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    Just added it above :-)


      nice set!


        Good to see an update, but yes, where is Punji?


          Was there. First MP gig – absolutely loved it. Karnevil9 above describes it best.

          Thought it looked a good crowd – yes, not packed but healthy. Can only think the appeal should grow over here – especially with material so strong as The Tower (and The California EP which is playing in the background).

          More MP in the UK please!


            Not bad! Nice to see an encore that is not Here be Monsters. The past three times ive seen them live they have played HBM, and I really want to hear something else next time! Hoping for alchemyst or 577 or something for Byscenen in Trondheim this December


            Quite a few ex-pats I think in the audience as lots of Scandinavian language. Was 2/3 full but by the end about half the audience had left, but that's Monday night for you.

            Quite a good age range from early 20's to 50's and good mix of both sexes. I thought it would be mostly older.

            Amazed Motorpsycho are not bigger here. 1 date for UK is a real shame

            Punj Lizard

              What can I say! Not sure where to start. How about un-fucking-believable! Putting it into words, kind of diminishes the brilliance of it, but I'll try.

              That was one hell of a gig. Overwhelming to say the least. The sheer no-holds-barred committment to being in the moment, but driving towards an unknown but transcendent destination. Karnevil9 said it beautifully "they just take you on a journey with their mesmerising jams and the way they build their sound to this complete tripped out Nirvana!" Fucking awesome Рcannot wait for K̦ln.

              Setlist? My lack of experience combined with my being very stoned last night means there would be gaps and question marks here except that someone already posted on Setlist.fm. However, I have added one question mark here because I thought there was one more track – but I could easily be wrong – I wasn't keeping count :D


              Intrepid Explorer

              Dream Home

              The Alchemyst


              Ship of Fools

              Stained Glass


              The Tower


              The Wheel

              Plan #1


              I believe they played for a little less than two hours. The audience was woefully thin, which I'm sure must have been disappointing for the band too, and might put them off coming here again. Nobody likes to play to only half-full venues.

              Highlights: the whole freaking gig!

              ASFE was a great opener. I was already psyched up for this so the energetic explosion of ASFE came on like a glorious late punk anthem and I was very, very close to pogoing (but at 55 my pogoing lacks the energy of years gone by ;) )

              Intrepid Explorer – my first experience of the Motorpsycho tripped out jam. This blew my mind – the wall of sound, building by increments of volume, attack, colour, shade, everything. Heaven.

              Upstairs/Downstairs – Beautiful, jazzy, trippy. HORN!!!

              Stained Glass – I remember it as very laidback and trippy and one of the more luscious and quietly gorgeous moments of the evening. I defintiely swooned.

              The Wheel – This was the longest track of the evening (longer than Ship of Fools). And was definitely a serious highlight. Again with the slowly building wall of sound, Kristoffer's persistent keyboard pushing through the surface then sinking back down, while all four members added brick upon heavier brick. Glorious.

              PPP – As Karnevil9 says, a much-needed chill-out. A calming, affecting, beautiful ending to the evening,

              Loved Kristoffer's horn and keyboards throughout the gig. His guitar was ok Рmore functional than anything, adding a layer and allowing Snah more room to do his thing. I could have done with Snah being a lot louder in the mix Рbut that's a minor issue. Hopefully this will not be an issue when I see them next, in K̦ln.

              Tomas was superb – unobtrusive, complimentary, playing with both power and grace.

              Being in the presence of Bent and Snah was a bit crazy. In the very short time since I was introduced to Motorpsycho and started to immerse myself in the music and then become rather obsessive with the whole Motorpsycho musical Weltanschauung (as I understand it with my limited experience), these two gentlemen have quickly become mythic figures of my imagination. To actually be there and see them in action was such a high.

              This goes down as one of a number of remarkable gigs for me. I'd have to say Hawkwind and Neil Young and Crazy Horse are the only two other acts I can recall seeing play like this. Uncompromising in their dedication to creating a transcedent high not through the precise recreation of superb studio recordings, but through their interpretation as forces of energy, holding as fast as possible to the moment, to the immediacy of the live event. It's sad I never got into this band earlier, it really is. But then again, I'm so fortunate that I've now found them and that I was able to see them at all.



              Punj Lizard

                How do I post photos here?


                  Good to see that you guys were blown away by the Band… :STG:


                    Yeah, looks nice. Think it was cut short due to the travel to the A'dam show today, like

                    the Bremen show was…ok pure spacetravel…2:35 hours. Think the ongest one was Papenburg

                    with 2:55.

                    Any tapers there?


                    @Spacebandit, London shows pretty much always have an 11:00pm curfew (probably "UK shows…").

                    Some shots from last night:


                    Punj Lizard

                      @ coldnebraskablue – Great photos. And thanks for posting the setlist.

                      Punj Lizard


                        Punj Lizard


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