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    The Other Anders

      Ship of fools


      Dream home





      Spin spin spin

      Rock Bottom

      Heartattack Mac incl. Back to Source

      Go to California

      You Lied


      Year Zero

      The Tower


        Thank you, Anders for all the setlists.

        Were those concert visitors into Motorpsycho's music? Did they know the songs or were they casual concert goers?

        The Other Anders

          The ones I talked to in Timisoara were new to MP, but they had checked it out when it was announced and brought their friends.. It was a strong local promoter with just the right club and audience. I would say 300-400 people. They were into the kind of music, and they were blown away. People were raving afterwards. "Fantastic", "absurd how good they are", and "I loved it" were among the comments from local people I talked to. They were used to the same stoner bands we know from our part of Europe, but had never seen anything quite like this.


          Hey. A few of us are into MP since LLM era, with 1000+km trips to see them in Austria or Germany. It was a real treat to have them playing in my old neighbourhood, where I first heard their music.

          pic for the records


            Thanks for the detailed report Anders, tear driving :MPD:


              Hello. Thank you to all that attended this show. I am the promoter of this show and it was my biggest dream to have MP come and play în my home town. I travelled a lot to see them around Europe and now I had one of the happiest nights of my life. I am so honoured and thankful that I got to meet these amazing people that form the band.here is an interview with Bent after the show: https://m.facebook.com/events/340187229796456?view=permalink&id=353722401776272

              See you all around!


                Sounds like they are of to a flying start in Romania. Thank you for bringing our boys to new places!

                Good interview. Also, live album(s?) confirmed and next studio album after christmas! Bent dropping some bombs!


                  Thank you for spreading the psycho seeds. And yes, smells like RW V :STG:


                    Yeah! Thanks so much for the interview! Perhaps there will be some more Roadworks and not "only" this great A Boxful of Demons? My mind is still "singing" Sancho Says… and Back To Source… and Bartok… and… 8)


                    Punj Lizard

                      @RF – Thanks. Fantastic little interview. Great to see Bent wearing a Magma T-shirt :D. And I love what he says about the new music – "getting weirder somehow … less choruses".

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994