[trivia and gossip]

Note: All this is rarely updated or corrected. Don't believe all you read, some of it is just things we hear.

Note 2: This is a mess, and we're not cleaning it.

Bands they used to be in.

They played the by then unreleased song "Flick Of The Wrist" (live, Ås 5.10.94) on RoxRevyen sometime near the end of 1994. It featured a lengthy, pretty impressive guitar lead by Snah.

Motorpsycho did two more unreleased songs when they "supported" L7 in dec.94. These apparently still unreleased... One of them had Snah on vocals.

Dr. Hoffmann and Swiss Cheese Mountain were played during the AADAP tour. Not released on Trust Us. A song called Afterglow was played in Sandnes, Norway. It had the guitarriff of Superstooge and Bent sang. Bent said it was the worldpremier of a new song.

Motorpsycho's manager is Cecilie Lykke, Bent's girlfriend.

"Killer" Kjell Runar Jenssen (drummer on Lob.) now plays in the garagerock-band Swamiis. He's also collaborating with the local weirdo Lasse Marhaug.

Lolly previously played drums in Albino Slug, and a band called Morphars Hus.

Motorpsycho are from Norway. Bent is from Snåsa, Gebhardt is from Tromsø and Snah is from Steinkjer. Lolly is from Sandvollan on Inderøya.

Bent is a BIG fan of the late Nick Drake. Singer/songwriter from the 60's / 70's.

Bent is vegetarian.

Not likely to happen: Detroit Dogs: Bent - Guitar, Snah - Bass, Sverre (HedgeHog) - Guitar, Morten (HedgeHog) - Vocals and Steffen (HedgeHog's ex-drummer).
They were only playing Stooges and MC5, did 3 concerts and planned some EP that didn't happen.

Most of their covers are designed by noted 'indie' artist Kim Hiorthøy.

Snah has played with Per Helge Taraldsen (BoyToy) in the band Pestilence.

Bent once cancelled a concert and went to a Grateful Dead-concert in Stockholm instead.

Bent is also a BIG Neil Young fan.

The name of the group is from a Russ Meyer movie. At a Meyer triple bill the group went to, both Faster Pussycat Kill Kill and Mudhoney something were used as band-names, so they went for Motorpsycho.

The first shows always had films showing at the back of the stage, mostly 60s biker, mixed by Killer.

On Lobotomizer, Bent used a cracked, borrowed amp. That's where the fuzzy sound comes from.

It is said that Killer left partly because he wasn't as ambitious as Bent, and partly because Bent thought he wasn't good enough.

Snah having sex with his girlfriend makes a lot of noise.(????)

Sun Ra, favourite artist of the band, once released an album called Angels and Demons at Play. Motorpsycho changed demons to daemons and released Angels and Daemons at Play.

Deathprod. has got various nicknames: he is often called prodrick or deathpromp by the band.

The bit before Un Chien d'Space on the AADAP CD is from 'Shortcut to the stars' by Jörg Mager Trio.

Snah is the only father in the band. Child born 23. march 97.

The song ‘Young Man Blues’ is written by Mose Allison (an old blues/blues-related artist, the song may be from the 30/40s). It’s also done by The Who on their legendary Live At Seeds. Motorpsycho have most likely taken it from The Who. (A new re-master cd of Live at Leeds with a lots of bonustracks also contain’ Heaven & Hell’!).

The song ‘Metropolis’ is an old Motorhead classic from the album ‘Overkill’ cirka 1978-79. (You can also find it on a lot of livealbums). The Motorpsycho version (only done live) is pretty much like the original..

‘Into the void we travel’ (written on the inlaypaper of Blissard) is a quotation from ‘Space is Deep’ by Hawkind. It’s on the album ‘Doremi Fasol Latido’ released 1972 (besides it’s also on the album ‘Roadhawks’ 1976 and on the livealbum ‘Space Ritual’, 1973. (Recommended if you can overlook a few "spacey" lyrics (Lemmy on bass) from 1973.)

The song 'Manson’s Children' from 'Coming Down Fast' was originally called 'Mason’s Children'. The song is either from a Grateful Dead album or a Jerry Garcia solorelease. 'I Know You Rider' can be found on many of Grateful Dead’s albums. It’s assumed Motorpsycho took it from them.

‘Six Days On The Road’ (Green, Montgomery - who are they??) could be found on Gram Parsons ‘Gram Parsons and The Fallen Angels Live 1973’. (Bent once stated him as being among the 3 best songwriters of all time - apparently Motorpsycho have taken it from Gram.)

