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    Stickman has relisted Trust us on white vinyl. The record is said to be identical with the 2012 version, and is pressed in 500 ex. If you have the 2012 version and stumbles upon this 2016 version please examine all details (Cover, labels, writings/letters/signs in runout) to see if there should be any differences.


      When will Phanerothyme finally be repressed?


      Phanerothyme were repressed back in 2012. The repress was identical to the 2001 original.


        I got mine today. I don't have any other versions of TU on vinyl though. But it seems to be identical to previous reissues, based on what info is on Matrix runout is the same as 2014 reissue. The vinyl is white. One minor thing I noticed. On side C, about a quarter of a turn away from the matrix/runout, "V+" or "VT" is engraved. On side D it's similar, but here it says "VV" (I think). Sorry I can't compare to previous versions, but the 2014 reissue page on says nothing about such markings. (

        One other thing I noticed which might be normal: on the sleeve that holds record #1, the side where all the songs and who-plays-what-on-each-song is printed, it looks somewhat bad. All the writing is a little of fuzzy/out of focus, almost like it was printed on a somewhat cheap/less-than-stellar inkjet. It's not terribly bad, but it did stand out to me. Or maybe it's supposed to be like that? I tried comparing to the pictures of the 1st edition on, but it's hard to tell.


        I'll check the inner sleeve for record #1 when I get it from Germany. The 2012 white version is not out of focus, but the letters are not totally knife sharp. The matrix is as expected and should be mentioned as a matrix variation under the 2012 version, marked as the 2016 version. This should also be mentioned in the notes.


        Just got the 2016 repress. Cover and inners are exactly the same as the 2012 repress. The only difference is that record side C and D have the letters V+ and VV written in the runout. Record side A and B is identical to the 2012 repress.

        Krist Rampage

          How is the sound of this one? I have the first vinyl edition which sounds terrible. Very noisy, lots of cracks. I have heard a copy of the same edition whicht sounded just as bad. I am considering buying this white one but only if it is an improvement over the one i already have.


            @Krist Rampage, I got the reprint from 2014 and it sounds perfect to me.

            Krist Rampage

              Thanks for the reaction btw Blashyrkh. I decided to skip the Trust Us reissue wait for the inevitable Trust Us boxset instead :MPD:

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