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      Lacktr is the author Johan Harstad. As you may know, he published a book about Blissard in 2012. He also wrote "Manifest for folk flest" in 2013, a short book that MP quoted as an inspiration for their "En konsert for folk flest". In 2015 he published the absolutely excellent novel Max, Mischa and the Tet offensive.

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        @Juergen: It says that due to new and stricter corona regulations, they have sold too many tickets for the Motorpsycho shows. That's the bad news – the good news is that there will be an extra show in Porsgrunn on the 19th (a day when they were supposed to play at Blitz, Oslo). And the even better news is that there are tickets available for this extra concert.

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          Nice list, with lots of favourites, but also plenty of unknown names.

          Does anybody know if Bent dislikes Bergen? I cannot find any bands from that city on his list. I would definitely add The Aller Værste! to the list, probably also Barbie Bones.

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            I absolutely agree – what a man. I don't listen much to the radio these days, but in the 1990s I spent a lot of time listening to Harald Are Lund's programmes. Whenever a new Motorpsycho album was released, he would devote a large section of the programme to them. He played all kinds of music, and introduced me and others to a lot of bands. A Norwegian John Peel, I guess.

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              Or, if you want to take a break from looking at digital screens: Read Johan Harstad's novel "Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive". Harstad has, as you know, written a book about Blissard.

              This novel is stunning – it's the only time I've finished an 1100-page novel and wished for 1100 more pages. Look it up, it's available in English, German, and probably numerous other Languages as well.

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                Not to my knowledge. But after Geb left, Bent did drum on Black Hole/Blank Canvas (except for one song).

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                  After the opening number Øyvind Holm said something like "it's good to be back in Bergen. The last time we were here, three years ago, 30 tickets were sold in advance, but only 18 people turned up". Last night I counted around 30 persons in the audience, so there is some progress there.

                  The show was very enjoyable, and the band certainly enjoyed themselves. I had to leave at the end of the main set, as I had to catch the last train to Voss, but as the main set lasted (at least) 1h45m, I have nothing to complain about.

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                    Seeing that Johan Harstad is mentioned above: There are references to Motorpyscho in two of his novels.

                    His 2006 novel "Buzz Aldrin, hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet" opens with a quote from Vortex Surfer (And never stop, etc.). It covers 640 pages, but is dwarfed by his 2015 novel "Max, Mischa og Tet-offensiven", which reaches 1080 pages. The Mischa in the title is the artist Mischa Gray. Printed on the cover is a list of her exhibitions, and in 2011 she took part in an exhibition called "Year Zero, Again".

                    Both books are excellent, by the way.

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                      Might as well include the rescheduled Tromsø gig as well.

                      04.04.2019 – NO Bodø, Sinus

                      10.04.2019 – NO Haugesund, Høvleriet

                      11.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

                      12.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

                      13.04.2019 – NO Stavanger, Folken

                      03.05.2019 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen

                      04.05.2019 – NO Ã…lesund, Terminalen

                      10.05.2019 – NO Hamar, Gregers

                      11.05.2019 – NO Oslo, Sentrum Scene

                      14.05.2019 – DK Aarhus, Train

                      15.05.2019 – DK Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil

                      16.05.2019 – DE Hamburg, Markthalle (w. Elder – 25 Years Stickman anniversary)

                      17.05.2019 – UK London, 229 The Venue 2

                      19.05.2019 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg

                      21.05.2019 – NL Groningen, Vera

                      22.05.2019 – BE Leuven, Het Depot

                      23.05.2019 – DE Hannover, Faust

                      24.05.2019 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

                      25.05.2019 – CH Lausanne, Les Docks

                      27.05.2019 – AT Wien, Arena

                      28.05.2019 – IT Trezzo Sull'adda (MI), Live Music Club

                      29.05.2019 – IT Bologna, Locomotiv Club

                      30.05.2019 – IT Avellino, Teatro Partenio

                      31.05.2019 – IT Roma, Orion

                      01.06.2019 – IT Genova, Goa Boa Preview

                      02.06.2019 – DE Reutlingen, Kulturzentrum franz.K

                      28.06.2019 – NO Trondheim, Trondheim Rocks

                      31.07.2019 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene – Motorpsycho with friends

                      10.08.2019 – NO Oslo, Øyafestivalen – Motorpsycho with friends

                      13/14.09.2019 – ES Madrid, Ochoymedio (Get Mad Festival)

                      20.09.2019 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club

                      28.09.2019 – DK Odense, Posten

                      29.09.2019 – DE Bremen, Schlachthof

                      30.09.2019 – NL Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord

                      01.10.2019 РDE K̦ln, Gloria

                      03.10.2019 – LU Luxembourg, den Atelier

                      08.10.2019 – CH Zürich, Rote Fabrik

                      15.10.2019 – DE Frankfurt am Main, Mousonturm

                      16.10.2019 – DE Leipzig, Conne Island

                      17.10.2019 – DE Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

                      18.10.2019 – NL Hengelo, Metropool

                      19.10.2019 – NL The Hague, Paard

                      05.12.2019 – NO Tromsø, Driv

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                        @punj: Tomas played in a Joy Division tribute band earlier this week (http://byscenen.no/event/joy-division-a-tribute/); maybe that's his reason for wearing the shirt.

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                          I woke up early in my hotel room, and decided to write some impressions from the Bergen shows on my blog (Norwegian only).