The International Tussler Society have played ‘Trist Historie’ for Roxreven, P3. It’s a Wannskrækk/Dum Dum Boys song. The Wannskrækk version could be found on ‘Riff 1980-85’ and the DumDum (same lineup as Wannskrækk) on their first EP. (Bapshuari?) Lars Lien on vocals. They also played it at the last Tussler gig in Trondheim, december 1996.

Helge Sten (Deathprod) along with Cikada (a Nordic "samtidsmusikk" ensemble) played a concert at Rockefeller Friday 18. October 1996 using the name "Jorg Mager Ensemble". The show was previewed in Kulturoperatørene (NRK) the day after.

Jorg Mager Ensemble were:

Helge Sten - Theremin, various electronic
Snah - Electronic violin, various electronic
Ole Henrik Moe - Violin and saw
Audun Strype - Mixing
Vegard Moen - Visuals

The following article is taken from the Ultima 96 program: (sorry Norwegian only)

I regi av Rikskonsertene har Cikade innledet et unikt samarbeid med Deathprod., som har spesialisert seg på eksperimentell klangflatemusikk ved bruk av støy og gammel elektronikk. Sammen utgjørde Jorg Mager Ensemble, oppkalt etter en av musikkhistoriens mange obskure personer. Klangfarge, stabilitet og stofflighet er parametre som fokuderes i musikken som er signert Helge Sten og Ole Henrik Moe. Resultatet er en reise i utforskningen av begrepet lydkvalitet. Konserten har fått tittelen Stille støy! Et av komponistenes store forbilder er den intime sammenhengen som fantes mellom estetikk og teknologi i den elektroakustiske barndom, der innovatører som Cahill, Theremin og Martenot på 20-tallet sto for en lydkvalitet som i våre dager savner sidestykke. Noen av instrumentene fra denne tidens teknologi, som Ondes, Martenot og Theremin, er med i denne konserten.

Motorpsycho did two special performances at Cinemateket in Oslo october 96. It was in connection with the viewing of Luis Bunuels surrealistic filmclassic "Un Chien Andalou" (En Andalusisk Hund) from 1928. The last show was an extra show because of the big success with the first. The shows were supposed to be improvised. Not really, but it was an instrumental version of Un Chien D’Espace. Lasted 17 minutes.

Motorpsycho at the occasion:

Gebhardt - drums
Snah - guitar
Bent - 12string guitar
Deathprod - varios electronics
Ole Henrik Moe - saw

"Take the wheel of the world and....drive" (Psychopbabble EP) is a quotation from Sonic Youth’s Sister, 1987.

Motorpsycho toplists Taken from the Trondheim newspaper Adresseavisen, february 97 Snah's Favourite guitarists (in random order): 1.Richie Blackmore 2.Jimmy Page 3.Yngwie Malmsteen 4.Robert Fripp 5.Steve Howe 6.Snakefinger 7.Keji Heino 8.Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) 9.Ranaldo / Moore (Sonic Youth) 10.Lou Reed (Velvet Underground) 10 essensial songwriters in Bent's opinion (lots forgotten, Dylan for instance): 1.Lennon / McCartney 2.Nick Drake (Bent has said that a recordcollection missing this artist is not any recordcollection) 3.Sun Ra 4.John Coltrane 5.Gram Parsons 6.Lou Barlow (now Sebadoh, former bassist of Dinosaur Jr) 7.Neil Young 8.Scott Walker 9.Joni Mitchell 10.Trad. arr 5 important bands (list from the whole band): 1.Motorhead 2.The Who 3.Led Zeppelin 4.Beatles 5.Sonic Youth NO-list of Motorpsyhco: 1.Anne Grete Preus (norwegian female artist) 2.Strandveien auto (company trying to build a parking lot at Svartlamoen) 3.Åge Hareide (coach of Molde, norwegain soccer team) 4.Swiss tollers 5.Anchovy pizza 5 good drummers (list mainly from Geb.): 1.Dave Lombardo (of Slayer, Geb achieved a personal goal when he shaked hands with him sometime in Netherland) 2.Keith Moon (Who) 3.Elvin Jones 4.Diesel Dahl (Drummer of norwegian band TNT) 5.Jacki Liebzeit Records Bent is still looking for: 1.The Love Story 2.various vinyl by Sun Ra 3.varios vinyl by Coltrane 4.Some of the records by Art Endemble Of Chicago Favourite food on the road (mainly from Geb who's always eating while the other two are looking in record stores): 1.Sushi in Stockholm 2.Chick Nuggets 3.Mozarellasalat 4.Calamari fritti 5.Blackened steak - from 'Grønn Peppers' old menu, hint hint... 6.Kip Sate Ten good things to drink (list by Gebhardt): 1.Carlsberg 2.Tequila (gold) 3.Karsk (norwegan mix of homemade and coffee) 4.Port 5.Sangria 6.Latella (norwegian fruit drink) 7.Via / Chokomul (netherland specialities) 8.Base-te (Helios) 9.Red wine without crackers and cheese 10.Lobotomizer (Invented by psycho-fans in Halden. 1 litre 60% plus 25 bags "hockeypulver" almost made it into the list: B52

