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      massive starwheelhammer, thanks for uploading!


        Like I said earlier, more similar to the autumn 2002 live version. But way heavier and… more sludgy. Started off with a long intro resembling the mid-jam of the old live-version, then the main riff/part and some more heavy & sinister jamming before returning to the main melody sorta.


          Great show!!!

          I thought it was amazing. Though i must agree that the sound was bad at the beginning (what was up with snah's vocal sound? Way to sharp, and almost stingy at times), i think that all in all the show was great. And PPP imo was great too! So i guess i stand out from the general feeling when it comes to that one. And the encores were amazing. And GT wasn't boring, it was freakin' awesome! (Long live the Taurus!)

          But….when it comes to the whole Snah thing, i too found myself wondering what the hell he was doing at times. But i thought about it after the show, and concluded that it all must come from the wish not to do the same things every night (which is a good thing) combined with some serious tapping mishaps with his delay boxes. Seems like he looses the whole feel when he misses the beat. But i woldn't go as far as to call it uninspired. Perhaps abit too far out at times.

          Anyway, i was extatic when the last chord was struck on GT, and i could easily have spent another 2 1/2 hours listening to them. They truly are Gods!

          Highlights for me was PPP (no really), Close Yr Eyes and the whole encore + the new stuff sounded awesome aswell!


          Is Close Your Eyes on Haircuts?


            ooops no it's not. only in the full show that was available sometime.


            Allright Psychonauts, here's my opinion on last nights gig.

            Year Zero

            I always like YZ as a show starter. This night it was rally nice with good Snah vocals and nice builup as always. The sound was OK from where I was standing, in front of the soundboard.

            Leslie's Vest

            Pretty much like the boot leg versions. A real rocker with the boys being tight as hell. OK sound. Nice little jam.

            Whole Lotta Diana —>

            StarWheelHammer —>

            New Song #2

            Oh yeah! The first real highlight of the gig. Fantastic! Great tightness and cool jams. OK sound. I'm very enthusiastic at this stage – very good start of the concert.


            I'love this tune live and it works today also, although nothing new about it.


            What an uninspired wast of concert time. It really sucked and I agree with a lot of the ohter forumites that the solo work was uninspired/ going nowhere. Could hardly hear the guitar. The sound is starting to get seriously fucked up by now.

            After PPPP Bents base is 90% of the sound i hear, extremely powerful and swallowing most of Snah's guitar sound and the drums. The only drumsound one hears is the high herz sounds. Extremely shit sound. I shake my head in disbelief.

            Close Your Eyes

            Maybe a cool version, but from where I stood it was so bad. Totally messed up sound.

            Kill Devil Hills —>

            Hallucifuge —>

            The Alchemyst

            One big base-o-rama. I struggle to hear the melody of KDH even though I know it so well. The same goes for Hallfuge and The Alchemyst. Fantastic songs totally ruined by the sound.

            After this I decide to move to the back to see whether the sound is better from there. And to my pleasant surprise it was MUCH better. The whole encore was pure magic. A thunderous Mountain with excellent Snah keyboard and guitar jams. Very nice revisit of NTS and a goosebump finish with the epic Gullibles Travails. Excellent end to a partly messed up gig.

            I'm wondering if I was caught in a position having a massive positive interference of the base sound. I just couldn't believe the sound guy could create such a shit sound. It also brings back the question I have asked myself (and the forum) several times: why can't they play at Sentrum Scene? Rockefeller sucks. Get Motorpsycho to play at Sentrum Scene!!!!

            Well, those are my two cents anyway…..




              @ otherdemon

              On a positive note: When Snah switched to playing keys (fender rhodes?) on the first part of the Mountain-jam, I got some serious Robert Fripp-vibes when I saw him on stage

              That's a Hohner Clavinet with lots of fuzz.

              I had a great time at the concert even if I prefer their slower epic songs like The Wheel (the two minutes they played it doesn't count), K9, Plan1, Manmower (live version), SSIII, Golden Core etc over the heavy prog with the songs from the latter albums. I think the Kenneth era MP applies to me in a different way than the Geb era. Geb era applies to my heart and mind, the Kenneth era more like "wow, I'm impressed". I really like, and often listens to, LLM & HMF (CoF not so much), but they don't get to my nerve like their older stuff.

              Highlights for me: Close Yr Eyes, Greener, PPPP and the whole encore. I was hoping for Lighthouse Girl as a second encore.

              Why didn't they record a similar version of Close yr Eyes over the slightly boring piano version?


