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    Vegard B. Havdal

      Inspired by the band's latest post, maybe we should do some lists? Here's mine:


      • Latest Twin Peaks, if you still haven't seen it, unmissable
      • The 22. July series on NRK
      • My Brilliant Friend is pretty good, very well filmed


      • Nick Cave – Ghosteen. A stone cold masterpiece about a terrible topic. Very typical Cave to write a song about waiting for death and calling it Hollywood. The falsetto ending segment is the best he has ever done, and that is saying something.
      • Opeth – In Cauda Venenum. Fantastic sound as usual, and also here a totally awesome and very catchy ending segment.
      • Lastkaj 14 – both newest ones. Best band in the fantastic swedish punk scene. They got a new one coming out shortly. See them live. Hear Becksvart, VÃ¥ra dar, Inte arg and absolutely Nycklar och lÃ¥s.
      • Side brok – H.O.V.D.E.B.Y.G.D.A.. Some beautiful and very passionate Norwegian rap. Extra marks for 8 bit sound on title track.


      • The candidates tournament in chess. These people discuss the chess games they've played and studied the last years by heart. Unbelievable.
      • The game Witcher 3. The voice recording alone took years. Every side quest so thoroughly written and paced.

        The game Witcher 3



          right now you might want to listen to my radio broadcast, that is if you like AC/DC…:

          or to the archives (yes, there IS Motorpsycho in there):


            Or, if you want to take a break from looking at digital screens: Read Johan Harstad's novel "Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive". Harstad has, as you know, written a book about Blissard.

            This novel is stunning – it's the only time I've finished an 1100-page novel and wished for 1100 more pages. Look it up, it's available in English, German, and probably numerous other Languages as well.

            Punj Lizard

              @kjesso – When Harstad was interviewed in the Folk Fest video, I noticed on his bookshelf a copy of Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. That's another mammoth book, but one I would definitely recommend, though it's very hard going in places.


                … another thrilling 1000+ pages recommendation: "City on fire" (same title in german) by Garth Risk Hallberg; I enjoyed it as much as "Max , Mischa…").



                  +1 to Twin Peaks: The Return;

                  The Expanse (Sci-Fi new hope, all 4 seasons are awesome!);

                  Chernobyl (heavy, but very very good);

                  Castle Rock (interesting mystery/thriller/horror anthology, inspired by works of Steven King);

                  Good Omens (brilliant adaptation of Terry Pratchett / Neil Gaiman 1990 novel).


                  Pathologic 2 ( – remake/reimagination of cult sort-of-RPG/survival/name-your-genre game from 2005, made by small Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge.

                  Disco Elysium ( – amazing new RPG, highly praised by many gamers/journalists for its world, narrative, dialogs, etc.

                  Bioshock series – (not new, but in case if someone missed it) probably the best story, that was ever told in FPS/RPG genre.


                    Anyone who's into gaming and Twin Peaks should check out Deadly Premonition. Totally whacky, but brilliant and charming with an outstanding soundtrack. The prologue (ca 30mins) is quite a bit misleading gameplaywise. This opening feels like your-run-off-the-mill and outdated Resident Hill clone. Afterwards it opens up to an open world (or town, rather) game with veeery obvious Twin Peaks references. And not just due to rain and woods and killers and ooooh mysteryyyy. No! The whole mellon collie comedic vibe and the NPCs (the dorky deputy, the pot lady, and more…) come straight from TW. Also your playable protagonist is a coffee and b-movies loving suit from the big city, who constantly talks to himself. Don't be turned off by the graphics! It's a wonderfully crafted story (one of the best besides The Witcher 3), it's a slow game but still a hell of a ride. But do get the "Director's Cut".



                      and of course The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and the Dark Souls series (which is not as hard as some say, don't let those rumours put you off).


                        Some books about isolation to make us feel cozy:

                        Concrete Island by JG Ballard

                        Before the times of internet and cellphones, a guy has a car accident and lands way down in a field underneath the highways in the middle of a city and can't neither get out nor make anyone notice him.

                        I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

                        The original story behind the Will Smith movie, The Omega Man with Charlton Heston and the wonderful Last Man On Earth with Vincent Price.

                        The Road by Cormac McCarthy

                        Just as good as the movie (or vice versa) with Viggo Mortensen

                        speaking of Viggo, I heartily recommend the great great great movie:

                        Captain Fantastic


                        lovely, deep, anarchic, heartfelt, tragic, provoking, an all around master gem.


                          you can also offer the world your computer to do good:

                          Front Page


                          Basically it works something like this:

                          You connect your computer with science/medical researchers. Quite convenient if something like say a new virus (biological, that is!) needs to be dealt with. You'd get small files to have your computer calculate stuff for them in a background program (which you can turn on and off at will). The more people do that, the more the whole thing amounds to one world wide spread super duper computer.


                            and if you like the Bioshock games, I'd recommend Prey (the newer one, the old one is called Prey, too, which was a Doom/Portal hybrid and quite interesting but the new one is way better):


                            Extremely elegant design, somewhat open worldish (it's a non-linear spacestation), very tactical, scary, claustrophobic, beautiful and clever. If you're familiar with System Shock, this is the real spiritual successor. Usually Bioshock gets that call, but I'd say Prey is even closer and I enjoyed it more.

                            Oh and System Shock 2 is also a must play for fans of the RPG/Immersion Sim genre. There's one hookline in its score that always reminds me of Ãœberwagner:

                   at the 17:45 mark.

                            oh and another awesome RPG/Immersion Sim would be Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines but you'd need all the patches (official and fanmade) there are. It's totally buggy in its original state. I'd recommend to play as a "Malkavian" (choice of character type), they're totally nuts and makes the game way more fun.


                            And the godfather of all: Deus Ex:


                            (wow I'm nerding hard right now)


                            World war 2 in colours on netflix👌

                            The Band of brothers on HBO

                            Assassins creed black flag


                              Just watched God. God plays guitar. She's called Anna Calvi:


                              I know, i know – thou shalt have no other god beside me, says Snah (not really). So while our Norse Guitar God is in isolation, I shifted my devotional capacities towards A.C. Totally blown away!

                              Followed Bob's advice and listened to In Camera (Peter Hammill) today for the first time in years. Dark, dark lo-fi Masterpiece! Probably nothing at all to lift your spirits though…

                              As you're all busy watching Star Trek Picard on fucking Amazon Prime or elsewhere I spare myself any recommendation – not necessary, is it?


                              Attention, attention: Incoming dumb pun!

                              *Image Dreadlock-Bent in 2020, "a little greyer, a little fatter" (some interview from 2016), crooning some old classic*

                              "There's need to hide! Please stay insiiiiiide!"

                              *Frantic headbanging ensues*

                              I'm sorry, I've had that one in my head for days after seeing this thread.

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