great performance. On a personal note Ãœberwagner, Diana and Kill Devil Hills were boring as hell, but the rest of the set was mindblowing. Amazing from Greener trough Manmower and Wishing Well to Taifun. If they’d skipped Diana it would have been mere perfect!

    Good audience, not too much talking, although people got bored during the last section of LLM and Golden Core and the chitchat became loud.

    Once again, VERY good sound and both Snah and Bent sang very good. Greener featured a little jam which almost came to a complete stop before they climaxed – definitely the high point of the concert, together with a really nice Wiching Well. Sungravy as well was more true to the album version than earlier during the tour. 577 was quite long and very good as well, Manmower had the great climax after some noodling. Snah was on fire tonight, great tone and body on his guitarwork. Kenneth good as always, even when he played keys, very true to the album versions. Bent is Bent, but sang better than normal.



      Wow, quick post. Just got in the door myself.

      Great show. As noted, Greener jam was good, 577 fantastic. Can’t say I agree on the Kill Devil Hills comment, but then again I love that song :p

      Didn’t notice much talk, apart from a few shouts during the quiet parts of Golden Core, but I was all the way up front.


      Quick post here too. Amazing concert and many great moments during the show! Kind of agree with alex on Kill Devil Hills and Ãœberwagner. Some of the greatest songs from my point of view where 577, Manmower (great jam!), Plan#1 and The Golden Core. A great night! No I’m going to bed, work at 6:30 tomorrow. Hurray!


      Okay, okay. Jeg skriver på norsk, noen får oversette.

      Måtte ta noen øl, så kom ikke inn før slutten av Uberwagner, 577 var helt utrolig. Dagens høydepunkt, frysninger nedover ryggen. Total motorpsykose. Snah i toppform. Perfekt lyd på vokalen og deilig gitarlyd, trommene litt lavt? Sungravy og Watersound er en nydelig kombo, egentlig er det samme låt spilt i to forskjellige versjoner. Bråkedelen av Watersound ble ikke det høydepunket det burde vært, vet ikke hvorfor, det funka liksom ikke. Diana ble et mellomspill, pga vinynazivås hadde tydeligvis ikke mang hørte den. WW var grei, starten var stas, men igjen funka ikke resten. Det er ei knall-låt, men ikke tatt den helt ut. Plan #1 er Plan #1. Taifun husker jeg ikke, sorry.

      Sinful fra Blissard: gutta tilbake i slag, perfekt vokal igjen og Snah på høyden. Like Always var platetro, men de klarte og få fram de gode sidene. Fort og godt. Var jeg så full? Eller var jentene i salen for pene? Kill Devil Hills og LLM 3 gikk rett forbi. TGG var selvsagt ypperlig og trodde: Ok, det var den konserten. Men nei da. Det kom mer. Giftland! Hva skal man si. I love you!

      Generelle kommentarer:

      forsamlingen var meget andektig, rene julekonserten, her var det ikke mye bevegelse. KK er en utrolig kar, banker liv i de “old gentlemen”. Men han spiller nesten for bra. Blir nesten maskin i perioder, sÃ¥nn var det aldri med Gebhardt. En kvintett med to trommesett hadde vært fett, Kenneth og Gebhardt sammen. Yes.

      Bent er for opptatt med og “styre” bandet, slepp mer løs og la ting flyte mer og ta imot energien fra publikum. Flow! Den er der i store doser, ikke steng for energien for Ã¥ bevare kontroll. Den transen de snakker om sjøl oppnÃ¥s mye enklere dersom de “snakker” med salen.

      Søvn. Ser fram til HMF.


      I have uploaded some pics from the concert here:


      hmm.. don’t know about giftland after the GC, mr mikke.. you seem to have been the only one who got to hear that one..



        Yeah, there’s no sign of Giftland on my not too crappy recording… ;)

        For me, Ozzylot was the low point, which kind of blew my mind because I really like Ozzylot and they played it well last night. But of course the set from Greener on through Taifun (including Diana for me) was one unbroken string of spitzenklasse Motorpsycho. Wishing Well was awesome, with some of the most cruisy guitar playing ever. Snah found every possible sound and mood last night, and the well balanced sound brought out every nuance in Kenneth’s playing as well, revealing breathtaking skills on the soft and jazzy side as well…

        The sound really was great. Better in the room than on the Zoom, I’m afraid. I left the recorder standing in the back by the light console, and especially in the beginning it’s a bit muddy. I’ll see what I can do to clean it up. It has potential… I’ll need a few days though, don’t expect anything until next week at the earliest. I’m writing this from Schiphol on my way to Cape Town.

        Every time I see them I have this feeling of being at the best concert by anyone, ever, but this may well have been the one. Top three at least, because it’s hard to demote the 96 and 97 tours…


          This is (as almost always) a setlist that makes me sad not having been there. Especially the second half. Plan #1 AND Taifun??? In segue??? AND The Golden Core??? All the epics! And the fast diamond shiny poprock songs in the encore and Kill Devil Hills, which I love. But what’s LLM 3? Hallucifuge?


          Excellent gig, as always. Verkstedhallen was a nice addition to ‘places where I’ve seen Motorpsycho live’, and the setlist was probably the best one I’ve experienced live so far. Taifun and The Golden Core rocked my soul, as did Sinful and Like Always. And a big face palm slap to myself for not recognising Wishing Well, I must be getting old.


          Hovmod: I guess we talked in Bielefeld? The Zoom (and any microphone for that sake) needs clear air between itself and the sound source. Placing it too low in the back of the room will give the same sound as if you bow down behind someones back during the show.

            The Zoom (and any microphone for that sake) needs clear air between itself and the sound source. Placing it too low in the back of the room will give the same sound as if you bow down behind someones back during the show.

            Hence the difference in sound on my Bielefeld recording and the two others. In Bielefeld I placed it on top of some rack, but this was not possible in Haarlem and Deventer. So the two last ones sound like I taped it while bowing down behind someone’s back.

            Thanks for the tip, ANders.


            Taifun is always a plessure hearing…it always depends in which mood Snah is I guess how long the jam is going to be.

            I’ve ones heared a version that took ’bout 11min’s and last time @ bota it was only 7m :wink:


              Not to worry, guys – the recording is quite good, in fact.

              After the first couple of songs it really clears up and from Greener the sound isn’t an issue. Plan #1 is awesome. 577 is flawless and possibly the best version ever. Snahisgod.

              Not too much longer now. Should be up within a day or two.

              Yes, Anders, we met in Bielefeld. And I appreciate the advice, but I don’t go to the gig to make a recording. I go to enjoy myself. If I can set it and forget it somewhere I’ll record. Results are what they are. In this case, not bad at all. :)


                Hopefully I got it right this time.

                Here you go:


                nice rec, thanks alot!

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