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      So I’m writing a term paper on the record industry and its impact on artists and their music. I’m using Motorpsycho as an example on how you can say “fuck the record industry”, avoid conformism and compromising your art and still make a living from music.

      Any tips? Thoughts? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

      I also need some articles etc. to back up my writing.


      – Record sales – How many CDs/LPs sold (preferrably per album). Any way to find this except for contacting the labels?

      – An interview where they claim Heavy Metal Fruit is their first album with a “real” producer. Does the interview exist on the web?


        Here something about vglista topp 20, COTF and vinyl


        In norwegian, men det er kanskje ikke et problem?


          i strongly recommend you too check out the story about Wilco when the were making Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (the greatest record this decade without doubt).

          their record company refused to release this record. they refused to change it. they streamed it on the website. another record company signed them (and this record company was a “under-label” of the one that refused to release the record). They released the record and it was their best selling record to that point. Jeff Tweedy of wilco have spoken very friendly of music downloading. today they stream their record before they are released, if you have the record it’s often possible til get som bonus stuff, the vinyl comes with a free cd of the album (learn Motorpsycho :-) ) , DVD’s come with a code so you can download the music in mp3.

          when they released Being There as a double cd a record boss said “who the fuck do Jeff Tweedy thinks he is ? Neil Young???” they were signed to a major label and Jeff lost some royalties money because he refused to release it a “one-cd-only”

          so there you have a another band as an example of doing things their own way both in thoughts and music and have a big success with it (also on a bigger level than motorpsycho)


            Further great reading: http://www.dgmlive.com/about.htm

            Business ethics according to Robert Fripp.


              You should also read some of the stories on the MP vs. Voices of Wonder lawsuit:



                This is great, thanks people :)


                  @otherdemon: Are you the same otherdemon as the one on thecomatorium?

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