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                            Amazing show. Snah must have met Robert Johnson for lunch; he played like a man possessed all night. The five accoustic songs were marvellous. And the setlist got a total makeover from the day before – only the three Crucibles and The Tower was played both nights.

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                              @Punj: Neither did I, especially at such an early hour. I arrived at Hulen at ten or fifteen minutes past nine, and when walking down the long halls to the concert area I realized my mistake. For the next fifteen minutes I was standing just by the entrance to the hall, and could only see Reine on stage right. Gradually I worked my way further in, and could see the entire band.

                              Memory Lane: I saw my first (and probably second) Motorpsycho show at Hulen, in March 1992, when I was half as old as now. On that first show Hulen was very poorly attended, yesterday it was packed.

                              A fine show, but I'm hoping for something even better tonight, when I will be there at seven, just to make sure. Did they include snippets of Hell, pt. 7, in The Tower?

                              The legendary music writer Engelen was happy with the show. His review in BT is behind a pay wall, so I add it here.

                              Storartet fra Motorpsycho – som alltid

                              På mange måter et slags dobbeltjubileum i Hulen torsdag kveld. Studentstedet under Nygårdshøyden fyller i år 50, mens Motorpsycho kan se tilbake på 30 år som et av landets beste rockeband.

                              Einar Engelstad

                              Musikkanmelder i BT


                              PUBLISERT 12. APRIL 2019 06:31

                              5 av 6




                              Kombinasjonen fungerer utmerket – og verken scene eller band bærer overhode preg av tidens tann. Tidløse kvaliteter kalles slikt.

                              Sist Motorpsycho spilte i Hulen var i 1993. Den gang et relativt nytt og ferskt band på vei oppover samtidig som studentstedet forberedte 25-årsjubileet som skulle finne sted året etter. Det var på den tiden Hulen stolt reklamerte med at den var Nord-Europas eldste rockeklubb. I dag er det i hvert fall ingen som bestrider denne statusen.

                              I disse dager hylles også Motorpsycho med en egen utstilling ved musikkavdelingen ved Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek. Imponerende. Vi snakker tross alt om et band fra Trondheim som att på til heier på Rosenborg. Som har vært grossist i Spellemannspriser og nominasjoner de siste 25 år, men likevel aldri vil bli noe band for de store massene. Dertil er de for kompromissløse og trives godt med sin posisjon solid plantet noen gode skritt på siden av det kommersielle musikkmarkedet.

                              Bandet begynner kvelden med «Gullible’s Travails» fra det nesten ti år gamle albumet «Heavy Metal Fruit». Før de fortsetter med åpningslåten «Psychotzar» fra den ferske platen «The Crucible» som kom ut for noen uker siden. Deretter følger en lett blanding av nytt og gammelt – kanskje med hovedvekt på de to siste albumene «The Crucible» og «The Tower».

                              NY KONSERT: Fredagens ekstrakonsert i Hulen, i skrivende stund fremdeles med noen få billetter igjen, blir garantert ingen blåkopi av torsdagens. Foto: Ørjan Deisz

                              Det låter tungt og hypnotisk. En slags psykedelisk progrock med referanser til både 60 og 70-tall, men på samme tid med føttene solid plantet i dette århundret. Til tider roes det hele ned en tanke, før det igjen dundres løs med kaskader av lyd. Til tross for at anmelderen gjennom årene kan vise til mer enn et dusin konserter med bandet, blir han alltid overrasket. Og fredagens ekstrakonsert i Hulen, i skrivende stund fremdeles med noen få billetter igjen, blir garantert ingen blåkopi av torsdagens.

                              For halvannet år siden overtok svenske Tomas Järmyr trommene i Motorpsycho, og gjør på ingen måte skam på sine forgjengere Kenneth Kapstad og Håkon Gebhardt. Men som for en mannsalder siden er det fremdeles gitarist Hans Magnus «Snah» Ryan og bassist Bent Sæther som utgjør hovedstammen i bandet. Så samspilte at det er en fryd uten at det noensinne bærer preg av ren rutine. Som assosiert bandmedlem denne kvelden finner vi som ofte før Reine Fiske fra det svenske bandet Dungen på gitar og tangenter. Han holder seg relativt beskjedent i bakgrunnen, men bidrar utvilsomt til et fyldigere og tettere lydbilde.

                              En liten demografisk observasjon sånn i forbifarten viser ellers et publikum som består av minst 90 prosent hankjønn av det relativt voksne slaget. Og til tross for at konserten har vært utsolgt i lang tid og Hulen er smekkfull, er det likevel brukbar plass – aller fremst ved scenen. Riktignok er lydvolumet høyt, men på ingen måter så høyt. Motorpsychofansen er tydeligvis bare litt mer tilbakeholdne enn rockefans flest.

                              Inkludert en solid dose ekstranumre blir det en festkveld på to timer og tjue minutter. Om ti år fyller Motorpsycho 40 og Hulen 60. Det kan bli litt av en hundreårsfeiring.

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                                @devotional: yep, looking forward to the two Bergen shows. They played Bergen twice in September 2017 as well, with two very different set lists. They played 15 songs the first night, 16 the next. Only 7 songs were played both nights (6 from The Tower, one from HBM), which meant that we got 24 different songs. I'm certainly hoping for a similar treatment this week.

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                                  Slightly off topic: Halfway through the review from itromsø/Feedback there comes a paragraph that refers to a long and thorough interview from 2018, where Bent discusses Demon Box and more. It may have been linked to earlier, but it's certainly worth a read.


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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994