When it comes one day to the L.T.E.C , P-thyme and I.A.L.C Special Editions..

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      When it maybe one day, be the Time that these 3 Albums will get a special Release like Demon Box, I ask myself if they are fine with the Copyright? I mean if the guys do have the rights to their own Music…lol

      I know that Phanerothyme and It `s a love cult where somehow on Sony but i remember Stickman from back then too. Maybe someone has the Answer..

      Im really looking forward to these 3 releases as i often mentioned here on the forum.

      Düsseldorfs Coming soon.. :STG:


        This is only guessing, but I belive they own their own material. Didn't they learned how to make a good contract the hard way ( the Voices of Wonder conflict )


          Yeah that`s right Elvin lol

          The Other Anders

            They indeed learned this the hard way through the Voices of Wonder experience, where they had signed the copyrights over to VOW.

            After Demon Box they started publishing all their music through their own company Motorpsychodelic Tunes in order to keep their copyrights. As far as I understand they use licensing deals. A licensing deal usually limits the release for either a certain amount of copies, pressings or time, or a combination hereof, as well as for territory, so that the owners always keep control over their work and can take their business elsewere after the end of the deal, should they want to.

            Their first releases with this model were the Wearing Yr Smell EP (Psychobabble 001) and Timothy's Monster (Psychobabble 002), both on Stickman in Europe, while in Norway TM was licensed to Harvest, an EMI sub-label. The next many records were licensed to Sony in Norway, until they changed for Rune Grammofon.

            Speculation: This is probably why their records sometimes are out of print for a long time. The band need to initiate a new deal or prolong an existing deal each time a licene has come to its end.


            Barracuda was supposed to come out on stoner rock label Man's ruin but they went bankrupt


            @fusserman, really? That might have broken MP in the states…


              Thank s the other Anders. Im glad to hear that. :STG:


                That’s not what happened, is it? Someone at Man’s Ruin leaked the songs online, which pissed MP and Stickman off. I seem to remember they called off the deal because of this, Man’s Ruin went on for a good while after this if I remember correctly.


                Man's Ruin got defunct in 2001, so that might be the case, I don't know …


                  Not sure if this is worth a separate thread, so I'll hitch it to the 'special editions' chat in here.

                  Anyone know if there'd likely be enough outtakes to justify a Little Lucid Moments box? The album that got me into Motorpsycho and still my favourite. I'd always assumed the epic song suites on it were so carefully constructed that there might not be much from the same sessions/era. Should I keep my expectations low?


                    mmmhhh i am hoping for that too. Dont know. Little lucid moments was and is a great album to me. Yeah some good old tunes :STG:

                    Krist Rampage

                      I have a feeling that after the Trus Us box (which i really hope to come out somewhere this year) there isn't that much extra material per album to add. But i off course hope that is not the case.


                      Something like a LTEC+Barracuda box-thingy might be cool tho!


                        So far the boxes have contained a lot of extra material consisting of early versions of songs, and I find it fascinating to be able to witness some of their processing this way! No regrets about purchasing these special editions. And how about the unreleased first edition of TM, with for example Innersfree, and a different and as well thundering Grindstone. The amzing holy grail of the KiT-sessions ('when the world sleeps')in the Blissard box! Man, to me that is some of their masterpieces, song and sound-wise!And the A&Dap box contains the Rockefellar gig so we can all shake our wigs out…

                        I must admit the poppy tunes of LTEC and some that followed are not my fave MP stuff, but it could as well change when I would hear some early not so orchestrated and wellproduced versions of these songs! So keep em coming!

                        Krist Rampage

                          I totally agree Jero, all the boxes are amazing thus far and ridiculously cheap so keep em coming indeed.

                          It wouldn't surprise me if they included Barracuda in the LTEC box since it's from the same sessions.

                          Also, on the Tussler DVD you can hear some stripped down demos made by Bent. I would love to hear those one day. All in all, if they want they can go on releasing stuff from the vaults forever.

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