Here's some norwegian info about a DeathProd-recording:

Deathprod. recording the Jörg Mager Trio
7" (33 1/3 RPM) on clear vinyl. Subtopia MZO 2321/A / MZO 2322/A.
Released in 1995.

Side 1: "A Shortcut To The Stars" (Ryan)
Side 2: "La Luna" (Sten)

Deathprod. recording the Jörg Mager Trio. Produced by Deathprod. Personel on
this recording: The Jörg Mager Trio. Recording date: 08.10.95. Recording
equipment: 2 track Tandberg series 1200X. 2 RCA 77 DX microphones. Tape speed:
1 7/8 ips. Recording facility: Atlantis studio - main room. Mastering: Audun
Strype at Strype Audio. Postscript illustration: Amoeba aka Watz (E-mail:
amoeba@pobox.com). Sats: Allkopi. Trykk: Team trykk. Pressing: Gramofonové
Závody.   Wishes you a merry christmas: Subtopia!

Singelen er en slags julegave fra designfirmaet Subtopia. Ved strekkoden på
coveret står det: "SUBTOPIA ØNSKER DEG GOD JUL OG GODT NYTT ÅR". Antakelig
kommer det samme frem dersom man forsøker å lese av strekkoden. Er usikker på
opplaget, men tror det er 500 eks.

Forøvrig kommer Deathprod./Origami Republika snart med CD på Young God Records,
selskapet til Swans.

(Oh no not again:) Motorpsycho has a song on the soundtrack to the swedish low-budget-western-parody 'The Return of Jesus 2'. The song is called Seethe. (Or at least that's what I'm told.)
Tett på nett i VG, 14. mars 97 - fans asked, band sort of answered..(Norwegian)
Bent said on Roxrevyen once that every proper Motorpsycho EP must have: 1.A cover 2.A Gebhardt song recorded on his 4-track. Sitat Bent: Jeg har alltid betraktet på EP'er som en frisone.

Stickman was formed when Rolf and Jeanette together with Motorpsycho split with Voices of Wonder.

Den fine ekle ulyden som avslutter "TFC" på LOBOTOMIZER gjør nettopp det på både LPen og CDen. Forskjellen er at den på CDen varer ca ett minutt og etterfølges av litt baklengs snakking. På LPen er denne baklengs snakkingen på slutten av "Home Of The Brave", mens den på CDen er flyttet til "TFC" fordi "Home Of The Brave" går rett over i "Frances". Ulyden på slutten av "TFC" varer bare noen sekunder på LPen hvis du har en platespiller som løfter stiften automatisk. Hvis ikke går den i all evighet...

The band won 'Spellemannsprisen' (the Norwegian Grammy) in 1997 for Blissard. They were also nominated in 1994 for Demon Box. They don't put too much enthusiasm into this. Bent has said though that it's ok because their parents/grandparents will digg it. Sitat Bent: Det føles greit å ha sikra arven i forhold til besteforeldre og sånn... Det er dem det er stort for. Jeg tror det er mest besteforeldrene og foreldrene mine som for noe ut av dette her. For meg så er det bare tull.

About Another Ugly EP:

  • Another Ugly Tune was written and recorded for Demon Box. But the track was 'too far out' to be on the album. Sitat Bent: Fjernsynskjøkkenmetall. Sånn helt 'der'.
  • The Kiss-tune Watching You was recorded at the same time as Shock Me. Sitat Bent: A research in heavy basslines. It's the first time they use sampled drumloops.
  • She Used To Be A Twin was recorded for Timothy's Monster.
  • Bluebarry Daydream was first on the Maiden Voyage. They realised the song was too good to excist in only 100 copies and re-recorded it.
  • Motorhead Mama the absolute last song is written by Motorpsycho. They tried to rip off all the cliches Motorhead have used. The song is a tribute to the mother of Lemmy.
  • Before Motorhead Mama it's mellotron played by Helge.
  • Summertime Is Here was a hit for Gebhardt's granduncle in the 70's. Gebhardt's mother had the single. They liked the song and recorded at the same time as Demon Box. Larry Lux sings and Motorpsycho play.

