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      Radicus: Are these the ones you got, or is there a LLM part 2 out there too. If so then i really like to see it! I’ve watched it some times now, and i always long for more. Too bad it cuts right as it is starting to get interesting :)


      @GBD Sorry, this is all I got. I’ve been following MP since Demon Box and I came to see and experience the band live, since they haven’t ever been to California to play, and to visit Norway and it’s people. That little point and shoot acquitted itself really well, but was a battery hog. I’m sad I didnt get all of the show especially the end since it was a magnificent jam. Norway was not too shabby either… :) And the people rule!

      @Rob We saw mostly the bigger bands at the three main stages. Highlight for me was being up front and center to the MSP since that is another band that never comes over the pond. There were too many good bands at the same time to see everything.


        In case you want a second chance, Mogwai (pretty big these days) usually do an extensive tour of the US with each album. Happened in spring though. Also, it just so happens the other two (Twilight Sad, We were promised Jetpacks) are touring the US right now. Sadly the Californian shows were in september :-) I read in an interview TS were sort of disappointed about being in the Unsigned bands tent (…).

        And yes, I would also have loved to see MSP live. Great line-up altogether.


          cool clips.. esp the Donkeykong …. whatever girls. BTW the Bentosaurus is a moody guy.. seen it a couple time befor and he isnt the one to put it aside so easily. Live with it…

        Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994