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    It is true! Most religions/wisdoms/churches have lost their value due to the false interpretations of many so called profets/popes leaving loads of people uneducated in their hopes and thoughts, people need to be educated about wisdom/religion/word of god, the time is right to revieuw the way we worship our god(s).Most of us blame the gods for all bad luck/pain/sorrow/death and deseases while in reality the bible teaches us about the love of god and the plan god has with humanity.It is true most of us don’t really know god or jesus or god’s way with people, we are easily manipulated and desperate to find the anwsers to our questions wich makes us an easy target for false religions.Is is true that we don’t understand the love of god, we understand the life of sin that has been our punishment from the day humans have decided to live without the lessons of the love of our god.People are so lost the even believe that they don’t have a god and think that god doesn’t exist/lives, this is how an anti-god works with our minds, leaving humanity lonely, at war while we bless our weapons, manipulating our hearts and minds to believe that life is not precious.Well…..i say…go to war..fight…and you’ll see how precious your life is and how much you love the sunlight to shine in your eyes and to feel the value of marriage and the true worship of a god, that is what we live for.That is our reason to live.

    Back to LLM.Now..isn’t it a bit strange motorpsycho writes a song like this?.What happend with flick of the wrist, psychonaut, vortex surfer..etc.? Why does MP sing about “needing a guide”, “a ghosttown now” even about someone whos been there and learned those lines.Why do they care? Why don’t they just sing about love, getting stoned, having fun…drinking beer…girls and making money?

    To me there is a line in their colection and the first time i thought of this is when i went back to songs like KSD (TM), Un chien déspace, ozone, mbf, etc…and i can se some ressemblence in those songs.It’s all about a person MP dreams of ,wishes to meet, dying to know of etc.Before the flood is a good example of the situation on earth and the mentality of people like in the times of noach maybe when people lived under similar circumstances while they are warned to change their roles.To me it is the same time again, life on earth gets fucked, people live and heard of the dangers we are threaten by while they live on not changing too much to turn the odds of devastation of our live.Believe me, if god does not exist we are doomed because all we know is how to destroy things and dictate others.

    LLM to me is a call to everyone who feels responsible to act and change their role and show others the meanings of true guidance, wich by the way like the song is a brillant idea.

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    (let me switch this song first, it’s kinda hard doing this while listening to mobb deep)

    @supernaut: i agree with you.The book shows many examples of humans inner/struggling while they’re trying to repsond to gods call.And has a great historically value.

    @TB even do you might not carry faith or have believes in this book you surely agree this book was written with a purpose, do you? I even had a theory i thought of myself about King Arthur.Most myths tell you King Arthur was desperately looking for the holy grail while i think in reality King Arthur was looking for the holy scrolls that were left over during history and he wanted to collect them.I also think he had a lot of writers in Camelot that needed the study the orginality and quality of the scrolls and maybe re-write/translate some of the stories.May sound a bit silly but to me King Arthur was the one who maybe, amd i say again, maybe was the last one who had hand in the structure and index of this book we call the Bible.Then again, it may be another scrammbled eggs story of me.

    have to go, i’ll have to come back to the subject later.

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    @thomas: great reply!! Good to see you share thoughts about the subject.I surely admire the way you get yout kicks from reading books.The last books i read was the da vinci code wich did not impress me that much.Best book i have read so far must be the count of montecristo by dumas.Offcourse Joseph Campbell is a good one too.Nowadays i don’t spend time anymore reading books but the bible wich i love to study.

    Back to the subject.I think the way TB reported this song is quite brillant.Civilizations always fall due to reasons as TB said it.Nothing new there.Anyone formiliar with the legend about this city that got destroyed in 607 b.c?

    It is written that within “7 times” this city should be rebuild crushing all other empires.Fact is that some think these so called 7 times represent 2525 years wich means that in the year 1914 the one that is justified to lead and destoy all other empires, sat on the throne and gave final judgement the world.Devil got trown out of heaven in 1914 where j.c seated on gods throne giving a short period of time to the devil on earth before final judgement.What happend in 1914? First worldwar etc..etc..theres loads of evidences the bible gives that points out to this particular year with importance not knowing what might happend but in the year 607 b.c.fact is that since 1914 the world have seen drama we never have seen before…atomic bombs, world wars, absurd numbers of victims of all kinds of evil like hunger,deseases, world tragedys like tsunamis, eathquakes etc…millions of people died since 1914 in ways of drama we have never seen before.All kinds of prove humanity isn’t capable of ruling this world without guidance of somekind of wisdom from an other source then the human brain.But to come to short terms…it is a process troughout history wich shows the struggle of humanity with various examples of faillures.

