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    The version of flick of the wrist on the blissard deluxe set is not the same as the version on starmelt ep. And i'd expect thevstarmelt version also to be included in de AADAP deluxe set.

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    With regards to the 'let's all shout out songs that must be played or we can not go on living'- game :wink::

    I still think that it's regrettable they didn't ever play Lighthouse Girl with Kenneth.

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    The tribal is also on the vinyl labels; at least on sides 3 and 4 of the sickman gold version

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    1. Blissard

    2. Trust Us

    3. AADAP

    4. Demon Box

    5. HMF

    6. The Tower

    7. Timothy

    8. Phanerothyme

    9. Cake

    10. Child

    11. Black Hole Black Canvas

    12. LLM

    13. Love Cult

    14. Death Defying Unicorn

    15. Here Be Monsters

    16. Behind the Sun

    17. Lobotomizer

    18. Soothe

    19. Still Life with Eggplant

    Roadwork 1 would rank shared 1st with Blissard

    Starmelt EP en Roadwork 3 rank shared with Timothy / Cake / Phanero

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    Gold edition vinyl arrived yesterday from stickman.

    I won't have time for a dedicated listening session until the weekend. Random impressions after playing side 1:

    -Loving the artwork! Reminds me of those early 70ies Hawkwind sleeves.

    -Production is better than the recent albums

    -Vinyl is flat and silent, apart from some tics at the beginning. Those may well be the kind that disappears after a 5-10 plays.

    -No information the matrix as to where the records where pressed

    Overall, it's the best since HMF.

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    Gold still available at stickman.

    Coincidentally, does anyone know how many gold will be pressed?

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    Roadwork 5.

    Would appreciate the boys giving us some new recordings while they're figuring out where to go next.

    Preferences are:

    -Utrecht 2000

    -Rotterdam 2008 (!)

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    Since every fan has a choice if they wish to attend a show, let's leave it up to the band to consider if they want to play full album shows.

    Let's appreciate that they give us so many opportunities to see them live, and in so many locations in Europe and beyond.

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    I got mine at the merch stand in Utrecht. It came with a minor seem split. However, the disc itself is pressed perfectly. Considering the truly awful copies of new vinyl being sold all too frequently, I was very happy to accept the split.

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    I'd speculate that a person J+' and a person 'VV' have done the quality control at 2 different plants, but working from the same cuttings.

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    in reply to: Sinful, Wind-borne – Two different cover variants #29461

    Mine has the textured cover and the white inner sleeve, but no insert. I didn't buy it new so suppose an insert coulde have been taken out.

    Can anyone summarise the posts in norwegian?

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    I've never heard of such a number. I've always understood it was about 1000.

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    The pics on the official band facebook suggest the trip was made by bus.

    London curfews are strictly enforced, so suppose the band had a 2hr slot for the show.

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    That poster reminds me a lot of Kate Bush artwork. The back cover of Never for Ever in particular.

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