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Ruling in the Motorpsycho-lawsuit

Press release of the Norsk Musikerforbund
concerning the ruling
in the VoW vs. Motorpsycho-lawsuit,
English translation done by Kjetil Wanach Berg.

On Friday the 13th of august the ruling in the MP-trial against their old record company VOW was pronounced. The case came out both good and bad.

The court was set to judge in 5 different points, MP was pursuant in three of them.

The Oslo city court said that Motorpsycho were themselves entitled to get production costs paid from GRAMO, what the company also had demanded. The court went on that VOW couldn't demand to release any further records with Motorpsycho, and that they couldn't get demand any compensation from the band, because Motorpsycho had refused entering into a deal about publishing rights.

In the most important question - who of them had the rights for the already published material - the band didn't get approval / support. The court sentenced that Motorpsycho were bound to the text written in the deals they had with Voices of Wonder. Even though taking in account that the band had paid all the recording / production costs themselves, the court thought that the (contract-)text said that Motorpsycho had transfered the rights for the records to VoW.

Since Motorpsycho themselves had produced these / their costs the court found the band to have no rights on the money which VoW had received for those costs from a supporting foundation.

"We are glad that the court gave us approval on some important points", says Tore Nordvik in Norwegian Musicfoundation. They've been supporting MP in the trial.

"Meanwhile we are a little bit surprised of the courts formal and literal interpretation of the deals. After first having described Motorpsycho's intentions about the importance of having the rights for their material, they found that the text drew in another direction, and that it was binding", says Nordvik.

"We will now study the ruling with the band and our lawyer Erik Nadheim, but there is reason enough to say that we will appeal against the ruling on the points where we didn't get approval."