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    Air and hotel arranged for the Barcelona show on April 14th!

    Just need show tickets now.

    Anyone know if we can buy those in advance, or at the door only?

    Any suggestions welcome.




      Hi Jonne,

      I was considering the same thing, until I remembered I have a ticket for Slayer here in Eindhoven on that very same date. Bit more convenient than flying to Barca (though almost as expensive ;-)

      Their website is (I think):


      But the concert is not yet listed.



      thanks rob!

      the dates are now available on the stickmann website. jeannette confirmed that the gravedigger show has been moved to another venue.

      btw: that klokgebouw looks like an awesome venue for a gig! Please report back after the slayer gig :-)


        yeah, finally I will get to see Slayer live for the 1st time. Had tickets for the show in Tilburg end of last year, which got postponed until it clashed with my summer holiday and I had to sell the ticket. The other show got canceled like 15 mins before it was supposed to start. Let's hope this edition will be without problems so I can see them before they decide to disband…

        "Het Klokgebouw" is a landmark building in Eindhoven, a former Philips industrial building. They recently opened a new venue there for "bigger" concerts (I think capacity is 4000-5000?). I have not heard much about the venue, though I think the opening concert (Underworld) got good reviews.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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