Some of Snah's and Bent's guitars were stolen from the bandbus in august 94. At Kampen in Oslo.

Snah bought a guitar from Åge Aleksandersen. This was also stolen at Kampen but was later given back to Snah. Snah believe the thieves couldn't sell it because it was to difficult to play.

Blissard: The first copies of the vinyl edition came with a red t-shirt with "33 1/3" on the front and the Motorpsycho logo on the back. All copies came with a "silver" button with the Motorpsycho logo on it. This button was later sold at concerts. The first copies of the CD (Columbia version) sold at Akers Mic came with a white t-shirt.

MTV Alternative Nation broadcast the Starmelt, Lovelight video on 1997-08-26. The URL here was on screen. Here's the announcement:

-Coming up later on the show is Motorpsycho, at last. Even the Alternative Nation does what they're told.

-Coming up next though is Motorpsycho, and here's the deal; - that some people in Norway decided to get this evil conspiracy together to force the Alternative Nation to play Motorpsycho. And of course, we being, you know, weak minded individuals, we do whatever we're told, or paid to do, or just maybe forced to do, and so we did play Motorpsycho, except it was the wrong one. And eventually we got off our fat arses and we got around to playing the right one. And it's from their 5th LP, no it is not actually, or is it, I don't know maybe, well they got a 5th album out anyway, called Angels & (interruptions) thank you very much! This is from their 5th album - Angels & Daemons at Play. And if you don't mind I would like to get on with the rest of the night without being interrupted if that's all right (interruptions) Thanks, and if you wanna see Motorpsycho's web site, the adress is on the screen. And I'll just shut up and here they are. And I'm sorry. All right. Thanks. (Motorpsycho Starmelt on MTV!)

Motorpsycho once played in München with a garage band called The Motorpsychos. They sang in Spanish. Pretty unusual for a German band. The concert was promoted as "Battle Of The Bands".

Bent's registered income before tax in 1996: NOK 132000.

The original of The House at Pooneil corners is very similar to Motorpsycho's version, but Bent is no Grace Slick (could have been funny though...) and is of course less grungy. The song is on the 1968 album "Crown Of Creation". It seems that MP picked the song from the "Psychedelic Years" box set. "Psychedelic Years Vol.1" is a 3LP/2CD box released in 1990, and covers the era 1966-69. It features a lot of bands favored by MP, like : Quicksilver Messenger Service, Spirit, Byrds, Iron Butterfly etc etc....

The Moog Taurus synth

A funny story from the Tilburg 1997-concert. The link to the pics is missing.:

Above the 3 MP-pictures, you see two pictures of the support act 7zuma7. In the top picture there's a girl dressed as a devil. She danced during an instrumental song. This song was, just as all the other songs of 7zuma7, very boring and lasted way too long (anyway, that's my opinion about this band), but with this girl it was kinda funny. She was wiggling her hips, trying to be sexy but failing quite miserably. She wasn't even that fat, but she was a bit too fat for the clothes she was wearing. And these 7zuma7 guys were standing right behind here, looking very seriously, thinking of themselves as "real rockstars" which they certainly weren't. They surely felt that way, because during the MP-concert, they were standing right in front of the stage, drinking beer, bragging about how great their show had been, and they shouted very loud **during the MP-songs** Which is, in my opinion, a very very serious offence. I told them to shut their mouths or fuck off, but they didn't get the message. Well, I'm not a violent guy (and moreover I'm not strong at all (luck for them...)) so I moved to the side of the stage where they didn't bother me so much. Anyway, at the end of the Young Man Blues, Bent suddenly put down his bass, jumped in front of the drums and gave a brilliant imitation of the dancing girl, with Hans and Geb laughing and playing. Very funny. I hope these sad pathetic assholes of 7zuma7 are still ashamed of themselves, but they probably didn't get this message as well. When MP came back for their encore, Ben apologized for his dancing and said something about that he didn't intend to make fun of the other band (but he had, of course :)) but just couldn't resist the temptation. After which MP played another brilliant song...