              I recorded this one. Didn't expect the song to turn into Nothing to Say, was a long time to hold up my phone! :)

              Mountain + Nothing to Say

              Liked the show a lot. Not too crazy about how Gullible's Travails came out but loved the rest of the set. Neanderthal seemed eerily familiar, did they play that anywhere else before?


                Regarding the complete video – I certainly didn't aim to make a great concert video of the band, as I simply don't have the equipment to do so (my camera has many limitations – including mono sound and no zoom), but having seen through the whole thing, I've come to the conclusion that I might have been a bit hard on myself. I've treasured much worse quality videos than this before, and it is what it is; a good, but shaky little document from the gallery, with only a single head in the way of a completely clear view.

                The sound could also have been worse for a mobile cam, and is even arguably more balanced than the sound captured downstairs by Wouter and andreutzac (probably has more to do with the P.A. than our microphones). Their two videos are much steadier than mine, though. Great work there, guys! Maybe kaizer shot some film as well? His stuff is always good, and I saw him down the front.

                I've decided to upload my version of "Mountain" / "Nothing To Say" to YouTube later today, and there are two reasons for that:

                1. That is the worst part of the gig in terms of shakiness by quite a large margin, and if you can live with that without getting seasick, the chances are big that you will enjoy the rest of the show.

                2. It's already uploaded in stellar video quality by Wouter, so you guys can compare video and audio, and decide for me if it's worth the effort (going to take me quite a few hours to do the whole thing).

                So check it out if you like. If the response is good, I'll upload the whole gig, and if the response is great, I might make a DVD out of it and offer it through Motortrades. The reason why I don't do that right away is because I have my doubts that there will be any interest at all, but as you said, fillmore, if no other complete recordings turn up, then at least it's something.

                I'll let you guys know when it's up!


                  Hm. I tried to upload it, but for some strange reason there was no sound during the last 2 minutes or so. This is not the case in the original file. I'll try to re-upload!


                    Devotional: Please do, to everything :)


                      Sound was really bad where we were standing (just behind the sound booth). Loads of feedback, guitar almost inaudible. Usually this is a very good spot soundwise. Last time I saw the band at Rockefeller we were at the exact same location, and the sound was stellar, really good. But I don't think the soundguy was the usual soundguy (or was it?), so I guess that had some impact on the quality.

                      For the first time I didn't go home thinking "Holy shit, that was incredible". It looked like Snah's guitar (the hollowbody with a wood finish) was tuned wrong or something because he seemed to be searching for the right chords constantly while playing it, which resulted in a lot of sour notes. I could be wrong. The jams also seemed to go on forever, and it looked like they struggled to get out of them and finish the songs, at times.

                      But still! Starwheelhammer was amazing, so was Whole Lotta Diana, Leslie's Vest, Neanderthal and Greener. And it was cool to finally see Gullible's Travails live. It's a different GT from the record, obviously, but I thought it was good :)

                      And it's always a blast to see Kenneth perform. He's got so many little fills and crooked rhythms going on!


                      TraktorBass, I think we had an almost identical concert experience. And I definitely agree on the sound of the semi-hollowbody guitar. It sounded weak, distant and not good…A soundboard recording would be interesting.


                        Which guitar are you talking about? Do you mean the yellow & black one that he played on Pills and Close Yr Eyes? Cos that's the guitar that he had custom-made by the same guy who made Bent's reverse Thunderbird-basses (or Psychobird, as they're called :D )

                        I remember it sounding a bit fucked up on Pills, but not on Close Yr Eyes…

                        Can't say that I've seen the soundguy before. But he did seem like a fish out of water at times. And if there's one thing that a MP-concert definitely requires, it's good sound. I can understand if the soundguy needs 1 or 2 songs in the beginning to set the balance and levels straight (that's natural). But when it becomes long stretches of songs without any audible sound improvements….

                        And please stop playing Whole Lotta Diana! That song was average on COTF, and becomes almost unbearable live… Don't make a concert staple of it.

                        Ok, I'll stop the negative criticism rant now :lol:

                        More positive notes: If Leslie's Vest and Neanderthal are part of the stuff they'll record in May with that Trondheim-orchestra, then I'm VERY excited, to say the least.

                        I can definitely picture them with some orchestral arrangements and added stuff.


                          Stop! What's that sound? Throwing a vote in for Whole Lotta Diana! Though it's a bit sad when they omit the flanged vocal part and the Pagesque guitar solo from the COTF version. At least the last times I've heard it live they did so.

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