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    I love Neverland and the whole "It's a love cult". I think it's a very underrated album



      Agreed on The Slow Phaseout, it's a beautiful pop/rock song that manages to be both catchy and engaging, also because (imho) it's not so totally predictable or just plain boring as some other tunes from that era (yeah, you guessed it, Up/Down :lol: ). And about Neverland, for all that it's a very simple, easy-listening song, it's a fun one, I don't particularly love it but I don't get all the hate it receives either. Of course I still prefer the 93-98 period, truly a golden era, even though I couldn't experience it directly since I was very young. :D

      As for different tastes, I think it's one of the best qualities of MP to be so appealing to virtually any kind of true music lover. Also, one of the things I love most about them is that they never lost touch with any side of their past career. I like the fact that they're still playing regularly songs from the very beginning (even Blueberry Daydream!) and also songs from the "pop" era even if they're quite different from their new music. And most importantly, they're very often creative about it and do wonderful reinventions such as "Cornufornia" or "Uberpilgrim" (such a pity this was played only on one tour and never officially released – if I'm not mistaken).

        I love Neverland and the whole "It's a love cult". I think it's a very underrated album

        He said Jehova!


        Are there any women here?


          This discussion should have it's own thread. In the end we'll all hate each other, because of the terrible musical taste everybody else has! :lol:

          For me Timothy's Monster shines out like stream of gold when all around is dark! (Monty Python would say, it's just like bat's piss)

          Then there are the other albums up to Trust Us and many Es. Nothing after compares in any way for me.

          LLM, HBM and The Tower are very good albums also.

          I really dig some songs off of LTEC and Ptime, like other fool, stained glass, for free and especially Painting the night unreal (they played killer live versions of that song).

          The rest of the Kenneth era. I don't even know which song is of which record. Also I witnessed some of the most boring gigs during the tours connected to these records, like Hamburg 2015, where the gig was mostly one heavy long song, until they finally played Vortex surfer. Hell 1 to 7 in a row, is just that: Hell!

          Oh and then there is the vault of musical rubbish that should have never seen the light of day: IALC and the unicorn. Unicorn gig was one of the few concerts in my life I left early, because I repeatedly fell asleep. Absolutely dreadful.

          What I really love is their reinvention of old tunes, e.g. Wishing well ist not that remarkable on the original Ep, but that Intrepid skronk version! Man! Amazing!

          Also the recent live versions of Come on in.

          A live song, that I really miss is Close Your Eyes from the Bard era. Oh and She used to be a twin.


          The live Unicorn will be remembered as the worst tour ever, for the simple reason that MP and "same setlist every night" should never be in the same sentence!

          But I like the album for its concept, for its "prog-excess", for being absoultely out of any border!

          I thought that would have been the final chapter of a "Prog Trilogy" along with LLM and HMF, but then they continued with the two albums with Fiske… I enjoyed Still Life (side A is very good, side B is very bad, and Ratcatcher was much better when it was Dora Peach, often played before Close yr Eyes in the old Baard times – Afterglow is probably the worst MP song ever!). Behind the Sun is very very lame… None of the "songs" deserve any good place in their discography: Cloudwalker, Ghost, Entropy, Promise, Magic&Wonder… all very "meh"… I save Kvaestor just for the drums circus, and partially Hell (but it repeats the scheme of the much better Gullible's Trabail).

          I'm a little disappointed with the Tower album: it's a good album with very good songs, but I'd have preferred that they'd have followed the HBM track, instead of going back to hard-prog this way… It's a pity, songs are good, but it's nothing new under the sun.


            BronYAur, if somebody asked our opinion separately it would be hard to make them believe that we both love the same band :mrgreen:

            Punj Lizard

              As a newbie who is finding a lot to love in every era, I am loving this discussion with a huge grin on my face.

                Behind the Sun is very very lame… None of the "songs" deserve any good place in their discography: Cloudwalker, Ghost, Entropy, Promise, Magic&Wonder… all very "meh"…

                He said Jehova, too!


                But seriously, to me Magic & Promise are super powerpoprock songs which stand with the best of them. Damn, they're better than Starmelt or Wearing Yr Smell. Structured as conventional 4 min songs, too, but arranged as tornados and played with an irresistible fervour. The Promise's build up around the solo (that bass line!) and sudden break and back into the verse with drums only just floors me.

                Btw while we're digging up the back catalogue, there was a Kenneth era live song called "blah blah Dog blah" something… "Dog Parade" maybe? Don't remember. It had a killer riff. Which one did that one turned out to be? I thought it was to be Ratcatcher but obviously not if it was Dora Peach then.


                  Dog Parade became two songs: Hell 1-3 + the ending section that ended up as one

                  of the riffs in Kvæstor.

                    Magic & Promise are super powerpoprock songs which stand with the best of them. Damn, they're better than Starmelt or Wearing Yr Smell

                    I consider that blasphemy and I'll meet you Sunday morning at the old oak tree outside the village. You choose the weapons!


                    We should open a Fight Club.


                      Bruhaha, this whole thing reminds me of the theological history of the Netherlands (Holland where I'm from) (…come to Netherland!…), when the original protestant church devided endlessly into smaller sub-churches over minor differences in taste and interpretation of the (MP-)gospel…

                      Typical believers'behaviour is what we are all displaying here. Thou shalt not ride a bike on sundays as this is considered working on the day of the Lord, neither shalt thou have any audible love cult on mondays! By the way, you can recognize a true member of the MPcult by a Cave Tyrrannis t-shirt worn inside out, and the logo tatooed microscopically small on their forehead!



                        Since were having this discussion in this thread

                        Top 5 worst MP songs –

                        Barleycorn – sounds like it`s part of a musical

                        The Cuckoo


                        Star Star Star


                        Almost made it to the bottom:

                        The Tower

                        On A Plate


                        Vanishing Point

                        What if…


                        Interesting discussion. Very interesting to see how people feel so differently about some songs.

                        As for me, I'm one of those who love every single MP album in its own right. I find Unicorn to be one of the greatest musical achievements of this decade; I adore IALC for its beauty and for being different (Circles and The Mirror and the lie stand out here, also Carousel. And Neverland is such an uplifting tune – yes it's cheesy, but it's damn good cheese there).

                        I'm in awe for the greatness of Folk Flest (however, I must admit that I only listen to the 4 main songs; I have my difficulties getting a grasp of Storlokken's musical language. But the 4 mainsongs get regular airplay.

                        I love BHBC for its compact rock songs; I totally dig the Tussler albums (especially the second one – esp. Cassie! What a track; how I'd love to hear that live). I thoroughly enjoy the Motorpnarkotic Manuscripts.

                        Trust Us, Timothys Monster, Blissard – Masterpieces. So are LLM, HMF or Eggplant.

                        I find joy in almost everything they have released, there's just so much musicality, diversity and creativity in their whole back catalogue.

                        Although I must admit that Roadwork 2 is a bit cumbersome ;)

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