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    Punj Lizard

      I'm in Cafe Kult now.


        Wish I was there :-(

        Have fun guys!


          @Punji: I am still trying to get near, will be too late though. // Stopped at a falaffel store at severinstr. between Kult and Stollwerck to eat. Meet you outside for a beer at the venue? // So it worked in the end – enjoy the flight ;-)


          Un Chien

          Stained Glass

          The Tower




          The Cukoo

          Schiff der Bekloppten



          Go to California –>



          You Lied


          Fools Gold


          Hell of a show!!!


            Over 3h? 8O

            PPP! Tour Premiere?

            Punj Lizard

              Just got in from the gig. OMFG! I might be able to say more tomorrow.


                They are in RW form and will burn down Conne Island tomorrow if the level stays this high. Unreal. Wonderful. Pouh …


                  Overwhelming. Started with an incredible 40 minute chien de cologne with Bent changing a string in full flight. Not a weak number tonight, band obviously endjoyed themselves,

                  lots of jamming included. Incredible!

                    PPP! Tour Premiere?

                    No, they played it in Belgium


                      Ab-so-lu-te-ly awesome. Saw three gigs this tour. Probably +30 over the past couple of decades. But this one is really to cherish. All four guys absolutely brilliant. Completely in awe, just can't sleep 😘 Best rockband in the universe. Period.


                        (almost there… three to go for those aching muscles and battered voices ;)

                        Punj Lizard

                          Well it's 4.05am and I am now sitting on a train that is the first leg of three trains that will take me to Amsterdam. I could barely sleep after the gig.

                          As a teenager I came to Cologne with my dad and German step-mum and saw what was the most impressive building I'd ever seen and which still takes my breath away today – Cologne Cathedral. Forty years later Cologne has given me one of the most breathtaking gigs I've ever seen, courtesy of MP.

                          I had hoped the band would take the Space Dog out for a walk this evening and they did. A looooong walk. I literally did have trouble catching my breath as they went into spacejam overdrive and not only did Bent break a string, but the tech restrung it for him while he continued to play through the most frenetic section of the piece. I was gasping for air as my mind and body struggled for some kind of stability while also fighting off a kind of hysterical high resulting from what my eyes and ears were witnessing. For a moment I thought I might have to seek out Tomcat who had offered to be my caretaker should any such problem arise. Fortunately the band brought it back and I settled down – huge grin on my face.

                          We then had four tunes that I'd seen them play in London. All four were better this time, especially Dream Home, though it was Stained Glass which, like in London, really made me swoon. A truly beautiful 10-15 minutes of luscious jam-filled beauty.

                          Next up Mountain and again I find myself dumbfounded by the organic way in which this band builds a piece on stage.

                          After The Cuckoo and an exhilirating Ship of Fools, the next highlight was Taifun, which again built to a climax within a climax.

                          Following the break Bent announced that since we'd "suffered" through all that we could now have this: Go To California, quickly followed by Bartok, Superstooge and You Lied. What fun this weird mix of psychedelic rock, pop, grunge brilliance was to finish off the night. Amazing encore…

                          But then Fools Gold to send us home delirious.

                          Astonishing, to say the least.

                          Thanks to Thomas and Tomcat and Johnny Heartfield for finding me and making me so welcome among the long-time fans, and to the two gents (Erdgil and Board) from Trondheim too.

                          Hope to see you all again.




                              Any recording?

                              Punj Lizard

                                I would love a recording if this gig, but I don't do Dime. Maybe someone can help me out. Tomcat? Anyone?

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