Here's some trivia that was in the fanzine Jello Submarine. About end of 96, start of 97.
Name: Håkon Gebhardt Bent Sæther Snah, born Hans Magnus Ryan
Born: 21.06.69 18.02.69 31.12.69 (the reason why we celabrate New Years Eve !?!)
Height: 1, 86 m ca 1,75 1,89
Weight: 75 kg 64 74
Instruments: drums, guitar, banjo bass, vocals, drums, no part & comb guitar,bass, piano + various el. organs, mandolin & violin
Fav. musician: Douglas Dillard Phil Lesh, Jack Casady, Kim Gordon, Lemmy, P.Criss, Entwistle, Moon, Townshend, Coltrane, Sun Ra Blackmore, Page, Snakefinger, Keji Heino, Robert Fripp, Richard James, Agnes Buen Garnaas
Fav. band: Johnsen Mountain Boys (?), Spike Jones 60s: MC5, Beatles,Beefheart
70s: Kiss, who, cheap trick, Funkadelic
80s: Sonic Youth, HuskerDu
90s: Mercury Rev,Sebadoh, Pavement
Deep Purple, Velvet Underground, Sun Ra 's IMSO
Fav. LP/CD: Pacal Comelade:Traffic D'Abstraction John Coltrane: A love supreme Can:Future Days
A.Coltrane: Universal Consciousness
Aphex Twin: Selected am. works 2
Gong: You
Deep P. : Made in Japan
Fav. song: Dillard: Bucking Mule Sun Ra: space is the place
Who: i can see for miles
Coltrane: Ol'e
Rainbow:stargazer, iron butterfly:in-a-gadda-da-vida etc
rolling stones: can't you hear me knocking
Fav. movie: City of the lost children The kids are alright, space is the place, starwars,apocalypse Now, Even dwarfs started small Das Boot, The godfather 1, 2 & 3, The Exorsist
Fav. actor: Leslie Nielsen Harvey, Keitel, Madeleine Stowe, R2-D2, D. Hopper, Tura Satana, R. De Niro Lillebjørn Nilsen (??), R. De Niro& Anita Ekberg
Fav. reading: Newspapers Long epic meaningless sci-fi/fantasy/historical books /series, Mojo - music history and setlists (our own & others') Alternativ Nettverk, Gateavisa, and Larson is pretty funny.
Food: Garlic kebab - vindaloo indian vegetarian, vindaloo (??) var. indian currymeals & Gebs whalestake
Drink: Tequila, sweet lassi Portwine, espresso, grappa, black'n'tan, farris (uuurrrr...) beer & wine
Colour: Dark green all ....("alle regnbuens") Sky blue
Sport: Tv-shopping!! Football, sex...Downhill skiing & "skiflyvning" (200-m ski jump)
Fav. tv-show: Nature /documentary "Tippekampen" (football match) Series about world war 2 ( world war 1 will also do..)
Fav. radioshow: Dagsnytt 18 (the news) Rocksrevyen w/ Harald A. Lund, Sånn er livet (sic) Listens to Harald Are now & then
Animal:"røyskatt" Dustbunnies, The Red Devils Cats & large squids
Likes: Food & something nice to drink "selvinnsikt", confidence, "RUS" (highs) Deep dreamy sleep
Dislikes: Intolerism, racism & Trondheim County's politicians !! Duties, phonecalls, nagging War & "faenskap"
Ambitions: becoming a winemaker in Italy die happy to feel good & unity with God (?)

Bent signs records with "Keep on truckin'".

From Rock Furore magazine, 2-1994, after the Spelemannsprisen-award- party. MP were nominated for Demon Box.)
"Voices of Wonder barely avoided bankruptcy after covering Motorpsycho's barbill after the Spelemanns-party. There are strong rumours that one Motorpsycho blacked out in the hotel-room of none other than Eli Rygh. She phoned the MP-room herself, to demand that someone collect this trønder."

From same magazine, 2-1993: Bent on the 10 albums he'd had greatest difficulties finding:

  • GRAND FUNK - Rale Road (live)
  • GROUND HOGS-Who will save the world
  • GRAHAME BOND- love is the law
  • NEKTAR-a tab in thew ocean
  • LESLEY WEST-Mountain
  • JIMMY PAGE-Lucifers rising
  • DIV. TOVE TAPES-krokodille

In November '93, during MP concert in Valenza (AL - Italy) at "PALOMAR", a young man manifest his disappoint a propos of the high volume of the band. At the reprise of the "bis session", Bent with the Dire Straits CD "Brothers in Arms" in hand, says "... This is not a Dire Straits Concert..." and crash it ! Great Bent !! P.S. Excuse my "Lobotomize" English ...

Instrument related links given to us by Jeroen:
Danelectro 2
Mosrite guitars & THE VENTURES

Here is the 'Motorpsycho font', in True Type format.

Motorpsycho was voted Best Live Band in 1997 in Intro Magazine.

