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      Thank you very much @ Juergen

      And also for the Geb show :-)


        @Punj Lizard: I'll get you a copy somehow. I think it is ok with the guys on DIME that recorded and distributed the show. Motortrades is a bit more restrictive.

        How do you like your Cologne souvenir – shall I upload the concert somewhere else (zippyshare or filefactory if possible) an send you a download link?

        Will take some time though – it's about 1 gigabyte of material.

        Do not want to post it publicly though – with respect to the original uploader.

        I'll better post a link on my website for a short time, if that's ok for you.

        Just let me know if you still need the material – I'll send you a link to my website after uploading.

        Punj Lizard

          @ Johnny_Heartfield – That's a very generous offer, which I will very happily take up.

          I'll be back home tonight so I'll be able to download tomorrow.

          Just to be clear, I do appreciate and respect the trading paradigm. I've just never been part of it. However, I do now plan on starting up a Dime account and getting to grips with it. As soon as I do I'll start seeding recordings I have of older recordings from other bands and then any new ones I acquire.


          My motortrades account seems to have been disabled by an administrator. Any advice on bow I can get is re-enabled?

          My username is the same that I user here.

          Thanks :-)


            Dear Kippenhok,

            the nickname was disabled for some reason (accidentally, not plannet). It was re-enabled. Please try again!

          Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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