[the motorpsycho vs. vow lawsuit]

From 1999 through 2002, Motorpsycho were involved in a lawsuit with Voices of Wonder, their label in earlier days.
Here we document the case history as well as the ruling handed down 11 August 2000 and media coverage surrounding the case. Motorpsycho appealed the ruling in several points. The new case was opened at the lower court of appeal in Oslo on November 6, 2001 and lasted for three days. On 10 December 2001 the ruling in the appeal case was handed down: Motorpsycho lost the case, but decided to appeal the new ruling some days after. On January 9, 2002, the new appeal was handed in to the Norwegian Supreme Court. On April 19, 2002 the Committee on appeals of the Norwegian Supreme Court turned down the appeal, on the ground that it «obviously will lead nowhere». The lawsuit is over.
This section is complete now and will no longer be updated. We would like to point out that this website remains neutral in this conflict.

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