Sony Music has a Motorpsycho page. There are a few errors in there.

The song later known as Another Ugly Tune was recorded for Lobotomizer, but didn't make it to the album. Very different version.

We received reader's comment on Trust Us throughout march and april. View them here.

Gebhardts top 3 concerts (from roxrevyen 3/5-98):

  1. Pavement at lowlands 95
  2. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at lowlands 97
  3. Supersilent at Veita Scene April 98

The Vera club

We once had a Motorpsycho contest.

View Motorpsycho anagrams.

Motorpsycho hosted the NRK program POP-Tv in November 98. Here's a summary:
The videos were introduced in some bowling hall. They seemd pretty good at it.
The videos presented:
1. Norgez Bank - Nordens Paris ('82) (intro by Geb. Apparently one of his faves as a kid.) (Norwegian punk band)
2. Beastie Boys - Sabotage (intro by Bent & Snah)
3. Spiritualized - Come Together (Snah) ("incredibly good, "Spacemen 3, bla, bla, etc- Snah seemed to take his "misson" most seriousley)
4.Pizzicato Five - Mon Amour Tokyo (geb) ("We don't know much about them, don't care 'bout them, and havent't seen the video before + some other stuff I could't hear*)
5. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Bent & some long-haired junkie-hobo-look-a-like did a Wayne's World imitation)
6. Blondie - Dreamin' (Bent) (something about a memory from a class-party - and how cute he tought she was)
7. Abusers - I'm Skum (Snah) ("take a look a this!" - low-budget east-norwegian (Oslo?) punk-video. Great stuff)
8. Motorpsycho - Hey, Jane (all three of the shouting hey, "Jane!!" across the bowling hall) (propably the best video of the night since I've seen Sabotage way too many times now...)

A Motorpsycho Winamp skin, by Veikko Kotka.

Setlists from dutch gigs 98.

The American Motorpsycho.

Bent found the Motorpsychofont while serving his siviltjänst at some library at AVH(NTNU) back in the 80's.

577 interpretations page. If the one you posted on g35 is missing send a copy to Kalle.

There's a new band in town! The band is:
  • Snah (Motorpsycho)
  • Bent Sæther (Motorpsycho)
  • Lars Lien (Motorpsycho, etc)
  • Frode Sander Øien (Mot Riving, etc....)
  • Sola Jonsen (Dum Dum Boys)

This is on the record. On tour, Snah is replaced by Morten Skjørholm and Truls Lorentzen, and Bjørn Bengsli plays the bass.


  • "Disko TV"
  • "Poesitronfromasj"
  • "Racerbil"
  • "Monodub"
  • "Star Wars"

Warp Motorpsycho!

Kjelli's daughter.

Bent-quote on bootlegging, from newspaper interview: "Yes I guess it is. I kind of think it's OK that people share and copy. But when they start to release bootleg records with cheap recordings, put official stuff on them and on the top charge 300 bucks, I think it's lame."

The story of Motorpsycho's trip to USA.

Motorpsycho page on Yahoo.

Here are the results of the infamous audience song request poll that the Effenaar club ran. At the gig Bent commented that the best was still to come, and Motorspycho went on to play new songs as usual.
The MOTORPSYCHEDELIC POLL Effenaar Top 45, may 7th 1999
1 Vortex Surfer 46
2 The Wheel 30
3 Plan # 1 30
4 Golden Core 28
5 Kill Some Day 28
6 The Golden Core 24
7 Back to the Source 14
8 Superstooge / Radience Freq. 14
9 She Used to be a Twin 14
10 Feel 10
11 Watersound 10
12 Flick of the Wrist 10
13 Heartattack Mac 10
14 Leave it Like That 10
15 Sinful, wind-borne 8
16 Walking on the Water 8
17 On The Toad Again 8
18 Junior 8
19 Demon Box 8
20 Wearing Your Smell 8
21 A K9 suite 7
22 Mountain 7
23 House at the Pouneil Corners 6
24 Sunchild 6
25 Greener 6
26 Sideway Spiral II 6
27 Home Of The Brave 6
28 The Wait 6
29 Ocean in her Eyes 5
30 California Dreaming 5
31 Starmelt / Lovelight 4
32 Wishing Well 4
33 Un Chein D¹espace 4
34 Mad Sun 4
35 Giftland 4
36 Nerve Tattoo 4
37 Nothing To Say 4
38 Timothy¹s Monster 3
39 Grindstone 3
40 T.F.C. 2
41 Evernine 2
42 's Numbness 2
43 Watching You 2
44 Hey Jane 2

Dominiks tattoo.

