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      Did anybody attend this? Yesterday in Skien, Snah and Bent talked about music and life, and apparently brought along their accoustic guitars.


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        (Adding it all up, in addition to correcting ThorEgil’s misprinted date for the Bodø festival.)

        27.04.2024 AUS, Echoes of Erebos, Vienna
        12.06.2024 NO, Bergenfest, Bergen
        14-15.06.2024 NO, Vervenfestivalen, Horten
        26.06.2024 NO, Tons of Rock, Oslo
        29.06.2024 DE, “BANDHAUS ÜBER ERFURT”-Festival / Erfurt
        10-13.07.2024 NO, Rootsfestivalen, Brønnøysund
        16-17.07.2024 NO, Alta Live, Alta
        18.07.2024 NO, Moldejazz, Molde
        19-20.07.2024 NO, Buktafestivalen, Tromsø
        27.07.2024 NO, Månefestivalen, Fredrikstad
        16-17.08.2024 NO, Parkenfestivalen, Bodø

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          I told my friend that I had published his thoughts here, and he is now unstoppable:

          He has changed his mind – he thinks the song with the jam was Whip That Ghost (which makes sense), Both Ryan and Fiske had great (and very different) solos.

          His hearing isn’t too good, he’s deaf in one ear. Still, the sound seemed to loud, a view that was shared with others he talked to post-show. He couldn’t make out the lyrics at all.

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            A friend from the area says that it was not a full house, probably three quarters full. It was a hall with seats, so, with the exception of a woman in front of him who danced while seated in her seat :wacko: , nobody danced. He saw many strangers, and guesses that many in the audience had come from afar, including other countries.

            The band was in good mood, even if they only played one encore. My friend is not a diehard Psychonaut, and does not know all the song titles, but says that one of the Yay!-songs had a longish jam/improvisational part.

            About Oluf, he says that he noticed his stiff upper arms. He felt that Oluf did what he should, but adds (with a smiley) that his favourite drummer is Ralph Molina.

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              A fine concert, with several glorious moments, but still: I’m not gonna go all “Tomas forever, Ringo never!”, but there was something missing last night. Looking at the setlist, they played nothing from the Kapstad era and only two songs from the Järmyr years. It may be a coincidence, but I felt that they picked songs that were more suited to the drummer at hand. No long songs, no long and far out jams, and hardly any song that didn’t follow a 4/4-beat.

              Still, plenty of highlights. The accoustic set was very fine; I especially enjoyed “Mad Sun”. Also, before the final accoustic song, somebody shouted “She Used To Be A Twin”. Bent looked almost surprised, and answered “Good call! We’ve forgotten that one. Maybe next time”. Hopefully it will re-surface.

              Also, it is always nice to hear old favourites from the 90s. The two encores from Demon Box brings back memories for an oldtimer like myself.

              They opened with “Cold and Bored”. I had thin hopes that they would make this the first Motorpsycho-concert where the opening and closing songs rhymed. Unfortunately, no “Golden Gore” appeared.

              More ramblings here (Norwegian only): https://kulturguffen.blogspot.com/2023/09/motorpsycho-usf-bergen-1692023.html

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                It seems as if Motorpsycho played an accoustic set in Trondheim yesterday, at the Eat The Rich-festival. Just Snah and Bent. Several short films on Instagram (and possibly elsewhere). Anybody there?

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                    Bergens Tidende gives the show 4/6. The review opens with the statement “There’s no point trying to understand this show”.


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                      Yeah, a nice show, but it’s not the same without a drummer. The dancer was fun. They ended with Sister Ray; the only song with vocals.

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                        Might as well include the two shows in Bergen this spring.

                        31.05.2023 NO Bergen – Den Nationale Scene
                        01.06.2023 NO Bergen – Den Nationale Scene
                        (both shows with the dancer Hooman Sharifi)

                        22.06.2023 UK Southampton – The 1865
                        23.06.2023 UK London – O2 Academy, Islington
                        24.06.2023 UK Colchester – Arts Centre
                        25.06.2023 UK Leeds – The Key Club

                        15.09.2023 NO Haugesund – Høvleriet

                        30.09.2023 NO Sandane – Trivselshagen

                        07.10.2023 DK Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
                        08.10.2023 DE Hamburg – Knust

                        10.10.2023 DE Oldenburg – Kulturetage
                        11.10.2023 DE Düsseldorf – Zakk
                        12.10.2023 NL Tilburg – 013
                        13.10.2023 NL Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
                        14.10.2023 NL Zwolle – Hedon

                        17.10.2023 DE Reutlingen – franzK
                        18.10.2023 CH Châtelaine – PTR Usine

                        20.10.2023 IT Livorno – Cage
                        21.10.2023 IT Cesena – Vidia
                        22.10.2023 IT Roma – Orion

                        24.10.2023 IT Milano – Santeria Toscana 31
                        25.10.2023 CH Zürich – Rote Fabrik

                        26.10.2023 DE Nürnberg – Z-Bau
                        27.10.2023 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
                        28.10.2023 DE Dresden – Beatpol
                        29.10.2023 DE Berlin – SO36

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                          Tour of India
                          15.01.2023 – IND Bengaluru, Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined
                          20.01.2023 – IND Informal, Connaught Place, Dehli (as special guests at F5’s album launch)

                          24./25.06.2023 – UK Leicester, HHR Psych (show day tba)

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                            Norwegian only, I presume.

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                              Setlists.fm also lists The Waning between The Cuckoo and Rock Bottom.

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                                @paolinogrande: “What a band!” – I used the exact same phrase when texting a friend after the concert. One of the most enjoyable MP-shows I’ve been to in a couple of years. The sound was good, the mood was good, and their choice of songs was excellent. I tend to enjoy it when they offer something from the early 90s, and to get both Mountain and PLan#1 was a treat.

                                I was standing by the mixing board, behind someone who listed all the songs played on his phone. Was this you, GBD, seeing that you posted the setlist so soon after the show finished?

                                There is a slightly longer review on my blog, in case anybody feels like practicing their Norwegian: https://kulturguffen.blogspot.com/2022/10/motorpsycho-union-scene-drammen-14102022.html

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                                  That’s OK – ticket gone.

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