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    Ordered both versions on October 15th, had the initial email confirmation but nothing at all since

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    I've sorted the perfect UK solution. I'll create a 'psych fest' here in the Midlands and invite the boys to perform as headliners :)

    It's been a while since i put gigs on mind. Had some amazing UK tours with Acid Mothers Temple though back in the day

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    Oh man. That sucks then. The whole thing is supposed to be limited to 500 per colour, to then find you get a copy without all the other 'bits' despite paying full price is a bit of a kick in the nuts

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    I think one of the reasons they aren't seemingly loved more here in the UK is the complete lack of dates the band play here. One gig in London per tour isn't really catering for the wider audience that's out there, or attracting a new one. It costs me a small fortune every time to travel down to London to see them, trains, hotel and ticket costs. It's a nightmare frankly.

    Being self employed i do have a bit of a luxury with regards being able to travel as and when i have to but a lot of folks just can't jump up and travel down to London to shows obviously.

    I'll be honest, when i heard the band would be in the UK for two days/nights this tour, but were only playing one show it stung bad as it would've been the perfect opportunity to take the band further up the country to play for different fans.

    A show in the middle of the country with ample transport links such as Birmingham or Manchester would've been ideal instead of the in store and would've given fans even further North than that at least some middle ground to try and make it down to that isn't as far down as London.

    London is spoilt with endless gigs almost every night of the week, so potential audience drop offs are almost a given. Move that one show up the country and you might find they pull a better audience in terms of numbers if anything

    IMHO at least.

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    AMAZING show last night. Unlike Punj Lizard above i thought Psychotzar was probably my main highlight. It was absolutely smoking to my ears. Really fat and filthy sounding.

    The whole gig was superb mind. I even grabbed a setlist


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    I picked this up last night in London for £30

    I've just got it home and opened it .. firstly the sticker over the opening flap is a bastard, it wont just peel off so i had to cut it. Not good.

    Secondly according to Discogs the box is supposed to contain …

    "Box includes the 10 Inch record, a photograph, a print, a signed certificate of authenticity and a 136-page English edition of the Norwegian magazine Nye Oppstøt (Special edition Vol 3) dedicated to Motorpsycho"

    I don't know about anyone elses but mine contains the 10" and the book only. No sign of a print/photo or certificate :(

    Anyone else get it last night ?

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    It's everything i hoped for. Absolutely love it already. The songs sound familiar and i found this album didn't take as much getting into as previous ones for some reason

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    If this UK date or dates don't happen and get announced soon i may well fucking explode

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    I asked the band via Instagram whether we're going to get a UK Show

    and they replied 'looks like it!'

    that'll do for me. panic over

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    Fuzz på svenska by Kungens Män

    Pretty much anything they do is amazing

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    A late comment to this thread.

    The London show was absolutely excellent as others have said. Perfect amount of long jams which are right up my street

    Crowd was a bit sparse, but i can't help but feel playing on a Monday night in the school holidays helped. I really don't understand the bands decision to only ever play one UK date and always in London, it's a long trek for most of us. They'd be so much more popular over here if they tried a bit harder to hit other cities, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow etc. IMHO at least

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