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      Yep. I guess he just forgot to mention it.

      Dunno about LLM though. It works perfectly over here!

      Probably a codec issue…


        oh no… :?


        Yeah, I realized it back then but didnt know the name and named the file No Evil and forgot. These are raw and unedited. I don’t know about VLC on a mac, I took my powerbook pro on the trip which really came in handy for photo and video storage and a few of the video files wouldnt play back on it but played back fine on the camera. I think the codecs are still not fully developed for HD because the camera playback is almost artifact free but even in windows with MPC I get artifacts. So hang on to the files they

        might look better in the future…

        It didnt help that that night they chose to overdo that blue color stage lighting with no spotlights hardly and strobes in the background.I have a few short clips of the other bands there and they look much better, especially DonkeyBoy, I really had to control myself from filming more of them (because the two really pretty ladies were very,very, tempting!) so as to have more space for Motorpsycho. I did run out of batteries anyways, (used 2 left the 3rd one back at the hotel, arrghhh!) and SD cards (had 2 4gb and 1 2gb that’s why the incompletes. But I know they are picky with the sharing of bootlegs online anyway.

        @traktorbass Yeah, that little Lumix can really shoot quality video and the audio is AC3 stereo and its not level limited! which is crucial for live music so it has a lot of headroom and no clipping distortion! Vocals were a little low in the mix but I think they like it like that. What axes are they using nowadays and what amp does Bent play? I couldn’t make it out.

        Nice location at a refurbished factory venue with 3 stages. I couldn’t get in to see Kenny’s band as it was packed tight in that little room, my only regret that night, aside from no merchandise, I wanted to play tourist and buy tshirts!


          @radicus: Bent uses Ampeg I think (could be wrong), and switches between the new (cant remember the name) blue custom bass from 2008, and the old ones.

          I was at the gig as well, and I really enjoyed it, except for the total lack of merch.. Also someone grabbed the last Motorpsycho poster that I had been drooling on the entire night right in front of my eyes.. Bastards.

          PS, did you see Shining?


          Bent I think stuck with the same Bass all night in contrast to Snah who changed guitars almost every song. Only recognized the Gibson SG for Ozzylot.

          Was Shining the death metal band with the saxophone? I did watch their set but only got partial of one song on vid. Very interesting but LOUD!


            Okay, then it was the blue new one.

            Shining was the death metal meets jazz w/ sax band, yes. Thought they did a great job at WCH :)


            wow! thanks, radicus! the vids are great!

            though LLM does not work…?


              Oh yes it does ;)


              i can´t download it


                Had to try myself, and i can download it…..so why can’t you?


                  can’t burn the files to dvd. any suggestions how to convert maybe?


                    ey dude, get EM Total Video Converter!

                    oh? thanks man.

                    bah, there’s a water logo thingy… but still enjoyable. thanks. :)




                      I added a couple of clips of the other bands that night, for the curious out there. Eventually I’ll get around to making DVD of the music shows I went to this summer, I was at the T in the Park in Scotland and got some good stuff and also Hard Rock Live in Hyde Park London. AVCHD files are a pain to edit.




                        What did you see at T in the Park? Great line-up… lot of scottish bands I listen to a lot: Mogwai, Twilight Sad, We were promised jetpacks (their debut is certainly one of my favorites this year).

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