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    I’m a while @ the old forum, following MP since 1999. But have never done the away concerts, like a whole bunch of people overhere in this forum seem to do. Have seen MP 4 times since 2002. I can imagine there’re people ’round that have seen them 100 times or something.

    So my question is When R U a real Psychonaut?

    is it the trip you just hang on to? or is it more.

    btw I don’t do drugs, MP music gives me enough energy to go on again and seeing them Live is a Psycho trip in my opinion.


      which moment in time R U NOT a psychonaut? to me it’s a trip to hang on to not induced by drugs but by music.

      Great King Rat

        I don’t think it’s about the number of shows you’ve seen… I’ve always considered all fans of MP to be psychonauts. There’s not a huge number of us anyway, and all the fans I got to know are just passionate and loyal followers. I think that’s what it is about, hanging on to the trip you’re on…


          I couldn’t help thinking that “if you have to ask…” ;)

          Cheer up man. Whether you’ve seen them once or 100 times if they left an impression you know it.

          And I’ve tried both with and without drugs, and can’t decide what to recommend. Whatever trip you’re on, I guess. :)


            When you meet the criteria your diploma will arrive by mail.

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994