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    Waiting Game





    Vanishing Point


    Hell >

    Through the Whale

    Hogwash / Halleluwa >

    Into the Sun

    Year 0

    Alchemist *edit



      Thomas forgot Alchemyst, was the first encore before VS

      2`30 Playtime, nearly

      Great Concert!


        Great evening last night, fantastic mp show!


        oh, how could I forget the Alchemist??


        Sorry guys, I disagree. I saw some MP shows and yesterday was the first time I really were disappointed. First of all the sound was so bad especially their voices. It was just loud but sounded awfull. I really like some jamming, but sometimes I could hardly find out what they were actually playing. A lot of people obviously felt the same and went outside during the show or even went home. I liked MOS Generator best yesterday, MP can do a lot better than what they showed this time.


        I fully agree on the jamming remark. I thought I was the only one but luckily I was not. The first 30, 45 minutes I was thinking what am I doing here (coming even from the Netherlands for this gig)… Could hardy recognize the songs. And indeed, people were outside or even leaving after 1.5 hours. Sound not that well, looked also like before the show and when Snah came up they had small technical problems. Later on I got more enthusiastic, Hell all 7 parts always is great. Bent and Kenneth were playing super again, bass sounded really heavy and nice. Personally I am waiting for new material published and played. Maybe seen too many shows since their last records came out, live shows do not really surprise me at the moment concerning choice of songs they play.

        Liked Elder much more than Mos Generator btw. More variation, better guitar work.

        Forum is a nice location, not a standard 'cube' they tend to build everywhere in the Netherlands. Graffiti everywhere, friendly prices of beer. But temperature was way too high, did Bent ask to switch off airco again?


          I thought it was an absolutely RAGING show! A complete and satisfying 2,5h concert including three encores. A heavy and brutal sonic assault. Kenneth left the Jazz at home and relentlessly pounded the band forward in a very heavy, dirty fashion yet with the technical precision of Heavy Metal. The setlist tells only half of the story. Each song contained large portions of previously uncharted territory (even "Year Zero"!). There were lenghty explorations of downright spacy places, often as deep as a "K9" jam, starting in "Hallucifuge" and continuing through "Starhammer", "Hell", "Hogwash", "Into The Sun" and "The Alchemyst". Sound was loud but good. Bent's vocals were cringeworthy in many moments (though he nailed "VS") but that's nothing new. I enjoyed to see the power trio version of MP again after the "Unicorn", all the operas and church concerts as well as the Reine years in between. This performance in Bielefeld was ultimately jawdropping, mindblowing and simply raging wildly — the stuff my MP dreams are made of.


          I completely agree with Alex! By far the best show out of the four I´ve seen this year. This time I decided not to stand close to the stage and the sound there was indeed good. I enjoyed the improves and every single minute. Even Entropy worked this time (in Düsseldorf and Hamburg far too much bass).


            Agree with Alex und Thomas.

            Very great improves.

            Hallucifuge, Starhammer, Hell >Through the Whale, Hogwash / Halleluwa >Into the Sun

            were absoltutly fantastic.

            Waiting Game is a perfect opener.

            Serpentine, Entropy (which I found before boring) were on a new level.

            Anything else was very very good.

            It's on dime (not mine, I'm not a taper)

            Edit: Oh, found it very nice that they played 35007 between Elder and MP from Tape. :-)


              I totally agree with Alex, Thomas and superstooka.

              I've seen the same four shows and this was my favourite because of the same reasons.

              A hell of a powerrocktrio-show with fantastic improves!


              Could someone please put the recording of this up on Motortrades? Would be greatly appreciated!


                I'll put it up on motortrades!

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