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    @Thomas: great reply!!! Now about this book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.It wasn’t one of the many great books i have read in my life so far.My father was adviced by a social worker somewhere in the 90’s to read it.It has been qualified as a highly intelligence guide to the insights of life.For me it is just a book about someone loosing his head, his mind and in the end, very sadly, he loses his son.Maybe i didn’t read it that good because i’ve only read it once but i have to be honest that this book scared me and eversince the fear had become a drive in my life, prayed many times such drama would not happen with to me,maybe that’s where i made the big mistake.Someone used to quote to me from this book as it contained wisdom to overcome lifes struggle to this particular person.But to me the whole story of someones surch to find piece of mind seemed totally wrong.I don’t why.You could say that i am totally wrong here, and maybe you are right but fear had got to me already.Maybe i’d recognized something in it, maybe i just flipped for nothing.Fact is that when one of my friends got killed it immediately reminded me of this book.I don’t know thomas, maybe you can help out here to prove me wrong.But sadly the only positivety i coulod learn from it is to let it on the shelf….not touched.

    I am sure your experience with this book must have been less dramatic, good for you, i wouldnot want you to go trough fear like me.You can email me anytime, i’ll reply.It took you 5 years to get trough it?? Damn, that’s really good.I didn’t knew a zen guidebook existed.Thx for the advice, you can send me email to

    greets mark.

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    Thx for your reply.I was thinking what a right respons might be to your awnser.My opinion is that music must be a way to reach out to people and show them an alternative way, maybe create an movement with music, a movement with a statement wich is free to pick up for anyone and learn something about it.I think MP has done a great job already and reaching out to more people with this statement might lit more fires.I would be great to see MP do full football stadiums and have their own empire from wich everything blooms, they just might turn the odds and show all other bands, people, anyone that music and these political ideas come together wich might inspire the right persons on the right places to react and join the bands ideals and direction.It’s a dream, i know, but hey i am a dreamer and we all need a dream to live for.

    Personally this goal ,achievement, this idea might be the real crown on MP anniversary.To become big and famous and have influence in a positive matter with an open mind for other psychonauts to join in and share thoughts,

    have to go now.

    cheers fools!!!!!!

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    I agree there is somewhat of a destructive/re-constructive message-line that “a hoof to the head” contains.Reminds me a bit of a phrase of “walking with J” (what is the book you read compared to what he said).It points out (for me) to the issue of my struggle with this book i had a some time ago wich is called :(zen, and the art of motorcycle maintenance).Just like the two lines i see troughout the mp collection, songs like “ocean in her eye” and “hey jane” are black and white to me like V.S and ever9.You possibly speak of dark and light songs between the twilight.

    Spiritual poverty and so called advanced societies goes hand in hand if you look it up in some older books.In fact, that is where all trouble started, assuming old babylon was the first society that collapsed for this reason.I think we are unique in this universe and we have no furhter message to other allienated life in space.I think it is pretty weird that we humans don’t seem to understand the unique position we have with this earth in space.It’s not like we see any other planet that ressembles life like ours near the planet we live and yet we seem to enjoi ourselfs with answers like there used to be water on mars.Mainly this is what it’s all about, the focus of humanity on something totally irrelevant.With all these problems we face on our own planet: wars, greed, poverty, etc…it is about time we start focussing on things that do matter and we definitely need to focus on the right sort of guidence but most people dont care because they sit right with money or power or have fears of change.

    To me, it doesn”t impresses me that much: whole society getting more and more advanced.Most of things that get invented are not really that bright and i assume that all our knowledge comes from the gods.We just seem to be using our knowledge for our own purposes.Ego is the living planet.

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    Mobb Deep say party UHH

    KnowhatI’msayin? Party UHH

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    @TB.good question.I have my theories about this guide wich might be different then other peeps have because it’s my thoughts.It is said a guide must be led by god.Since it has to be a human too the process of having contact with god is interesting.Some sources could be a well from wich depths pure water comes.Then again, could the call of the guide fail? Would god let his guide fail? I could talk for hours but mainly comes down to that my guide must be formaliar with it.

    yeyeyeye, cut and paste art about this used to be my fav. i made one of stg too.

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    Q, U, too much drama to get into

    And niggaz regret when they begin to

    Regardless of your name or what you been through

    Pause for a second, open your eyes and think dude

    Life ain’t the game that it seems to be

    Fuck a fantasy I’m leaving in reality

    Caught up in this untouchable mentality

    Hit you up bad, make you loose a few calories

    I need to slow down, movin through life at a high speed

    Watchin all the slow runners pass by me

    I can see through you, due to, my Queens education

    Speaking in behalf of this drug-game nation

    The Foundation, the Queens nation

    Up in Queens, shit is for real we abouts to get hectic

    Word up

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    Nice song-report!!! To me the lyrics show a mp that’s a bit tired and seek somekind of relive in their expressions.To me there is a red line in the whole mp collection.Indeed these times show more and more that humnanity is incapable of showing the right guide to live.It is said that we don’t have the right ability to steer ourselfs into the right direction wich is pretty much the reason of all the misery we go trough.Goverments are incapable of comming up with proper awnsers, all the ways we have tried to make this place a better place have failed while this world suffers more and more.Do our nation has send al lot of money to africa for food and medications it has not make any difference, or worse, it is proved that starvation and hunger victims have increased and war still rages on.It is pure evidence that we humans don’t have the ability to rule this world by ourselfs.So definitley yes, we need someone to show us the way, to guide us along, someone who’s been there and knows the lines.