Espen Refsdahls tattoo.

A submarine.

This is the wheel from dresden 1995, there are some words/lines missing.

there she goes
away out of the garden
she will never be coming back
she's never coming back again

there she goes
away across the [warning????]
i still can't here shit
and it's starting to annoy me, BAD

touched by worm
you did a good job there Pete
i thank you very much
those who have someone sneakin around
i know, cause i saw
and i've been through that [lather?????]
and it hurts just a little bit more
everytime i can't here what i'm doing

please look at me
i hate being [eyyhhwahh?????????]
you have to watch me man
you have to watch me know
[leaving es.......???????]

you are such a jerk sometimes i really hate it
you are such a moron, such a pain [???????]
wish i could talk to you
i wish i could reach inthrough
that pathetic little bobble around your head
but you won't let me in
no you won't let me in
you won't let me communicate with you
i just can't explain (rep.8x)

put on your travelling boots, start walking
go fuck yourself with [??????], how do i care
i'm so tired of this bullshit right now
i'm so fucking tired of this bullshit right now
who the fuck do you think you are (rep.2x)
i can't stand much more of all this rubbish
i am sorry pal
yes i'm sorry pal
yes i'm so sorry pal
you will know it
i really like to touch you, but not in that way
i really wanna hurt you, but sometimes it's such a shame
i really wanna hurt you, and yes in that way
i really wanna touch you, but not in that way

with your minded eyes and your amphetamine smile
you could spellbind any man to see sunshine in your eyes
but i have seen you way too many times before
and i have seen you crying knocking on your boyfriends backdoor
that light
that ain't sunshine babe
it's your lifelight burning DOWN

There seems to be an awful lot of references to rock history throughout Motorpsycho's career. Here are a few (thanks to g35).

Heartbreaker: Title of a tune on "Led Zeppelin II". Also the title of a Free album and tune, and probably many others.

High Time: The title of a Grateful Dead tune from "Workingman's Dead"

Lovelight (as in Starmelt/Lovelight): Another tune played by the Dead, full title is "Turn On Your Lovelight". Can be heard on "Live/Dead" and "Dick's Picks 4" among others.

"Sound Sun Pleasure" (rules the world.....from Starmelt/Lovelight): Title of a Sun Ra album.

"Angels and Daemons at Play": Title of a Sun Ra album...with slightly different spelling.

"Space Is the Place", as written on the "Angels..." sleeve: Title of a Sun Ra album and composition.

The Skies Are Full of... Wine? As Bent said on Roxrevyen, a reference to Capt. Beefheart. The Beefheart song is called "The clouds are full of wine (not Whiskey or rye)" - from "Lick My Decals Off, Baby" 1970.

Junior: This is supposed to be a tribute to Dinosaur Jr., and according to some people is almost a rip-off of a Dinosaur Jr. tune. Well, at least J Masics would have loved to have written the song.

Mountain: Someone noted the similarity between the bass riff in the "space" part and parts of Pink Floyd's "Echoes" from "Meddle". BTW, sounds like Little Feat "learned" a little from "Echoes" on their tune "Spanish Moon" from "Feats Don't Fail Me Now". And then there's the band Mountain. The Echoes simile is indeed correct. At their concert in Studentersamfundet i Trondheim, October 1993, during Mountain they started quoting Echoes heavily - it was borderline coverversion, with Deathprod.

the first line of Demon Box, "metallic cocaine be-bop" (first "line", geddit? :oD) is taken from Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, page 92: "She puts on a record, metallic cocaine be-bop. She greases the dingus, shoves the boy's legs over his head and works it up his ass with a series of corkscrew movements of her fluid hips."

Waiting for the One/The One Who Went Away: Similar approach that Neil Young used on his "Rust Never Sleeps" album...practically the same tune in acoustic version and electric version, to open and close the album with ("My My, Hey Hey" & "Hey Hey, My My").

Sonic Teenage Guinnevere: Some kind of tribute to Sonic Youth, perhaps? This is a bit of a stretch, but the lyrics also mention a "rain king". "Rain King" is the title of a tune on SY's album "Daydream Nation". There's this one guitar part which is the exact same part as in SY 'dirty boots' from Goo.

Using the guitartuning from Crosby's (+Stills & Nash) magnificant Guinevere tune [e,b,d,g,a,d]. On the "original" you can hear what led to the stg bassriff. The tuning have since then been used on Vortex surfer & stained glass. There is a Sonic Youth song called "Spahn Ranch Dance"!! So the line "Spahn ranch rain king dancing" is in fact a reference to 2 different Sonic Youth songs!

