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    Tour songs i'd like:

    The Wheel



    Not-yet-played songs I'd love:

    Rad freq

    Wishing Well

    President Block

    Hope they won't play:

    Year 0

    Pacific Sonata

    Anything from BH BC! 😊


    Hello from The Crowd, a bar beside the Live Club. Finally I got here. I hope we all enjoy the show tonight. If anyone needs a ticket, contact me.


      @BronYAur, don't you like BH/BC? :)

      That's one of my favourite albums!

      Phoots Flower


        Great King Rat


          And "Ghost" is "Whip that Ghost", I suppose?

          Those are new to the tour, right? Great stuff.


            Ghost off of Behind the Sun, i guess. Besides Ratcatcher, this is the only song I really don't like & I hope they put it back in the shelf


              Ghost was Ghost from Behind the Sun, an amazing louder version of the song. Great concert, nothing more to say. Chien d'Espace and Vortex Surfer were perfect. Even if I still prefere Kenneth I think Thomas is a great replacement and fits the band greatly.

              From the front row the sound was great (I was in front of a small speaker for the front rows audience) so I suppose it might have been even better towards the center.

              I managed to get two setlists (that's my hand in the photo) so I gave one to Plex who came from Spain and was standing right next to me! Meeting another Psychonaut from abroad is always great!



              In Every Dream Home


              Go to California

              Bartok of the Universe

              A Pacific Sonata

              The Cuckoo

              Upstairs Downstairs


              Un Chien d'Espace

              Ship of Fools

              Vortex Surfer

              @Great King Rat: no, Ghost is Ghost from Behind the Sun, and despite the efforts of the band, it's been the weakest moment of the show.

              2h25, great great great sound! Everything was perfectly mixed, volumes were not too loud, and if you consider that I was in first row in front of Bent, this is real news!

              Live Club is very good for sound, infact two "ambient" mikes were pointed to the audience on the far sides of the stage. Let's not forget that here is where the RW4 version of Wishing Well was recorded!

              The show was mainly on the psychedelic side, the only easy-rock song was Go to California.

              I still find Pacific Sonata weak, even though the final crescendo is good. But the first part is booooring…

              Of course the highlight of the show was Un Chien d'Espace, the Space Dog never fails, it's a Cerberus always showing a different face. This one was really intense in the high notes, and very very slow in the changes of theme… I'm quite sure it went over 30 minutes, including the four-five minutes intro with fender rhodes and guitar screams. UN should approve a resolution to force MP to play K9 in every concert!

              Once again I dodged Year Zero and also no Black Holes, so I'm quite happy :)

              Still no Internet Explorer, the guys are considering Ubuntu.

              Great King Rat

                @BronYAur: It's amazing how the tastes differ. I consider Year Zero one hell of a song and I'm also quite fond of Pacific Sonata. But I'm completely with you concerning BH/BC.

                And my reading Ghost as Whip that Ghost was wishful thinking. I don't mind hearing only very few songs from the last ten years on this tour…


                @ercarnar that plex should be a different plex because I didn’t talk to no one and I don’t have any set list. Thanks anyway. I enjoyed the whole show and the trip deserved the effort

                vortex surfer!!!

                Phoots Flower

                  @Plex True. @ercarnar give to me. Thanks again ;)

                  Amazing. Great sound specially the guitar. I liked Tomás & Kristoffer. All works perfect( except sometimes Keys volumen/dynamic IMO). They sang very good. Really happy


                  Weird setlist yesterday

                  Great beginning, compared to Parma the sound was not so loud but perfectly clear and the mood onstage was very different, much more interplay, much more jamming mood (expecially by Snah). Manmower was magic, faster than the studio version with a particular jam with keys and guitar. The monolithic psychedelic setlist I was waiting for, seemed on the way but then: go to california, a complete mood shift toward pop rock. Bent was really on and rocking but still a dramatic mood change in the economy of the set.

                  Then they went on shifting again the mood alternating quiet songs (nice Up/Down with horns) with heavy rock until the first surprise: Ghost!

                  I admit that I have not recognize it, I mean, I know it but didn't get the title and location in the MP discography until Marco told me. I disagree with him about the weakness; it was an interesting listening, heavier than the studio version with sharper changes in the various parts of the song.

                  However, the majestic version of Un Chin like played yesterday was so much on another league compared with all the other songs that proved they haven’t written anything comparable after 1997. Un chien brings MP to incredible levels of intensity, interplay, showing the wilder side of the MP sound that I particularly love. Alone it worth an entire concert.

                  Ship of fools was much much better than in Parma and easily the best “the tower” song of the evening (even if they have skipped the beautiful title track). Vortex Surfer was the last surprise of the set, mainly because, giving the general mood of the concert and the relatively short length, we expected a longer encore with the classic rocking section. Emotional and heavy, it is always a great closing. After the first encore the audience went on asking for more for 5 minutes but this time the second encore did’t happened.

                  The venue was top-notch as always, with the only negative note of some idiots loudly whistling or screaming in the quite parts of Un Chien and Vortex Surfer spoiling the most intense moments of the set. In the last concerts in this venue the audience was the best I’ve experienced so far, but you know, it is easy to find 1 idiot out of 1000 beholders.

                  I’m happy of the two concerts I’ve seen this year, the “new” band is up and rocking, and I really hope they will keep Kristoffer in the next tours.



                    Sorry for the confusion guys (Phoot's Flower and Plex) :mrgreen:

                    Anyway, I think that some of Kristoffer's keyboard parts and his "onstage presence" were a bit too much, but still he is a REALLY amazing musician and gave a great contribution to the show

                    The Other Anders

                      Thanks for all the great comments and reviews! It's a pleasure to follow.

                      I totally get your gripe, Riccardo, with California placed there, although I love the song.

                      A presumably long and heavy Mountain followed by a groovy, jammed out Dream Home, and then a magic Manmower setting the perfect mood for more dark and doomy.

                      Can you describe Go to California? Short/long? Jams? Solos? Rocking/jazzy/laidback? Any thing new to it?


                      Hi Andres,

                      Go to California was very similar to the studio version albeit more powerful.

                      Keybord solo followed by the guitar solo like in the studio version. Bent was really into it by rocking as hell on the bass.

                      After all the different renderings of the last tours (included in Cornucopia or short solo-free versions) it seems they are back to the "classic". When in 2001 we where touring toghether all over Europe, the keybord solos by Baard were much longer.

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