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      Arnie H.




      any questions?

      it was gorgeous…


        this tour's best setlist so far! could be topped with TDDU/gullible/taifun though.


        Once again the guys played a superb show in Bremen-as expected, the middle part of the DDU had to much jamming for me, but all in all a very intense show.

        Some psychonauts on these pages had comments about the singing qualities: I thought, they managed it quite well!! sail on mp,see you next time


          Schlachthof Bremen always gives us the best mp shows – splendid sound and view from any position plus a friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere – the concert yesterday was a perfect presentation of the unicorn from the first to the last note. It might not become better, only different for this tour. Another dimension compared to cologne. The encores were majestic. I am smiling from ear to ear of motorhappiness since 8 pm last night :-)



            I am sorry to say that the gig was huge disappointment for me!

            First of all: I arrived at the Schlachthof at about 5 minutes past 8 and the guys already played! When did concerts begin to start on time??

            To all the people that wrote: "Go and see the Unicorn live, even if you don't like it on record!", I say, the thing is as boring and needless live as on CD. There were a couple of moments when I thought "Well, that band sometimes sounds like Motorpsycho!", but for the rest of the evening I was bored to death! I have seen maybe 30 MP gigs since 1995 and loads of them were majestic and moved me deeply, but this is as worse as some of cheesy-jazzy gigs around 2000.

            And the encores? Arnie H? Another noodeling feast without a proper melody? And then a Deep Purple cover? I left while they still played Burn. Now I see, I missed Hogwash! If that was another deconstructed Hallewujah (or whatever) version, I don't care!

            For me the evening was a waste of time an money and I wish I'd sold my ticket and watched Barcelona play instead!


              Thanks Be for the first really heartfelt laugh of the day! Your comments were priceless. :-) Your are right, "Hogwash" featured a deconstructed version "Halleluwah" and it was great. The "Unicorn" totally floored me. What a show! Hard to believe it can get better than that. See you in Leipzig tonight!

              boomer former helm

                loved the show from the first to the last note they played. superb!!


                  Great Show. :-)

                  The Unicorn was on a pair with cologne, I think. Some Parts were in Clogne, some Parts were in Bremen more intense, but the whole evenings were totally passionate shows. I had goosebumbs nearly during the whole concerts.

                  The Bremen show was a special one, I agree, the encores were absolutely great. A space out Arnie Version, a lot of fun during Burn and Hogwash with Halleluwah. Great.

                  See you in Leipzig tonight!

                  To bad that I don't picked up the offered spareticket and place in a car from Bremen to Leipzig. :(

                  Have Fun, Boys and Girls, tonight.



                    Oh, fuck, now I see what missed…Any recording made?


                      Well, "jedem seinen Geschmack", in Cologne there were many parts when I wasn't touched by the music (as it also happens to be with the album). But then it appeared that by seing a second show the whole thing makes much more "sense". The comfortable Schlachthof situation combined with herbs in advance and perfect spot had their influence as well I assume. Plus a band being on fire of course. Coming in too late always sucks. And if you hate the Unicorn even a proper presentation like yesterdays will not make you a believer I guess…

                      @space: see cologne thread ;)


                        I am glad you could laugh, Alex. Unfortunately, I was dead serious! For me the evening was a waste of time! I will go see them again, when I can expect something like a regular song structure…

                          and watched Barcelona play instead!

                          Believe me, THAT was boring! :lol:


                            Yeah! And they lost to make things even worse! But usually I consider Xavi, Iniesta and Messi as the ultimate power trio, creating pieces of beautiful art! Just like MP can, if they want! ;-)


                              here are some mobile-shots


                              nice shot with foh: first time I saw a digital sound-console at a mp-show (here it's the soundcraft vi4)


                              quite part


                              first applause



                                Actually, Motorpsycho are very much like a football game nowadays. 90 minutes not much happening and people are excited anyway.

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