Part IV of "A K9 Suite" is called "The Rounder We Go, The Faster We Get". On the classic Grateful Dead album Anthem Of The Sun (1968) there is a track called "The Faster we Go, The Rounder We Get"...

From mp's "giftland": "you don't know me and i don't think you ever will cos i don't even know myself, today". From the who's "i don't know myself" "don't pretent that you love me 'cause i don't even know myself"

The Line "Together in the darkness" from Timothy's Monster is originally from MC5's song "Come Together" (Kick Out The Jams Album).

'Women like long-neck bottles / and a big head on their beer!' -- Don Van Vliet aka Cap'n Beefheart

Hey Jane: By Bent's own admission, their "response" to "Hey Joe" (J. Hendrix, The Byrds +++), "Hey Jude" (the...uhh...Rutles? ;-)) and "Hey Joni" (Sonic Youth).

The Other Fool/Other Other Fool: There was a band called "The Fool" who released an album called "The Fool". There could be a connection, however vague...

Astral Travelling (from A K9 Suite): The title of a Pharoah Sanders tune from the album "Thembi". The tune itself, and not just the title, was ripped off by Santana on their magnificent album "Caravanserai", under the title "Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation".

30/30: A Beach Boys album is called "20/20".

My Best Friend: Title of a Jefferson Airplane tune.

Whip That Gost: "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers Band.

Trust Us: Title of a Captain Beefheart tune. In the same tune is the line "You Gotta Hear Without Fear", as printed on the "Trust Us" sleeve.

Motorpsycho versus Voices of Wonder

Read here about the lawsuit Motorpsycho has going on with their earlier label ...

Stickman Records ranch in Hamburg. The building containg the Motorpsycho office, Trondheim.

Lovers of light summer dresses, as well as groupies should have seen the gig of 15th may 1997 in la-chaux-de fonds (switzerland) where geb actually played the whole concert completely naked. (observed by spacedog)

In Lillehammer on the 5th of March 1996 he came back from the shower for encores, with only a towel around his waist. That's kinda pointless for a drummer, I guess... :oD

Just a reminder on what might happen if you decide to go stagediving among Motorpsycho's gear. (Like Always from Leipzig, spring 2000, with stop, stage fight, shouting and mayhem.) Your webmasters remind you to mosh safely!

Average fan age decreasing!

Maiden Voyage liner notes
Thanks to Knut S.

So...here it is; the first motorpsychodelic trip confined to an audio cassette: "Maiden Voyage". some of these songs it took us more than six months to release,but they still sound good to me. the live cut was never meant for release but since it's the actual recording of the second song we ever played before an audience, we included it for fun, and it's also an ok example of the motorpsycholive-sound: vain, unsubtle and with lots of energy. the acoustic song is the result of a 3-year love affair with The Byrds, C, S, N & Y and the good ol' Grateful Dead (who also by the way deserves some lyrical credit!). Here it's quite mellow, but in our ears it still has that Motorpsycho feel to it; out of tune vocals, warts 'n all! for more motorpsychodelic music, check out "Knall - The Album vol. 3" and watch out for future vinyl releases; something should be out before too long. thanx to Trude for twisting the knobs, the people at Knall,friends & girlfriends & TRBNGR for help and inspiration, and you for reading this and maybe even payin' for it! Kick their fat asses!!! yours truly, BOB Le BAD.

Roadworks #1 venues:
1. The other other fool, Leipzig
2. K9, Utrecht
3. Feel, Berlin
4. Superwheel, Berlin
5. You lied/black to comm, Berlin
6. Words of wisdom, Berlin
7. Vortex surfer, Berlin

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Bent's favourite film is PERFORMANCE. which features mick jagger. who also stars in a movie called BENT.

In June 2001 Motorpsycho reported commercial record pirates in Sandnes to the police for distributing a 3-cd compilation with official material. Read the press release of the Norsk Musikerforbund concerning the case ...

Also in June 2001 Motorpsycho drummer Hakon Gebhardt visited Milano to give some interviews about the new record. Inbetween he celebrated his 32nd birthday with friends ... Check our microsite about the event ...

This is how it looks when German fans of Hamburg based soccer club FC St. Pauli are fans of Motorpsycho too ...

Bent had a little row with by:larm in early 2003.

A Motorpsycho XMMS skin by Ketil Wendelbo Aanensen.

The Paradiso (NL) 2002 gig is available as stream from the site Fabchannel.

You can view the Lydverket Motorpsycho special using this stream.

There are various kinds of multimedia stuff at this VPRO site.