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    Year Zero

    The Jig is Up


    Hogwash -> Halleluwah -> Spin Spin Spin -> Hogwash




    Boney Lee

    The Cuckoo

    The Crucible

    California I'm so Sold

    Mad Sun



    Uber / Pilgrim

    The Tower


    Fools Gold

    Total time: 3h and 2 minutes!!!

    By far the longest of my 35+ MP concerts!

    It took a while to take off, first highlight being a huge Mountain with an unusual long psychedelic trip inside!

    Most of the concert was playd LOUD, LOUD AND THEN LOUD, Tomas is a war machine, getting better every tour.

    Snah went nuts on noise and feedback in the middle section of Crucible and then in the MIGHTY Tower, probably the best version I've ever heard, long and with different moods in the instrumental part. For sure the top moment of the concert.

    Great Mad Sun for us the nostalgics, outstanding finale with a 15 minutes Fools Gold, full of noise and a coda degrading from loud to silence. Also, Uberwagner was a loud and fast blast: I remember hating it back in Still Life tour, sooo slow and soo long… this version is a completely different story!

    Lot of songs from the new release (the "catalogue" inside is really a lot of fun!), not my cup of tea (except for Boney Lee!). Also, this new Hogwash-medley doesn't work with me, though I love Spin x3, but it's somehow out of place for me…

    I still consider Reine a "mysterious object" in this quartet, and still hope for some other companion next time!

    If you find me on facebook (my name is Marco Mazzoldi), I'm probably posting some video snippets here and there.

    boomer former helm

      wow that setlist looks incredible. i really like the fact that they keep adding songs like mockingbird or asfe. thats really exciting :MPD:


        Unreal show. Of the 8 times I've seen them, this was the very best. The magic started right from the first notes of a great Year Zero and never stopped for a minute. 3 full hours of all killer, no filler. The epics were all magnificent, especially a monumental version of the Mountain featuring quite probably the most far-out jam I've witnessed for that tune (the extended psychedelic section of the Tower was crazy too). The small venue made for a very loud and rocky show (luckily I had my earplugs, and it was STILL loud) and the setlist seemed designed specifically for that, with all powerful versions of ASFE, Bonny Lee, Howgwash, Jig. The acoustics were surprisingly good, however, even during the mellower numbers: California, Feel and especially Mad Sun were all highlights. To top it off, an unbelievable version of Fool's Gold ended the night on a fantastically high note. Truly a show for the ages.

        (I might be wrong, but I don't think there was a Halleluwah snippet during Hogwash, "just" Hog and a complete Spin Spin Spin woven into it).


          I was listening to The Tower album three times yesterday (had to drive around a lot) and thought why oh why did they drop ASFE from their live shows? What an amazing song! And isn't it written for stage? Their very own "Rock'n'Roll all Nite"? And back it is.

          From your reports this one does sound like a huge biggie. :-)


          @Darmok- Trust me, they did play Halleluwah, with its bass rift and Snah's singing, as usual!


            @Bron, ok my bad then, I know the Can version but I'd never heard it live from MP so I probably just missed it. Was it before Spin?


            Yes, but the singing is of course quite far from Damo's singing. Still, the words are there (searching for my brother, yes I Am!)


              Thank you, I hope to come across a recording so that I can pay closer attention to that.


                You don't have to look very far, as the Odense recording from 28. sep features the Hoghalleluhwash combo. The vocals are not very prominent in the mix on that particular recording, unfortunately.

                You can find plenty of Can-infused Hogwashes from the Kenneth era, though. Here's a couple:




                  Nice of someone to put this up. Not bad quality, but be warned – background chatter during sublime moments. (Why do these people bother going?!) Five more tracks from same poster.



                  Lol, with my bearded head in the center of the stage :D :D :D


                    And my bald one next to yours and in front of Bent :lol:

                    What a great night! The setlist was really great.

                    In my opinion there were some highs and lows during the concert, but the lows still had an amazing quality, so there's actually nothing to complain! :D

                    Reine had a couple of short but very tasty solos in there, and his mellotron work was spot on. Unluckyly a bit low in volume from the place I was, but still I could hear most of what he did -and he did it good! :D

                    "Spin Spin Spin" was a bit slower than the other times I heard it live, so it was a bit "less exciting" for me, but still great, and "Hogwash" was massive!

                    Mountain was a bit slow, but the middle part was absolutely mind blowing.

                    This was the first time I heard "Bonny Lee", and I really enjoyed it, I'm glad it is on the Light Fantastic…

                    "The Cuckoo" is one of the fews songs from the recent years that I don't particularly like, so I can't be very objective on that one. But I noticed Bent had some problems with his Taurus/Mellotron setup (interestingly, from the first row both taurus weren't loud at all).

                    "California" was very nice, and as always, "The Crucible" was great. The noisy part in the middle appeared to me a bit shorter than the other times I heard it…nothing wrong with that. By the way, I think Bent's bass sound in that intro is just one of the best EVER.

                    A big surprise no pun intended) for me was "A.S.F.E.": I didn't like that song when it came out and when I heard it live on the Tower tour, but they played it amazingly and it delivered lots of energy, so now I have changed my mind on that. I remember something similar happened to me with "On a Plate", the first 20 seconds live were enough to make me change my mind on that one too :lol:

                    I really liked the old, mellow version of "Uberpilgrim", but this new one was great too, really glad they played that one too.

                    Snah delivered some amazing solos as always, and one of the most amazing moments was him breaking a string, changing its guitar during the song (I can't remember which) and getting a new guitar back right in time to start another mindblowing solo! :P

                    "Fool's Gold" was a perfect ending for the concert, I really hope it will end up on a future "Roadworks" record. They put so much soul in that one! The outro fading out was amazing, (almost) nobody said a word during that part, it was too mesmerizing…I remember something similar happening with the conclusion of "Here Be Monsters pt. 2" at the Magnolia concert.

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