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    Thanks a lot!


      Thanks all! Feels good to be able to deliver something back, having enjoyed so many recordings made by others over the years. :)

      And Mr. Hands: Those are most probably from Sentrum Scene. Snah's mistakes (@0:59 on the opening video, and a small one on Gullible's @1:00) can't be ones that he repeats every night. :P


        i think this will be the best show i shall ever witness in my life everever. 8O



          the opening is just beyond amazing. how can people here not dig this music? be it live or on record?

          double neck guitars and wizard costume!!!


          I think the gig was great. I've been a faithful fan since Blizzard and they never cease to impress me by making fantastic music and performing it live even better. One of the things I love about MP is that you never really know what you are going to get when you go to a gig – will it be a spaced out setlist? Lot of long jams? 25 short rockers? New songs? three encores? etc… This was of course quite different in this tour as you know the sequence of events, but not how they sound live of course (unless you've listened to taped shows that is). I really love TDDU. I see that a lot of people have problems with it – too bad….for me it's always a thrill playing it. Thus, my expectations were rather high when going to the Sentrum Scene gig. I think they pulled it through very well. Storløkken was a major contributor to this success, but they are all vital pieces in the puzzle. As others have commented, La Lethe was bonechillingly beautiful. The intro was great, so was the ending (though Mutiny sounded like being transposed down to or three steps, since Bent probably can't pull of the high pitched vocal on stage…it worked OK, but not optimally). Into the mystic was excellent, though I was a bit dissapointed that Storløkken didn't pull of the Moog solo. Snah did a good job on improvising the violin part, but I must admit that I preferred the album version (i.e. can't wait till the opera gig!!!). GT was excellent, but the guitar sound was a bit too low. The sound was in general very loud, which is OK – I like them loud, but it resulted in a lot of subtilities of the soundscape being lost along the way and the distorted Hammond high notes being quite painful some times. It was their first appearance on Sentrum Scene – maybe that's why the sound wasn'e perf? Burn was a "maktdemonstrasjon" as we say in Norwegian, on playing rock. So tight! So powerful! And the vocals were actually great (they, especially Bent, had quite some trouble singing in tune when performing TDDU). All in all, I walked out a very happy man. Next stop for me is Zappanale. Maybe they'll do a Zappa cover 8O :lol: I'd like to hear MP do Muffin Man, that would be cool.


            Thank you so much for uploading your recording TAF! Much appreciated :D


            Yeah, thanks TAF. Re-living the concert now and it's still as great as I remeber.

              It was their first appearance on Sentrum Scene – maybe that's why the sound wasn'e perf?

              First appearance in some years, at Sentrum Scene….




              Ahhh…:) That was before I got into MP :)


                seems that my dime-account was deleted… :finger:

                could someone ad TAF's recording on motortrades please?


                  Tried, and screwed up – I'll see if I can fix it. :oops:

                  Edit: Looks OK now – from this end.


                    Another review from Rockens riddere

                      Looks OK now – from this end.

                      @ ThorEgil: looks OK from my end too. thanks…


                      Thanks for uploading the recording! great concert, wow!

                      boomer former helm

                        jesus…. what a fucking great concert. did anyone mention before how stunning "gullible's travail" is? wow. simply amazing what stale is doing there. and, i'm honest (!!), i think they sing very well in most of the parts. looking forward the germany dates!!

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