    Question is ….who is this guide? For me it is crystal clear, i just wish everyone would feel the same.

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    There’s a war goin on outside, no man is safe from

    You could run but you can’t hide forever

    from these, streets, that we done took

    You walkin witcha head down scared to look

    You shook, cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

    They never around when the beef cooks in my part of town

    It’s similar to Vietnam

    Now we all grown up and old, and beyond the cop’s control

    They better have the riot gear ready

    Tryin to bag me and get rocked steady

    by the mac one-double, I touch you

    and leave you with not much to go home wit

    My skin is thick, cause I be up in the mix of action

    if I’m not at home, puffin lye relaxin

    New York got a nigga depressed

    So I wear a slug-proof underneath my Guess

    God bless my soul, before I put my foot down and begin to stroll

    And to the drama I built, and all unfinished beef

    You will soon be killed, put us together

    It’s like mixin vodka and milk

    I’m goin out blastin, takin my enemies with me

    and if not, they scarred, so they will never forget me

    Lord forgive me the Hennesey got me not knowin how to act

    I’m fallin and I can’t turn back

    or maybe it’s the words from my man Killa Black

    that I can’t say so it’s left a untold fact, until my death

    My goal’s to stay alive

    Survival of the fit only the strong survive

    in reply to: OT #11249

    Let me start from the beginning, at the top of the list

    KnowhatI’mean? Have a situation like this

    Another war story from a thirsty young hustler

    Won’t trust ya, I’d rather bust ya, and leave your corpse

    for the cops to discover, while I be dippin in the Range Rover

    All jewelled like Liberace

    You watch me while Jakes tryin to knock me and lock me

    But I’ll be on the low sippin Asti Spumante

    Niggaz try to creep on the side of my jeep

    Stuck the heat through the window rocked they ass to sleep

    Over a 3-pack, it was a small thing really yeah

    but keep lettin them small things slide and be a failure

    If I’m out of town one of my crew’ll take care of ya

    The world is ours and your team’s inferior

    You wanna bust caps I get, all up in your area

    Kidnap your children make the situation scarier

    Life is a gamble, we scramble for money

    I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny

    I’m caught up in the dirt where your hands get muddy

    Plus the outcome turns out to be lovely

    Got G’s in my pocket hit off my main squeeze

    Push back, the sunroof, let the cold air breeze

    through the butter soft leather upholestry

    But mostly, keep the gat closely, cuz niggaz wanna toast me

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    Ok so let get a bit more serious here and start off with the hole motorpsycho mania.Besides the shitload and ridiculous amount of assholes and life long losers that have set the trend to be so called MP fans there is definitely something wrong with MP.First of all is the hole lyrical thing/disscus about bent.He obiuosly seems to be knowing a lot about religion and jesus and stuff, at least that’s what he seems to be saying…in fact most of phatetic fools that run around seemded to recognize something in it.Like me.But then again…words are words untill they set to action as in a deed.MP does not care about any type of action more then using dope smoking and being like somewhere in between fake ass preachers with big alcohol problems.What can we expect more from them then a shitload of psychobabble blow into a void without making any sense.More like a bunch of ego’s pretending that they are big rocksstars with something to say and blamning other they have nothing to say..i say they have no means making any progress or clearing shit up.Then we have the ever lasting critisism of those guys about the no-dope-no drinks and healthy lifestyles.FUCK OFF MAN!!!! To me they just look like a bunch of junkies without any type of self respect.So the type of fans they attract are nothing much more then a bunch of losers with no meaning of real life and almost as dead as MP music itself.

    Down here in rotterdam we keep it real, don’t play games and most definitely don’t act like fools.Keep that in mind the next you try to hit my city…..fools.

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    yeah sure…money talks and bullshit walks!!!!

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    Underneath an apple-tree.

    On sunday when the sky is blue

    and i don’t know something else to do.

    I wonder then if it’s true

    that who is what

    and what is who.

    -Winnie the Pooh.

    A poem i read many many years ago.Power sweeping and regular cleaning today.As for motorbed: Sorry, but all this has been brought to you in association with the dutch rotterdam drug rehab center, i hope i did not dissapointed you but who cares anyway.Following this is my opinion mark does not give two shits about the whole deal.Mark does not give a shit about “B.E”Lovely”S.T.G”” either.Mark does not give a shit to hurt someone nor hurting himself.Mark is also very inflameble and reacts very inmature.Mark totally not up for the job, in fact there is nothing mark can really do.

    So after trying to push everyone to explore the limits of Psychonautism all i can say is that i’d rather gather with my fellow-stooges and superstooge my ass out of here.

    I’d have to give credits to all the other MP-fans showing what it is really all about and for being completely honest with me.I would like to thank all MP-fans for the courage of reading my shitty articles and for being strong enough to bleed for the truth.I guess Motorpsyho would be VERY VERY VERY VERY proud of their fans!!!!!

    I think i’d go kill myslef right now.

    All messages have been brought to you in association with BOUMAN Dutch drug rehab. center and would be absolutely impossible without their help.

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