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      In (the bright :P)light of the new forums, I’d like to start a series of discussions about the lyrics and themes of Motorpsycho. Bent has written alot of interesting songs, some full of ideas, some very straight forward, some more obscure, and some – it would seem – was pulled out from the depths of the psychedelic experience. Some have basis in philosophy and society, others are personal; more like excerpts from a diary. Anyway, I have always missed talks about lyrics on the forums, so I’ll dive headfirst into deep water, and I hope someone will follow me.

      I chose Nothing To Say for the first post because (I think) it’s fairly straight forward. I have also been re-reading Hermann Hesses classic ‘Siddhartha’, and I see some parallells..


      My two cents: The song is talking about consumption of mass media and the lack of one’s own ideas , opinions and thoughts. The blind followers of “the worlds biggest headlines”. It’s an interesting topic, because there are a lot of people being sheeped around by the media. Told what to do, wear, how to act and what to think. They have nothing to say.

      The relation to ‘Siddhartha’ is interesting also. In the novel, Siddhartha is enlightened and awakened (spiritually) by a ferrymans tales of the river he works, and how it is continually flowing..

      Would be nice if the rest of you would voice your thoughts on this :) I’m no expert on eastern philosophy and buddhism, but I’m sure Bent has been reading some.


      What about joseph cambell? Hero with the 1000 faces?

      he’s kinda been my guide into the depths of myths and storys about heroism.


      Add should be Jospeh Campbell. The masks of god.The heró’s journey.The hero with a 1000 faces.


        @mark de klerk: After a quick wikipedia-read, he seems interesting, I will check him out.




            I’ve always thought it’s about people, media, politicians, etc., who *seem* to say important things, but when you see through it, it’s all empty words and phrases that sound good if you don’t think about them.

            i think i remember Bent saying in an interview many years after the release of Demon Box that he now thought the lyrics were a bit pretentious, i think it was especially about that he’s got “something to say”.

            personally, I think Bent’s lyrics are generally fantastic and that he really has something to say! And Snah’s lyrics too.


            yeah sure…money talks and bullshit walks!!!!


              @Rolf: I agree with that, Nothing to say is definately critical of the whole establishment and mainstream society, as are alot of Sæthers lyrics.

              I had also thought about how the lyrics are a bit pretentious, unless he meant it as sarcasm. But I think he has a lot to say, so I guess a little pretentiousness is allowed. Where would psychedelic/progressive music be without it?

              Come on people, chime in! :)


                I’d love to chime in but this song is a bit too generic and pretentious. It’s a teeny weeny bit too much of that typical stuff that thinkers in their early twenties love to say and hear. :-)

                Why not pick some more recent stuff from a grown writer?


                  Of course, supernaut, I agree. like I said, I chose this song because its pretty simple and straight forward, to get the ball rolling if you will :)


                    Bent has a lot of great thoughts in my opinion, and so many of MP’s lyrics have gone “straight to my heart like cannonball” (to paraphrase Van Morrison), and TraktorBass, yeah, there’s definitely a lot of criticism towards the established mainstream society, business and all (the nerve tattoo and the story about the gong-intro on the ep is probably the best example of that).

                    “Nothing to say” is kinda pretentious, but I can relate to it and also, yeah, progressive music is by definition somewhat pretentious, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. it all comes down to who you are and how you feel, and some people feel that they have something to say, and that mainstream has nothing to say, in one way or another. it doesn’t have to be pretentious just because you feel that way. and i think that if you’re gonna make a difference, then maybe you have to be different, think differently.. or vice versa, that if you think differently, then maybe you can make other people think differently, e.g. by communicating your thoughts through music.


                    np: Lars Winnerbäck – Ingen soldat


                      @Rolf: Whats the story of the gong-intro on The Nerve Tattoo? I haven’ heart that one :)

                      I definitely agree with pretentiousness not necessarily being a bad thing; great works of art have come out of pretentious minds. Someone has to have the vision and bigger perspective on music and art, and try to make something fresh and thought provoking as opposed to all the mindless crap that is lauded as mankinds greatest achievement every day in mainstream media..

                      Anyway, if any of you have read Siddhartha, Bent is effectively putting himself in the role of the ferryman; enlightened, modest, complete and in balance, but with a twist of youthful energy and an urge to actually change something.


                        Concerning the Gong-intro to the Nerve tattoo, here’s a quote from Bent:

                        “This «single»-version of the «tater» is the full,un-edited version. The opening Gong was added when some people wanted a fade after the «masterpiece»-line about halfway through the song. a cool ,hearty Fuck You to the Man,a childish prank,or an awesome opening of a single? You decide.”

                        Taken from here.

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