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    This was absolutely brilliant, and exceeded my already high expectations! I caught the late show from the balcony, where the sound was great. The vocals were almost spotless as well.

    I was a bit disappointed the moment the lights came on after mystic, but I still left euphoric, having watching a perfect rendition of the unicorn.

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    Great stuff, Flu! I just saw this online, and went straight here to post it myself!

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    Probably just preaching to the choir here, but I have to add my admiration for the new album. My expectations were very high. I've always been a fan of the King Crimson-y jams, and absolutely loved the Supersilent session, and the rumors leading up to the album made it sound tailored for me. At the same time I was afraid my expectations were too high, and that I'd end up disappointed.

    Well, I most certainly didn't. After the first few runs this album is even better than I dared hope. Ståle deserves tons of credit for his work, at the same time the Motorpsycho signature is very strong. And to repeat another cliché: that a band of Motorpsycho's age keeps innovating and exploring new sides of themselves is just amazing. I expected the album to be far more similar to LLM/COTF/HMF, but in many ways this is yet another dramatic departure from any previously released album.

    This is great stuff, guys. Again. Thanks a lot!

    in reply to: Morgenbladet Top 100 Best Norwegian Albums Of All Time #20147

    I think Sondre Lerche had "Timothy's Monster" and "Blissard" in his top three as well? We will certainly see more Motorpsycho albums on the list.

    Last week, Morgenbladet printed a letter challenging the rules of the competition. It was claimed that artists with one good album would be at an advantage compared to artists with many good albums, as the fans of the latter would split the votes between the different albums. Motorpsycho was used as the example of an artist who would be "punished" for being consistently good.

    Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see "Timothy's Monster" close to the top.

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    Snah: "I hoped for Demon Box, actually"

    So, same time next year?

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    in reply to: HMF voted second best Norwegian album of 2010 #18668

    Number 3 in Dagbladet, behind Kvelertak and Susanne Sundfør:

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